Mammoth Books presents Religious Cabals

Mammoth Books presents Religious Cabals

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1.79 Mammoth Books presents Religious Cabals

The Dead Sea Scrolls Why was it so important these documents should not be seen? What ancient historical secret was so big that it had to be buried forever? Freemasons Is this group of seemingly innocuous middle-aged men linked to almost every evil perpetuated? Are they really just an eccentric bunch of patriarchal do-gooders, or are they in fact sinister agents of satanic forces? The Gunpowder Plot Why is it that we reserve particular scorn for Guy Fawkes when there… (plus)

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Editeur: Robinson (15 novembre 2012)

Format: EPUB

Nombre de pages: 300 pages

Taille du fichier: 210 ko

Protection: DRM

Langue: Anglais

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