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Shooting Hipsters: Rethinking Dissent in the Age of PR

de Christiana Spens

In an age of PR, public protest and other forms of dissent have lost their meaning and impact. The intense media interest  in rioting and political violence, as well as an existing obsession with youth culture,...

New Korean Wave: Transnational Cultural Power in the Age of Social Media

de Dal Yong Jin

The forces that converged to unleash a pop culture tsunami

Chronopoetics: The Temporal Being and Operativity of Technological Media

de Wolfgang Ernst & Anthony Enns

An abridged and translated edition of two of Wolfgang Ernst’s major works, representing the ambitious claim of a comprehensive knowledge-oriented analysis of media tempor(e)alities.

How Canadians Communicate V: Sports

de David Taras & Christopher Waddell

Fewer Canadians than ever are lacing up skates, swimming lengths at the pool, practicing their curve ball, and experiencing the thrill of competition. However, despite a decline in active participation, Canadians...

Narrative, Identity, and the Map of Cultural Policy: Once Upon a Time in a Globalized World

de Constance DeVereaux & Martin Griffin

The story of arts and cultural policy in the twenty-first century is inherently of global concern no matter how local it seems. At the same time, questions of identity have in many ways become more challenging...

Mediating Mental Health: Contexts, Debates and Analysis

de Michael Birch

The problem of media representations about mental health is now a global issue with health agencies expressing concern about produced stigma and its outcomes, specifically social exclusion. In many countries,...

The Ashgate Research Companion to Fan Cultures

de Linda Duits & Koos Zwaan

Fans constitute a very special kind of audience. They have been marginalized, ridiculed and stigmatized, yet at the same time they seem to represent the vanguard of new relationships with and within the media....

Global Media Perspectives on the Crisis in Panama

de Nelson Michaud & Howard M. Hensel

Operation Just Cause, the United States' incursion into Panama, was the culmination of a gradually escalating confrontation between the United States and the Noriega dominated government of Panama that extended...

The DIY Movement in Art, Music and Publishing: Subjugated Knowledges

de Sarah Lowndes

This book considers the history of Do It Yourself art, music and publishing, demonstrating how DIY strategies have transitioned from being marginal, to emergent, to embedded. Through secondary research, observation...

The Contemporary Literature-Music Relationship: Intermedia, Voice, Technology, Cross-Cultural Exchange

de Hazel Smith

This book explores the relationship between words and music in contemporary texts, examining, in particular, the way that new technologies are changing the literature-music relationship. It brings an eclectic...

Race and Contention in Twenty-First Century U.S. Media

de Jason Smith & Bhoomi K. Thakore

This volume explores and clarifies the complex intersection of race and media in the contemporary United States. Due to the changing dynamics of how racial politics are played out in the contemporary US (as...

The Power of the Media in Health Communication

de Valentina Marinescu & Bianca Mitu

Health is a contested concept that has been defined in numerous ways. The media is extremely powerful in promoting health beliefs and in creating role models for contemporary people. The ways in which health...

Democratizing Journalism through Mobile Media: The Mojo Revolution

de Ivo Burum

Fuelled by a distrust of big media and the development of mobile technologies, the resulting convergence of journalism praxis (professional to alternative), workflows (analogue to multipoint digital) and platforms...

Female Masochism in Film: Sexuality, Ethics and Aesthetics

de Ruth McPhee

Theoretically and representationally, responses to heterosexual female masochism have ranged from neglect in theories that focus predominantly or only upon masochistic sexuality within male subjects, to condemnation...

Community Journalism Midst Media Revolution

de Sue Robinson

This edited volume documents the changes taking place in local community practices globally. Digital technologies and globalization have forced evolutions in how we go about producing and consuming journalism,...

Writing for Journalists

de Wynford Hicks, Adams Sally & Harriet Gilbert

The new edition of Writing for Journalists focuses on the key issue for writers working across all forms of media today: how to produce clear, engaging and illuminating copy that will keep the reader hooked...

Intimacy on the Internet: Media Representations of Online Connections

de Lauren Rosewarne

The focus of this book is on the media representations of the use of the Internet in seeking intimate connections-be it a committed relationship, a hook-up, or a community in which to dabble in fringe sexual...

Changing Media, Homes and Households: Cultures, Technologies and Meanings

de Deborah Chambers

Media technologies have played a central role in shaping ideas about home life over the last two centuries. Changing Media, Homes and Households explores the complex relationship between home, householders,...

Digital Technologies and the Evolving African Newsroom: Towards an African Digital Journalism Epistemology

de Hayes Mabweazara

African newsrooms are experiencing the disruptive impact of new digital technologies on the way they generate and disseminate news. Indeed, newsrooms are being forced to adapt in various ways and there are clear...

The Digital Nexus: Identity, Agency, and Political Engagement

de Raphael Foshay

Over half a century ago, in The Gutenberg Galaxy (1962), Marshall McLuhan noted that the overlap of traditional print and new electronic media like radio and television produced widespread upheaval in personal...