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The American Clock

de Arthur Miller

A bold, vibrant panorama of the Great Depression by “the moral voice of the American stage” (The New York Times)


Capturing a cross-section of American life in the throes of the Great Depression, The American...

The Archbishop's Ceiling

de Arthur Miller

A masterful mix of art, sex, and politics behind the Iron Curtain, by America’s greatest dramatist

In an unnamed Eastern European capital, four writers gather in what was once an archbishop’s palace. There...

Ash and Silver: A Sanctuary Novel

de Carol Berg

In Dust and Light, national bestselling author Carol Berg returned to the world of the award-winning Flesh and Spirit. Now she continues the saga of a man whose past is veiled in shadows....


Ever since the...

Crucible: All-New Tales of Valdemar

de Mercedes Lackey

In March 1987, Mercedes Lackey, a young author from Oklahoma, published her first novel, Arrows of the Queen. No one could have envisioned that this modest book about a magical land called Valdemar would be...

The Secret of the Nagas: The Shiva Trilogy: Book 2

de Amish Tripathi

At a crucial moment after the cliffhanger ending of book one, The Immortals of Meluha, the warrior-hero Shiva--the man who is the prophesied Neelkanth, or destroyer of evil--is fighting to protect his wife Sati...

The Rising

The Alchemy Wars #2

de Ian Tregillis

The second book in the Alchemy Wars trilogy by Ian Tregillis, an epic tale of liberation and war.

Jax, a rogue Clakker, has wreaked havoc upon the Clockmakers' Guild by destroying the Grand Forge. Reborn in...

The Side of Evil

de Peter David, Greg Schauer & Danielle Ackley-McPhail

Everyone loves a hero....but sometimes you can't help but root for the villain. Turn your allegiance for the other side's story. We bring you seven stories of mayhem and machinations by Peter David, James M....


de Sherrie Cronin

Zane swore as a child to protect all the odd people of the world, studying chameleons and muscle groups to teach himself to alter his own appearance. No longer a young boy too smart and too different to fit...

The Side of Good

de Bryan J.L. Glass, Danielle Ackley-McPhail & Greg Schauer

Once upon a time, in a century not too long ago, we all recognized what a hero looked like. What they did. Why they did it. Once upon a time, we were more concerned with discovering the secret of who they were,...

Nevermore: A Cal Leandros Novel

Cal Leandros #10

de Rob Thurman

People die.


Everyone knows that. I knew it intimately as everyone in my life died thanks to my one seemingly harmless mistake. I'd brought down Heaven, lifted up Hell, and set the world on fire, all due to...

Blood Storm: The Books of Blood and Iron

de Steven Harper

From the author of Iron Axe comes the second Book of Blood and Iron…

Ages ago, those who had the ability to change their shape lost it, leading to endless bloody battles for supremacy between the races—until...

Hellmaw: Dragon Dreams

de Chris A Jackson & Eric Belisle

Bestselling author Chris Jackson brings us the second HELLMAW novel, an up-close-and-personal exploration of what happens at university when brilliant researchers uncover far more than they were expecting. Will...


de Luke D. Gonzalez, Krystal O'Brien & Zsophia Danko

Victernus is a sci-fi novel about a scientist who tries to escape humanity in an effort to find something that was lost to him when he was very young. His efforts are met with extreme resistance, and he and...

The Cracked Amulet

de R B Watkinson

Wefan is leaking from the world, and the blood-priests of the oppressive god Murak rise again to bring war to the lands of Dumnon. They search for those with Wealdan in their blood, for this gives them power....

Feel the Burn

de G.A. Aiken

War makes strange bedfellows.


I, Gaius Domitus, one-eyed rebel dragon king of the Provinces, know that better than most, since I have to fight off half my ungrateful family on a regular basis to keep law...

The Randolph Family Saga, Book One: The Ballad of Tam Lin

de Patricia A Leslie

Austenian comedy of manners meets whimsical folklore-inspired historical romance! The storytelling has a lighthearted tone, juxtaposed against some serious philosophical issues. Fans of Jane Austen will enjoy...

All Hallows' Eve

de Charles Williams

Charles Walter Stansby Williams (Londra, 20 settembre 1886 – Oxford, 15 maggio 1945) è stato uno scrittore e poeta inglese. Era un membro storico del noto circolo letterario degli Inklings, di cui fecero...


de Julia Frankau

Not perhaps since Henry James gave us the inimitable "Daisy Miller" has modern fiction presented the character of a woman so sensitive, so innately innocent in her faults and weaknesses, so inevitably tragic...

The Dragon of Middlethorpe

de Anne Leo Ellis

Thirteen-year-old Kate–strong-willed and independent–is determined to help save Middlethorpe from the dragon that has returned to terrorize the townsfolk. Armed with a casket of unicorn-horn powder, a burning...


Richard and Kahlan #4

de Terry Goodkind

All is lost. Evil will soon consume the D'Haran Empire. Richard Rahl lies on his funeral bier. It is the end of everything.

Except what isn't lost is Kahlan Amnell. Following an inner prompting beyond all reason,...