The Lair of the White Worm

The Lair of the White Worm

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11 mars 2011 22:03

Without taking the knee-jerk politically correct reaction to sexism and racism of the time the book was written, the book itself starts out rather well and then takes a 90 degree turn to nonsensical. At first the story seems to go rather well as it follows the protagonist in his journey from being an Outbacker in Australia to the more rigidly structured life in England, and even tries it's hand at explaining the legends of the Lambton Worm... But then the story changes so badly I gave up when… (plus)

25 août 2010 00:26

You know how you always wonder why you've never heard of other titles written by the author of a hugely famous book? It's because some things are best forgotten. This book is a case in point. In spite of having been written by Bram Stoker the book is so terrible that it should fall out of, and remain out of, print. I do not say this lightly. Even making allowances for the attitudes and sexism prevalent when it was written, it so full of the most shocking racism that it is literally sickening… (plus)

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