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Feral Hunger

de Stephanie Bedwell-Grime

Vlad the Impaler? Don't make her laugh...

Vlad is un-living proof that even a shy guy with the unfortunate name of Leslie can remake himself. Vampire, cad, player, he embraces it all without a pesky thing called...

Climatopolis: How Our Cities Will Thrive in the Hotter Future

de Matthew E. Kahn

We have released the genie from the bottle: climate change is coming, and there's no stopping it. The question, according to Matthew Kahn, is not how we're going to avoid a hotter future but how we're going...

The Company Town: The Industrial Edens and Satanic Mills That Shaped the American Economy

de Hardy Green

Company town: The very phrase sounds un-American. Yet company towns are the essence of America. Hershey bars, Corning glassware, Kohler bathroom fixtures, Maytag washers, Spam—each is the signature product...

The Shape of Inner Space: String Theory and the Geometry of the Universe's Hidden Dimensions

de Shing-Tung Yau

The leading mind behind the mathematics of string theory discusses how geometry explains the universe we see

The Great American Stickup: How Reagan Republicans and Clinton Democrats Enriched Wall Street While Mugging Main Street

de Robert Scheer

In The Great American Stick-Up, long-time Los Angeles Times columnist and Truthdig Editor-in-Chief Robert Scheer has a controversial thesis: the great financial meltdown, the crash widely regarded as the result...

What I Didn't See: Stories

de Karen Fowler

Stories that slip up behind you and break your heart before you know it.

Your Creative Brain: Seven Steps to Maximize Imagination, Productivity, and Innovation in Your Life

de Shelley Carson

Research-based techniques that show everyone how to expand creativity and increase productivity

Harvard psychologist Shelley Carson?s provocative book, published in partnership with Harvard Health Publications,...

Cannabis and the Soma Solution

de Chris Bennett

Seeking to identify the plant origins of the early sacramental beverages Soma and Haoma, this study draws a connection between the psychoactive properties of these drinks and the widespread use of cannabis among Indo-Europeans...

The Crossing: A Novel

de Serita Ann Jakes

Imprisoned by memories, Claudia Campbell lives each day in the shadow of a ten-year-old murder. Who can set her free?

On the way home from a football game, a decade earlier, a masked gunman opened fire on a Texas...

The Scroll: A Novel

de Grant R. Jeffrey & Alton L. Gansky

One last dig.  One final descent into the twisted tunnels of ancient Jerusalem.  Will the truth be fund among the treasures that lie beneath the holy city?


   Dr. David Chambers, leading archaeologist,...

Digital Slr Photography All-In-One for Dummies

de Robert Correll

A complete, full-color guide to all the elements of dSLR photography

If you have a digital SLR camera, you’ll find everything you need in this full-color reference to help you get the best results. Ten self-contained...

Netsuite for Dummies

de Julie Kelly, Luke Braud & Malin Huffman

NetSuite is an easy-to-use, customizable enterprise software for running your business. Part I explains NetSuite basics everyone should know. Part II focuses on tracking money (accounting, AR, AP, and managing...

Using WordPress

de Tris Hussey

WordPress has grown into the #1 blogging tool in its category: several million bloggers have downloaded this powerful open source software, and millions more are using's hosted services. Thirty-two...


de Tom Mccarthy

C has been shortlisted for the 2010 Man Booker Prize.

The acclaimed author of Remainder, which Zadie Smith hailed as “one of the great English novels of the past ten years,”gives us his most spectacularly...

The Enough Moment: Fighting to End Africa's Worst Human Rights Crimes

de John Prendergast & Don Cheadle

Had Enough?

Join activists, organizations, and celebrities to fight human rights crimes in Africa.

Human rights activist John Prendergast and Oscar-nominated actor Don Cheadle bring us an empowering and hopeful...

At the Dark End of the Street: Black Women, Rape, and Resistance--A New History of the Civil Rights Movement from Rosa Parks to the Rise of Black Powe

de Danielle L. Mcguire

Rosa Parks was often described as a sweet and reticent elderly woman whose tired feet caused her to defy segregation on Montgomery’s city buses, and whose supposedly solitary, spontaneous act sparked the 1955...

There is Power in a Union

de Philip Dray

From an award-winning historian, a stirring (and timely) narrative history of American labor from the dawn of the industrial age to the present day.

From the textile mills of Lowell, Massachusetts, the first...

Third World America: How Our Politicians Are Abandoning the Middle Class and Betraying the American Dream

de Arianna Huffington

It’s not an exaggeration to say that middle-class Americans are an endangered species and that the American Dream of a secure, comfortable standard of living has become as outdated as an Edsel with an eight-track...

Nothing Happens Until It Happens to You: A Novel Without Pay, Perks, or Privileges

de T. M. Shine

Jeffrey Reiner is a middle manager’s dream.

Predictable, almost invisible, and lacking ambition, he’s held the same tedious job for eighteen years, typing up the calendar listings for a South Florida weekly....

Mary Tudor: Princess, Bastard, Queen

de Anna Whitelock

She was the first woman to inherit the throne of England, a key player in one of Britain’s stormiest eras, and a leader whose unwavering faith and swift retribution earned her the nickname “Bloody Mary.”...