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New Perspectives on Music and Gesture

de Gritten & King

Building on the insights of the first volume on Music and Gesture (Gritten & King, Ashgate 2006), the chapters are structured in a broad narrative trajectory moving from theory to practice, embracing Western...

Personality Presenters: Television's Intermediaries with Viewers

de Bonner

Personality Presenters explores the role of the television presenter, analysing the distinct skills possessed by different categories of host and the expectations and difficulties that exist with regard to the...

Drugs and Culture: Knowledge, Consumption and Policy

de Hunt & Milhet

Drugs and Culture presents alternative perspectives on psychoactive drugs, highlighting the socio-cultural features of drug use and regulation in modern societies. It examines the cultural dimensions of drugs...

The Social Fund 20 Years On: Historical and Policy Aspects of Loaning Social Security

de Grover

Chris Grover critically reflects on the introduction of the Social Fund and its operation in the past two decades, engaging with the argument that was made in the 1980s that relieving need by way of loan was...

The Performing Style of Alexander Scriabin

de Leikin

When Alexander Scriabin's music was performed during his lifetime, it elicited ecstatic responses from listeners. After his death, however, it steadily lost the captivating appeal it once held. The main reason...

Pocketful of Eyes

de Lili Wilkinson

When a dead body is discovered at the Museum, Beatrice May Ross is determined to use her sleuthing skills to solve the case. Sharp, sassy YA crime-fiction, with a dash of romance and a splash of funny.

Using Test Data for Student Achievement: Answers to No Child Left Behind

de Nancy W. Sindelar

Using Test Data for Student Achievement shows educators, step by step, how to use test data to facilitate student learning. The book combines research, technology and Sindelar's experience as a teacher and administrator...

Caught in the Crossfire: An Australian Peacekeeper Beyond the Front-Line

de Matina Jewell

This is a story of idealism and heroism; of romance and terrifying drama.

Dot.Bomb Australia: How We Wrangled, Conned and Argie-Bargied Our Way Into the New Digital Universe

de Kate Askew

The inside story of the internet boom and bust, of the business deals which made headlines, and the colourful cast of characters behind them.

Soffritto: A Return to Italy

de Lucio Galletto & David Dale

A love story, a war adventure, a family saga, a travel memoir - Soffritto is also a guide to an undiscovered part of Italy.

Shooting Stars and Flying Fish: Swapping the Boardroom for the Seven Seas

de Nancy Knudsen

A light-hearted but inspirational memoir about a remarkable couple who left behind the corporate rat-race to follow their dream of sailing around the world - a story that demonstrates the rewards of taking risks...

Learn to Think and Write: A Paradigm for Teaching Grades 4-8, Advanced Levels

de Una McGinley Sarno

This book presents the EPILLAW Paradigm, a practical method for developing writing skills. The paradigm consists of an original nine-level taxonomy and sequential methodology of listening, speaking, writing...

Educational Administration: Leading with Mind and Heart

de Robert Palestini

Newly appointed school administrators are often confused when faced with the prospect of having to assume a leadership role in a complex organization like a school or school system. Where does one start? An...

Urban Schools: Crisis and Revolution

de James Deneen

Urban Schools: Crisis and Revolution describes America's inner-city public schools and the failure of most to provide even a minimally adequate education for their students. With numerous examples, James Deneen...

Successful Strategies for Improving Counseling Programs

de Alice Healy Sesno

In this book, Alice Healy Sesno's experience as a counselor and administrator provides powerful insights to both counselors and administrators. Start right, stay right, and build a distinguished counseling program...

Educator or Bully?: Managing the 21st Century Classroom

de Marie Menna Pagliaro

Educator or Bully? offers a comprehensive approach to classroom management for both novice and veteran teachers who are interested in examining their current classroom management performance, especially with...

WHAT WORKS!: Successful Strategies in Pursuing National Board Certification

de Bobbie Faulkner

National Board Certification is a voluntary process for teachers who want to measure their teaching practice against the set of core propositions and teaching standards developed by the National Board for Professional...

The Great Basin: A Natural Prehistory

de Donald K. Grayson

Covering a large swath of the American West, the Great Basin, centered in Nevada and including parts of California, Utah, and Oregon, is named for the unusual fact that none of its rivers or streams flow into...

The Toff In New York

de John Creasey

Will Hall had been kidnapped and the Honourable Richard Rollison, known by the apt if absurd soubriquet of The 'Toff' is soon on the scene, but not before a murdered man falls into Valerie Hall's arms. Action...

Gideon's Day

de John Creasey

Gideon's day is a busy one. He balances family commitments with solving a series of seemingly unrelated crimes from which a plot nonetheless evolves and a mystery is solved. One of the most senior officers within...