Tartarin of Tarascon

Tartarin of Tarascon

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The burlesque adventures of Tartarin, a local hero of Tarascon, a small town in southern France, whose invented adventures and reputation as a swashbuckler finally force him to travel to a very prosaic Algiers in search of lions. Instead of finding a romantic, mysterious Oriental fantasy land, he finds a sordid world suspended between Europe and the Middle East. And worst of all, there are no lions left.

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Langue: Anglais

Publié en: 1872

Nombre de mots: 25 562 mots (≈ environ 2 heures)

Source: http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/1862

Droits: Domaine Public

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Ha ha ha BONK !*

From slapstick to satire: witty, clever, and downright hilarious, this is the best of humour. *Q: What goes "Ha ha ha BONK!" ? A: A man laughing his...

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