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The Psalter

de Anonymous

This is the Psalter from the 1979 Book of Common Prayer of the Episcopal Church. It is in the public domain. The translation of the psalms is an updated version of the traditional Myles Coverdale translation...

Pantheism Its Story and Significance

Apologia Pro Vita Sua

de John Henry Newman

Apologia Pro Vita Sua (Latin: A defence of one's life) is the classic defence of the religious opinions of John Henry Newman, published in 1864 in response to what he saw as an unwarranted attack on himself,...

The  Absolute Unlawfulness   of the  Stage-Entertainment

de William Law

I am sensible that the Title of this little Book will, to the Generality of People, seem too high a Flight; that it will be looked upon as the Effect of a fanatical Spirit, carrying Matters higher than the Sobriety...

The Travels of True Godliness

de Benjamin Keach

A metaphor in which True Godliness attempts to win various characters in his way.