Voyage of Ice

Voyage of Ice

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5.99 Voyage of Ice

All Nick ever wanted to be was a whaling captain, like his father before him. What could be more glorious than the life of a whaleman, battling mighty sperm whales and returning home rich as Midas? So when his older brother Dexter signs aboard the Sea Hawk, Nick won’t stand to be left behind.

But life at sea is very different from what either Dexter or Nick expected. They are mercilessly overworked by a cruel and dangerous captain. The officers think nothing of… (plus)

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Fiche Livre  

Editeur: Yearling ( 2 avril 2009)

Format: EPUB

Nombre de pages: 208 pages

Taille du fichier: 2,3 Mo

Protection: DRM

Langue: Anglais

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