The Education of Henry Adams

The Education of Henry Adams

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The Education of Henry Adams records the struggle of Bostonian Henry Adams (1838-1918), in early old age, to come to terms with the dawning 20th century, so different from the world of his youth. It is also a sharp critique of 19th century educational theory and practice. In 1907, Adams began privately circulating copies of a limited edition printed at his own expense. Commercial publication had to await its author's 1918 death, whereupon it won the 1919 Pulitzer Prize.

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Langue: Anglais

Publié en: 1918

Prix Littéraires: Lauréat Pulitzer Prize for Biography or Autobiography 1919

Nombre de mots: 177 728 mots (≈ environ 12 heures)


Droits: Domaine Public

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Pulitzer Prize

The Pulitzer Prize, pronounced PULL-it-ser, is an American award regarded as the highest national honor in print journalism, literary achievements,...

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