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Rogue: An Ike Schwartz Mystery

de Frederick Ramsay

Ruth Harris, Sherriff Ike Schwartz's fiancée, is in-volved in a near fatal automobile accident. But Ike is convinced the crash was rigged. Even though he is embroiled in a close election, has no jurisdiction...

Cleopatra: A Sphinx Revisited

de Margaret M. Miles

Cleopatra-a brave, astute, and charming woman who spoke many languages, entertained lavishly, hunted, went into battle, eliminated siblings to consolidate her power, and held off the threat of Imperial Rome...

Deep China: The Moral Life of the Person

de Arthur Kleinman, Yunxiang Yan & Jing Jun

Deep China investigates the emotional and moral lives of the Chinese people as they adjust to the challenges of modernity. Sharing a medical anthropology and cultural psychiatry perspective, Arthur Kleinman,...

Earth's Magnetosphere: Formed by the Low-Latitude Boundary Layer

de W.J. Heikkila

The author argues that, after five decades of debate about the interactive of solar wind with the magnetosphere, it is time to get back to basics. Starting with Newton's law, this book also examines Maxwell's...

Ghost Lovers: Tales of Seductions from Beyond the Grave

de Kyle Cicero

"Ghost Lovers" explores the intimate encounters between those of this world and those inhabiting the realm of the dead. A rookie cop meets up with the spirit of a deceased leather master when he is assigned...

Genesis, A Royal Epic: Introduction, Translation, and Notes, 2nd Edition

de Loren R. Fisher

Genesis was a political document of the state, and its major function was to exalt David and his monarchy, not only with his own people but also among the other states of that world. The scribes of the monarchy...

People of the Bible Uncensored: A Psychologist Examines the Most Well-Known People of the Bible and Reveals Their Startling Similarities to You and Me

de Dr. David Stoop

As they begin to see biblical people like David and Abraham for who they really were, readers will be encouraged and challenged to trust the God who can accomplish extraordinary things through the unlikeliest...

One Starlit Night

de Carolyn Jewel

Ten years away from Doyle's Grange isn't quite long enough for Viscount Northword to forget Portia Temple, or their passionate adolescent affair. Portia, however, is about to marry another man. Northword tells...

Membrane Distillation: Principles and Applications

de Mohamed Khayet Souhaimi & T. Matsuura

Modern membrane engineering is critical to the development of process-intensification strategies and to the stimulation of industrial growth. Membrane Distillation (MD) is a broad reference that covers specific...

The Devil's Dance

de Johnny Stone

Cherry Clark is a spoiled brat, unappreciative of the good fortune she's experienced throughout her life. She is also a solitary sex addict, experiencing her vicarious desires through her imagination and Internet...

Better to be Feared

de Sean Bridges

Better To Be Feared is the true story of a 48-year-old businessman who, having pled guilty to perpetrating a fraud involving a fake business contract, was plunged into the dark world of life inside some of Britain's...

Spoken in Whispers

de Nicci Mackay

SPOKEN IN WHISPERS is the autobiography of a remarkable woman. Nicci Mackay is a horse whisperer, one of only a few people in the world who can calm agitated horses or revive their broken spirits by translating...

Blue Moon

de Mark Hodkinson

Blue Moon traces a season in the life of Manchester City. Not just any season, but 1998-99, when the once-proud club, with two League Championships and four FA Cup wins to its name - not to mention a phenomenal...

Fighting Mac

de Trevor Royle

On a spring morning in 1903, Major-General Sir Hector Macdonald, one of Britain's greatest military heroes, took his life in a hotel room in Paris. A few days later he was buried hastily in an Edinburgh cemetary...

Ancient Rockets: Treasures and Train Wrecks of the Silent Screen

de Kage Baker & Kathleen Bartholomew

From Metropolis to the pre-Technicolor Oz, take a fantastical journey through the wildest frontiers of the silent films of the silver screen.

Ancient Rockets brings you the earliest (and cheesiest) special effects,...

Vaccination And Immunisation

de Leon Chaitow

Vaccinations and immunisation procedures as safe and effective as we are told. They offer some protection, but far less that is generally supposed, and at a cost in terms of short and long term hazards. In this...

Good Food: Cupcakes & Small Bakes

de Jane Hornby

The perfect accompaniment to a picnic, party spread or even just a nice cup of tea, cupcakes and small baked treats can lift your mood and satisfy that craving or sweet tooth. This fantastic collection from...

Good Food: Speedy Suppers

de Jane Hornby

Speedy Suppers is perfect for busy people who still want to eat home-cooked food. It's full of tasty meal ideas that can all be cooked in 30 minutes or less, using readily available ingredients, with helpful...

Good Food: 101 Hot & Spicy Dishes

de Orlando Murrin

Devised by the team at BBC Good Food magazine, this fabulous cookbook is packed with hot and spicy recipes. It includes such tasty delights as Aromatic Soy Pork, Scallops in Chilli Tomato Sauce and Baked Ginger...

Good Food: Best-ever Curries

de Sarah Cook

Hot and spicy, mild, creamy and comforting, Thai, Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian - the word 'curry' encompasses a huge variety of exciting dishes. With long lists of spices and unfamiliar ingredients, it might...