The Nightingale and the Rose

The Nightingale and the Rose

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A nightingale overhears a student complaining that his professor's daughter will not dance with him, as he is unable to give her a red rose. The nightingale visits all the rose-trees in the garden, and one of the white roses tell her that there's a way to produce a red rose, but only if the nightingale is prepared to sing the sweetest song for the rose all night, and sacrifice her life to do so. Seeing the student in tears, the nightingale carries out the ritual,… (plus)

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SardoWeems (7 livres)
11 avril 2015 06:53

A story of the dangers of being enthralled with romance. It almost seems like a child's story with the sentient plants and animals, but Wilde keeps it an adult fable to the end.

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Langue: Anglais

Publié en: 1888

Nombre de mots: 2 329 mots (≈ 9 minutes)

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