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de Isabel Losada

Fast, hard-hitting, funny and honest, this is the book that answers the question that all women discuss every day: 'Where are the interesting and available men?' Forget the fiction. This is not self help or...

A Chamber Of Delights

de Katrina Young

For Gael, a life of luxury and sexual excitement has ended with banishment from Grymwell Hall. Now she sets out to create a new and even more exciting life in the opulent house of her kinky lesbian lover. Using...

Rue Marquis De Sade

de Morgana Baron

As Charlotte travels to Europe to claim her share of her father's legacy, her thoughts turn inevitably to Veronica, her sensual, sadistic stepsister, whom she will be seeing again for the first time in years....

Lydia In The Bordello

de Philippa Masters

Lydia, now back in England following her adventures in Africa, becomes concerned about the double standards inherent in Victorian society. Yet she is also faced by the brazen young women she sees in Brighton's...

Vintage Book Of Fathers

de L Guinness & Louise Guinness

Ideal fathers, cruel fathers, puffed-up-with-pride fathers, horribly and humanly flawed fathers: this wonderful anthology contains a whole range of experience from the amazed joy of new fatherhood, to the pains...

Doctor Who: The Hollow Men

Past Doctor Adventures #10

de Keith Topping & Martin Day

The village was cursed centuries ago, but only now is the alien evil beginning to revive ...

The children of Hexen Bridge are gifted and clever, but insanity and murder follow in their wake. The Doctor has a...

The Alphonse Courrier Affair

de Marta Morazzoni & Emma Rose

Alphonse Courrier possesses all the might reasonably make a man content: a prosperous ironmonger's business and a position of respect in his Auvergne village, a dutiful, coolly beautiful wife who runs an irreproachable...

The Stammering Handbook

de Jenny Lewis

Many people regard stammering as a joke, reinforced by the fact that they are usually portrayed on film and television as figures of fun: Michael Palin in a Fish Called Wanda, Ronnie Barker in Open All Hours....

The Queen Charlotte's Hospital Guide to Pregnancy & Birth

de Adriana Hunter & Queen Charlotte's Hospital

This book is a practical, sympathetic and complete guide to having a baby - from conception to delivery. Written in association with Britain's leading maternity hospital, it draws on the wide experience of the...

Little Book Of Happiness

de Patrick Whiteside

In just 96 pages, this incredible little book holds all you need to know in order to find happiness. From an author who is highly trained in the workings of our minds. THE LITTLE BOOK OF HAPPINESS has page after...

To Take A Queen

de Jan Smith

In 1314, as a bitter Highland winter draws in, Lady Blanche McNaghten, the young widow of a chieftain is rediscovering her taste for sexual pleasures. Then fate throws her into the path of Black McGregor, a...

Outlaw Fantasy

de Saskia Hope

Their hot affair had been a secret, until now. Will was an outlaw, hacking the computer networks of the fabulously wealthy. Fee was one of the privileged elite, living with her husband in a luxurious apartment....

Avenging Angels

de Roxanne Carr

Tour guide, Karen, is unprepared for the culture she encounters in the Tierra del Sol holiday resort. There is sun and sex aplenty but she quickly discovers that women are treated with very little respect by...

Silent Seduction

de Tanya Bishop

Sophie is expected to marry her long-term boyfriend and be the ideal wife and mother. Instead, she takes a job away from home as a nanny and riding instructor for the wealthy but dysfunctional McKinnerny family....

In The Dark

de Zoe Le Verdier

This second collection of erotic short stories by Zoe Le Verdier explores the most explicit female desires, from anonymous sex to exhibitionism, phone sex and rubber fetishism.

Pirates, Plants And Plunder!

de Stewart Ross & David Roberts

Twelve fascinating tales about the adventurers who travelled all over the globe, finding new plants and the amazing things they produce. Join Joseph Banks as he gets stranded on the Australian Great Barrier...

Dreamers In Time

de Sarah Copeland

Four thousand years from now, the last remnants of humanity battle for survival beneath a hostile sun. Two thousand people remain suspended in endless slumber while others toil for the means to wake them.


Darline Dominant

de Tania d'Alanis

When Darline Pomeroy engages the submisive young Patrick to be her boy-maid, he is made to serve her in many humiliating ways. He must wear women's clothes, paint Darline's nails and perform the most demeaning...

The Training Of Fallen Angels

de Kendal Grahame

Lisa and Janet are two beautiful teenagers who are driven by their insatiable libidos to discover new and more exciting ways to satisfy their depraved desires. They become servants of the enigmatic Mr Gee, who...

Police Ladies

de Yolanda Celbridge

Deep in the Scottish Highlands a curious training academy teaches young women how to pound a beat. Young miscreant Jean Welsh hopes to quell her submissive, promiscuous sexuality by donning their strict uniform....