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Durrant Publishing sets a very high bar. They publish a careful selection of excellent books in truly beautifully crafted digital editions, at reasonable prices and with no DRM. They really get everything right. I heartily recommend these books with no reservations and hope to see many more from this house.


Desbarollda, The Waltzing Mouse

de Noel Langley & Edward Ardizzone

Neil Gaiman said "I read the first paragraph and was hooked. A sixty-three page eighteenth century novel in the grand manner about a waltzing mouse. Of course." Noel Langley's "studiously and faithfully compiled"...

Kim: Illustrated by J. Lockwood Kipling

de Rudyard Kipling, J. Lockwood Kipling & Paul Durrant

This text of this edition has been carefully proofed against several different editions, but is chiefly based on the 1937 British 'Sussex' edition. In cases where the editions differed, the wording of the later...

Alfredo Catalani: Composer of Lucca

de Domenico Luigi Pardini, Valentina Relton & David Chandler

The full, tragic story of Puccini's great rival, now available in English for the first time. Born in Lucca four years before Puccini, Alfredo Catalani (1854-93) was the main hope of Italian opera in the 1880s....

Kai Lung Raises His Voice

de Ernest Bramah & William Charlton

A new collection of "Kai Lung" stories by Ernest Bramah, including four previously unpublished stories. Related by Kai Lung, an itinerant story-teller, these stories, set in an Ancient China that never was,...

Jackdaw & Other Stories

de M B Mencher

Someone once described the Novel as "the one bright book of Life". If that is so, we can describe short stories as Life's bright pages. "Jackdaw & Other Stories" are mainly about people, but their settings are...

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