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It all begins next year in California. A maladjusted computer industry billionaire and a somewhat crazy US President initiate a radical transformation of the world through sentient nanotechnology; sort of the equivalent of biological artificial intelligence. At first they succeed, but their plans are reversed by Chu, an autistic boy. The next time it isn't so easy to stop them.

Most of the story takes place in a world after a heretofore unimaginable transformation,… (plus)

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14 décembre 2013 17:39

Quite brilliant and different. Thorougly enjoyed the fresh take on post singularity.

28 mai 2011 20:32

Juvenile book. I couldn't finish it. It reads like an older person trying to seem cool to 20-somethings and is just as lame. I realized reading it has become a chore rather than something to look forward to -- life is too short to read stupid novels.

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