The Right People

The Right People

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Imagine what high school would have been like if dealing drugs had been legal when licensed, mobile social networking had been ubiquitous and the in-crowd had more leverage than most political parties… what would the smart-but-slightly-crazy outcasts end up doing?

In Adam Rakunas’s novella “The Right People”, they’re in the lucrative but precarious position of selling clandestine bootleg sex toys to the overachievers, but the rug is about to be pulled out… (plus)

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SardoWeems (6 livres)
25 juillet 2013 07:32

Until the guys selling sex toys at the high school get involved, the student body election looks like an easy win for the guy with the best reputation. Then things get a little kinky.
In the end, it is a story about high school politics. It is pretty amusing.

18 février 2011 23:35

The right People by Adam Rakunas. Nutty high school were rep is everything. The totally funny brutal struggle not be on the bottom. Blackmail, betrayal and student elections. Oh and a underground sex toy ring. Almost like my high school with less sex and less meanness. You should also ck out Hooking up by Tom Doyle I read it at the same time more high school fun.

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