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Henry VI, Part 3

de William Shakespeare

Henry the Sixth, Part 3, is a history play by William Shakespeare, believed written in approximately 1590, and set during the lifetime of King Henry VI of England. It prepares the ground for one of his best-known...

Ali Pacha

The Makers of Canada: George Brown

de John Lewis

George Brown (November 29, 1818 – March 9, 1880) was a Scottish-born Canadian journalist, politician Fathers of Confederation. A noted Reform politician, he was also the founder and editor of the Toronto Globe,...


Pantheism Its Story and Significance

Ox-Team Days on the Oregon Trail

de Ezra Meeker & Howard R. Driggs

The Oregon Trail--what suggestion the name carries of the heroic toil of pioneers! Yet a few years' ago the route of the trail was only vaguely known. Then public interest was awakened by the report that one...


La Constantin

The Historical Nights' Entertainment

de Rafael Sabatini

In approaching "The Historical Nights' Entertainment" I set myself the task of reconstructing, in the fullest possible detail and with all the colour available from surviving records, a group of more or less...

The Description of Wales

de Giraldus Cambrensis

Williams' classic edition of Hoare's classic translation is here augmented with almost 200 new annotations concerning quotations, language, geography, history, and customs alluded to in the text.

Joan of Naples

The Marquise de Ganges

Martin Guerre

The Cenci


Countess de Saint-Geran

The Historical Nights Entertainment, Second Series

Karl Ludwig Sand


Marquise Brinvillier