The Idiot

The Idiot

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Returning to Russia from a sanitarium in Switzerland, the Christ-like epileptic Prince Myshkin finds himself enmeshed in a tangle of love, torn between two women—the notorious kept woman Nastasya and the pure Aglaia—both involved, in turn, with the corrupt, money-hungry Ganya. In the end, Myshkin’s honesty, goodness, and integrity are shown to be unequal to the moral emptiness of those around him.

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27 septembre 2009 14:34

Project Gutenverg updated their version and this one was based on the previous version.
I've updated the text and added dropcaps too.

26 septembre 2009 23:46

There's a whole chapter missing in this copy of the book. Part 1 chapter 12 is missing. There are also numerous typos. These mistakes aren't present in the Gutenberg edition of the book.

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