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Inventing the Universe: Why we can't stop talking about science, faith and God

de Alister Mcgrath

The often troubled relationship between science and religion was seemingly damaged further by the rise of the New Atheism, which insisted that science had essentially disproved not just God but also the value...

Cats Don't Bark: A Guide to Knowing Who You Are, Accepting Who You Are Not, and Living Your Unique Purpose

de Shane Hipps

At some point in life everyone is compelled to ask the primordial question--Why am I here? How we answer that question determines whether or not we will discover our true calling in life and harness our full...

Abraham: The World's First (But Certainly Not Last) Jewish Lawyer

de Alan M. Dershowitz

Part of the Jewish Encounter series

One of the world’s best-known attorneys gives us a no-holds-barred history of Jewish lawyers: from the biblical Abraham through modern-day advocates who have changed the...


de Diana Butler Bass

The headlines are clear: religion is on the decline in America as many people leave behind traditional religious practices. Diana Butler Bass, leading commentator on religion, politics, and culture, follows...

Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish: 365 Daily Devotions for Adoptive Parents

de Sherrie Eldridge

Twenty Things Adoptive Kids Wish devotional contains 365 days of inspiring devotions filled with scripture, authentic insight into the heart of adopted children, and powerful prayer prompts. Families will be...

Jerome and His Women

de Joan B O'Hagan & Professor Richard Johnson

The events in this book take place in Ancient Rome at the end of the fourth century, between the years 382 and 385 AD – a short, but critical, timespan in the history of Western civilisation. It was crunch...

Bible Basics for Catholics: A New Picture of Salvation History

de John Bergsma & Scott Hahn

John Bergsma's popular Bible Basics for Catholics, which has sold more than 60,000 copies,offers readers an accessible vision of salvation history as it unfolds in the Bible, showing how the Bible points us...

Bringing Lent Home with Pope Francis: Prayers, Reflections, and Activities for Families

de Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle

Known for his humility and concern for the poor, Pope Francis has been an inspiration to millions of Catholics and non-Catholics alike since he became the Church's first Jesuit pope in 2013. In Bringing Lent...

New Testament Basics for Catholics

de John Bergsma

Award-winning author and theology professor John Bergsma follows up his popular Bible Basics for Catholics--which has sold more than 60,000 copies--with a closer, more an in-depth look at the New Testament....

Intimate Graces: How Practicing the Works of Mercy Brings Out the Best in Marriage

de Teresa Tomeo & Dominick Pastore

The Catholic Church encourages believers to perform Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy, tangible actions that show charity toward others. In Intimate Graces, Teresa Tomeo and her husband, Dominick Pastore,...

Religions of the Constantinian Empire

de Mark Edwards

Religions of the Constantinian Empire provides a synoptic review of Constantine's relation to all the cultic and theological traditions of the Empire during the period from his seizure of power in the west in...

Ibn Taymiyya's Theological Ethics

de Sophia Vasalou

Icon of modern-day fundamentalist movements, firebrand religious purist, tireless polemicist against the intellectual schools of his time-the Ibn Taymiyya we know is a thinker we often associate with hard attitudes...

Sacred Signs in Reformation Scotland: Interpreting Worship, 1488-1590

de Stephen Mark Holmes

Sacred Signs in Reformation Scotland is the first study of how public worship was interpreted in Renaissance Scotland and offers a radically new way of understanding the Scottish Reformation. It first defines...

At Heaven's Edge: True Stories of Faith and Rescue

de Andrea Jo Rodgers

Veteran EMT Andrea Rodgers has helped hundreds of people in their most vulnerable moments.

Some of the victims faced their mortality head-on and cried out to God for help. Many experienced fleeting but life-changing...

How Jesus Broke the Rules to Set You Free: God's Plan for Women to Walk in Power and Purpose

de Sharon Jaynes

Popular speaker, teacher, and author Sharon Jaynes offers fresh understanding to the meaningful encounters women in the Bible had with Jesus. She spends time with Jesus’ mother, the woman at the well, Mary...

40 Days to Complete God Confidence: 40 Stories Illustrate the Liberating Words of Assurance from 1 John 5:13-15

de Susie Shellenberger

Inspired by 1 John 5:13-15, and filled with forty engaging stories, Complete God Confidence will help you find liberating assurance in a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

101 Family Meal-Time Devotions

de Greg Johnson

Each of these 101 kid-friendly devotions describes true-to-life situations at home and at school. Relevant scripture passages and thought-provoking questions will spark meaningful family discussion.


Pastoral Theology for Public Ministry

de Stephen Burns

What does it means to be engaged in Christian ministry in a shifting spiritual and religious landscape? Given the divergence of types and contexts of Christian ministry today, this book invites readers to think...

Woodlawn: The Undeniable True Story

de Robert Noland

In the early 1970s, America was in great turmoil. As the sexual revolution took hold, thousands of young people, desperately searching for truth, began following Christ, launching what became known as The Jesus...

The Episcopal Story: Birth and Rebirth

de Thomas C. Ferguson

Seminary dean and popular blogger Tom Ferguson traces the history of Christianity, from the first followers of Jesus to the present, with a special focus on the birth of the Anglican Communion and the development...