Star Trek: Distant Early Warning

Star Trek: Distant Early Warning

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5.99 Star Trek: Distant Early Warning



A special six-part S.C.E. event that flashes back to previous adventures of the S.C.E. crew from the 23rd century to the height of the Dominion War, with special guests from all across the Star Trek universe!

2265: Following the discoveries made by the U.S.S. Constellation in the Taurus Reach, Starfleet has fast-tracked the construction of Starbase 47, a.k.a. Vanguard. But the rapid construction has meant concomitant technical… (plus)

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Fiche Livre  

Editeur: Pocket Books/Star Trek ( 1 juin 2006)

Format: EPUB

Nombre de pages: 143 pages

Taille du fichier: 227 ko

Protection: DRM

Langue: Anglais

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