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Credit Derivative Strategies: New Thinking on Managing Risk and Return

de Rohan Douglas

In the decade since the credit derivatives market started, financial professionals have become increasingly sophisticated. Most books on the subject have not kept pace. Credit Derivative Strategies closes the...

Value Maps: Valuation Tools That Unlock Business Wealth

de Warren D. Miller

Praise for VALUE MAPS

"Equivocator, Explorer, Experimenter, Exploiter, Extender—Chapter 12 might be well served as mandatory reading for all subject matter experts! SPARC is not a valuation, per se, but rather...

The Warren Buffett Way

de Robert G. Hagstrom, Ken Fisher & Bill Miller

Buffett is back . . . and better than before!

A decade has passed since the book that introduced the world to Warren Buffett -- The Warren Buffett Way by Robert Hagstrom -- first appeared. That groundbreaking...

Powerlines: Words That Sell Brands, Grip Fans, and Sometimes Change History

de Steve Cone

Powerlines, the exceptional slogans that people remember long after the campaign ends, stand out from the barrage of marketing messages consumers face each day. A product, service, company, candidate, or an...

Handbook for Muni-Bond Issuers

de Joe Mysak & Michael R. Bloomberg

From Bloomberg, the authority on municipal bond valuation, this is the first book to give issuers (municipalities and their officers, attorneys, and other advisers) step-by-step tips on (1) lowering the cost...

Senseless Panic: How Washington Failed America

de Philip C. Meyer, William M. Isaac & Paul A. Volcker

The 1980s opened with the prime interest rate at an astonishing 21.5 percent, leading to a severe recession with unemployment reaching nearly 11 percent. Depression-like conditions befell the agricultural sector,...

Investing 101

de Kathy Kristof

People wanting basic advice about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, retirement planning, and tax strategies are often frustrated by information overload. Picking the right book seems as daunting as deciding what...

Innovations in Investment Management: Cutting Edge Research from the Exclusive Joim Conference Series

de H. Gifford Fong & Martin L. Leibowitz

Founded by Gifford Fong in 2003, the Journal Of Investment Management (JOIM) is a premier publication that bridges the theory and practice of investment management. The JOIM Conference Series showcases the leading...

The Open Innovation Revolution: Essentials, Roadblocks, and Leadership Skills

de Stefan Lindegaard & Guy Kawasaki

Life is not exactly a bed of roses for most innovation leaders and intrapreneurs—those assertive, innovative, corporate risk-takers who passionately turn ideas into profitable products. They take on corporate...

Family: The Compact Among Generations

de James E. Hughes Jr.

Why do some families thrive for generations? What accounts for the sad deterioration that others experience? This book takes families and the professionals who serve them beyond the now widely accepted practices...

Chart Patterns

de Bruce M. Kamich

The Bloomberg Market Essentials: Technical Analysis series covers the key elements of the most widely used technical analysis tools. Using these fast-track resources, traders can come up to speed quickly on...

Complicit: How Greed and Collusion Made the Credit Crisis Unstoppable

de Mark Gilbert

The credit crunch is affecting every investor and every consumer, every industry and every government program, yet few people truly understand how it happened. Subprime mortgages have been center stage, but...

The Business Forecasting Deal: Exposing Myths, Eliminating Bad Practices, Providing Practical Solutions

de Michael Gilliland

Practical-nontechnical-solutions to the problems of business forecasting

Written in a nontechnical style, this book provides practical solutions to common business forecasting problems, showing you how to think...

Technical Analysis Tools: Creating a Profitable Trading System

de Mark Tinghino & Alan Rohrbach

Most investors know that highly profitable trading methods employ a number of technical analysis tools. Unfortunately, choosing the right ones is easier said than done.

In Technical Analysis Tools, professional...

Deena Katz's Complete Guide to Practice Management: Tips, Tools, and Templates for the Financial Adviser

de Deena B. Katz

Deena B. Katz, CFP, a preeminent authority on practice management and an internationally recognized financial adviser, presents a comprehensive guide to running a professional financial planning practice.


Fixed Income Analysis

de Frank J. Fabozzi CFA & Martin L. Leibowitz

In the Second Edition of Fixed Income Analysis, financial expert Frank Fabozzi and a team of knowledgeable contributors provide complete coverage of the most important issues in fixed income analysis.

Now, in...

The Online Teaching Survival Guide: Simple and Practical Pedagogical Tips

de Judith V. Boettcher & Rita-Marie Conrad

The Online Teaching Survival Guide provides an overview of theory-based techniques for online teaching or for a technology-enhanced course, including course management, social presence, community building, and...

Trading Option Greeks: How Time, Volatility, and Other Pricing Factors Drive Profit

de Dan Passarelli & William J. Brodsky

Veteran options trader Dan Passarelli explains a new methodology for option trading and valuation. With an introduction to option basics as well as chapters on all types of spreads, put-call parity and synthetic...

Mad Men and Philosophy: Nothing Is as It Seems

de Rod Carveth, James B. South & William Irwin

A look at the philosophical underpinnings of the hit TV show, Mad Men

With its swirling cigarette smoke, martini lunches, skinny ties, and tight pencil skirts, Mad Men is unquestionably one of the most stylish,...

Ubuntu Linux Bible: Featuring Ubuntu 10.04 Lts

de William von Hagen

The best resource on the very latest for Ubuntu users!

Ubuntu is a free, open-source, Linux-based operating system that can run on desktops, laptops, netbooks, and servers. If you've joined the millions of users...