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Project Planning, Scheduling, and Control: The Ultimate Hands-On Guide to Bringing Projects in On Time and On Budget , Fifth Edition: The Ultimate Han

de James P. Lewis

All you need to execute a project perfectly

A new edition of the classic project management book is here, revised and updated with even more guidelines and real-world examples. This expanded fifth edition provides...

The Last Economic Superpower: The Retreat of Globalization, the End of American Dominance, and What We Can Do About It

de Joseph P. Quinlan

The Risks and Rewards for the West in the Coming Multipolar World

"A marked shift has occurred in the tone and assumptions surrounding our national fortune. Nowhere is this better seen than in the second generation...

Hard Goals : The Secret to Getting from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

de Mark Murphy

“Ever felt like you weren’t reaching your goals as fast as you would like? HARD GoalsK shows you how to change your thinking and get on the path to tremendous achievement!”

--Marshall Goldsmith, world-renowned...

McGraw-Hill's Conquering SAT Critical Reading

de Nicholas Falletta

Get the edge you need on the reading sections of the SAT

The SAT is coming up, and you need extra help to tackle the tough reading section. Revised and updated, McGraw-Hill's Conquering SAT Critical Reading,...

Measuring Globalisation: OECD Economic Globalisation Indicators 2010

de Collective

This second edition of the OECD Economic Globalisation Indicators presents a broad range of indicators showing the magnitude and intensity of globalisation. This process is becoming increasingly important...

Wilber Winkle Has A Complaint!

de John Homans

Is Wilber Winkle a consumer advocate extraordinaire or just a nut with too much time on his hands? Whatever the verdict, this hilarious collection of complaint letters to American corporations and their responses...

Develop Your Marketing Skills

de Neil Richardson & Ruth M Gosnay

Develop Your Marketing Skills aims to help managers understand the essence of marketing by explaining core concepts, theories and principles in a practical and accessible way.

Lord Sugar: The Man Who Revolutionised British Business

de Charlie Burden

As the government's enterprise tsar, Alan Sugar is now Lord Sugar, roaming the corridors of power. His is a very British success story: Sugar grew up in an East End council flat and boiled beet roots for the...

Atlas of Acoustic Neurinoma Microsurgery

de Mario Sanna & Fernando Mancini

Authored by pioneers in the field, Acoustic Neurinoma Microsurgery -- now in a fully updated second edition -- provides step-by-step descriptions of the most common surgical approaches complemented by clearly...

Anarchism and Education: A Philosophical Perspective

de Judith Suissa

Arguing that the central role of educational practice in anarchist theory and activism has been overlooked by many theorists, this examination of contemporary educational philosophy counters the assertion that...

Security Valuation and Risk Analysis: Assessing Value in Investment Decision-Making

de C.F.A. Kenneth S. Hackel

A superior new replacement to traditional discounted cash flow valuation models

Executives and corporate finance practitioners now have a more reliable discount rate to value companies and make important business...

Positive Discipline for Childcare Providers: A Practical and Effective Plan for Every Preschool and Daycare Program

de Jane Ed.D. Nelsen & Cheryl Erwin

Empowering Methods for Effective Childcare

As a professional childcare provider, you want to create an environment that is inviting and nurturing for children as well as encouraging for your adult staff. You...

One Child

de Jeff Buick

One Child is an interactive story experience with rich media elements including links to video content and enhanced web features. Halima, a small girl in Kandahar, Afghanistan, dreams she changes the world....

How Far Will You Go?: Questions to Test Your Limits

de Evelyn Macfarlane & Evelyn Mcfarlane

What is the strongest opinion you hold? What is the biggest lie you've ever told? What is the one thing you'd most like to change about the world? Who have you most feared in your life? What is the strongest...

Glitch: The Hidden Impact of Faulty Software

de Jeff Ph.D. Papows

Don’t Let Software Failures Destroy Your Business

  • The growing impact of software failures on brands, customers, and business performance
  • How to govern software more effectively, prepare for glitches, and...

One Wore Blue: Civil War Series

de Heather Graham

Heather Graham’s seductive Civil War trilogy begins with an unlikely Yankee forced to choose between loyalty to the cause and the love of a Southern belle.


The privileged daughter of a Virginia plantation...

Top-Down Network Design, 3/e

de Priscilla Oppenheimer

Top-Down Network Design, Third Edition, is a practical and comprehensive guide to designing enterprise networks that are reliable, secure, and scalable. The book uses a top-down approach to help you focus first...

As Much as a Rat's Tail: Korean Slang, Invective & Euphemism

de Peter Nicholas Liptak & Si Woo Lee

As much as a Rat's Tail: Korean slang, invective & euphemism- the "Insider's guide"

An irreverent look at Language within Culture

Get 'street' with A Rat's Tail - Learn what the kids are really saying, all...

Real Food for People with Diabetes, Revised 2nd Edition

de Doris Cross & Alice Williams

At Last, Homestyle Cooking for People with Diabetes

Dear Friends,

As a diagnosed diabetic, I have struggled the past several years to adapt to a new way of eating. I love food—sweets, old favorites, comfort...

Living Out Loud

de Anna Quindlen

"A panopticon of life in this decade, sure to be valuable to future social historians She touches on life, love, home, family, work, men, women, children and issues large and small."


The voice...