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Tom Swift and His Electric Runabout

The Bull Dog Breed

The River's End

de James Oliver Curwood

A story of the Canadian Royal Mounted Police.

Fame and Fortune; or, The Progress of Richard Hunter

de Horatio Alger, Jr.

Fame and Fortune is the sequel to the adventure book Ragged Dick.

Tom Swift and His Big Tunnel

Tom Swift and His Air Scout


Vikings of the Gloves

Doctor Therne

Blow the Chinks Down!

Tom Swift Among the Fire Fighters

Jarwin and Cuffy

de Robert Michael Ballantyne

Excerpt: "In all the wide expanse of ocean that surrounded that island, there was nothing visible save one small, solitary speck on the far-off horizon. It might have been mistaken for a seagull, but it was...

Red Eve

The Flying Stingaree

de Harold Leland Goodwin

What's shaped like a sting ray and flies over Chesapeake Bay? This is the eerie riddle which confronts Rick Brant and his friend Don Scott when, seeking shelter from a storm, they anchor the houseboat Spindrift...

The Sign of the Snake

The Virgin of the Sun

Martin Rattler

de Robert Michael Ballantyne

The story of Martin Rattler, a mischievous boy with a good heart who mistakenly ends up on the ship Firefly, headed to the South Seas. With his friend Barney O'Flannagan, Martin escape pirates, survives a shipwreck,...

Champ of the Forecastle

General Ironfist

A Columbus of Space

de Garrett Putman Serviss

The first story ever written about an atomic powered space craft.