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Italian Journal of Security - Sustainable Security

de Sandro Provvisionato, Alex Hirshfield, Alessandro Cec & Alessandro Popoli et al.

Security is one of the key words of our time, probably the key word for excellence. Security (from the Latin “sine cura “ , ie without concern ) is defined by dictionaries as “knowledge that the evolution...

The altar of the king

de Fulvio Farì

The journey of a young knight between the three kingdoms of evil ruled by the sons of the Lord of Darkness. Charles will face in epic battles demons and hellish creatures that hurl against the God of evil to...

The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World (Updated and Expanded)

de Avi Shlaim

“Fascinating. . . . Shlaim presents compelling evidence for a revaluation of traditional Israeli history.”—New York Times Book Review For this newly expanded edition, Avi Shlaim has added four chapters...

Theshela: Born for Destiny

de Crystal R. Brown

The Mitchell family is just like any other family who has a way of keeping it real and telling it like it is while still having each other's backs. The parents have to drop Eric and his little sister, Joanie,...

Firework Displays, Explosive Entertainment: A guide to getting the most from your firework display  for designers, firers and event organisers

de Tom Smith, Darryl Fleming & Chris Pearce

Ebook with full color pictures - Contents - With over 180 illustrations and over 50 tables of data, is designed for firework display firers, designers and organisers of outdoor events. From the enthusiastic...

Why Women Cheat: Confessions of a Pickup Artist

de Gray A Daniel

This book delves into the mind of a woman. In order to aid this process, the author, Daniel Gray, hires three women from around the world to comment on the techniques to "Make a Woman Fall in Love with you,"...

The Acorn and the Oak: Choosing the Right Financial Advisor For You

de Phil Wood

How do you begin to choose a financial advisor when, on first glance, they all look the same? "Gut feeling" can only get you so far, and when your family's future is at stake, there has got to be more to go...

A Very Courageous Decision: The Inside Story of Yes Minister

de Graham McCann

In A Very Courageous Decision acclaimed entertainment historian Graham McCann goes in search of the real political fiascos that inspired Yes Minister. Drawing on fresh interviews with cast, crew, politicians and admirers,...

The History of Salt

de Evan Martlett Boddy

HOW frequently it happens that those natural productions with which we are to a certain extent superficially familiar, are to a great many not only uninteresting, but are regarded as subjects more or less beneath...

The Diamond Mystery #1

de Martin Widmark & Helena Willis

Somebody is stealing diamonds from the jeweler Mohammed Carat! It looks like the culprit is someone on his staff, but who? Is it Luke Smith, the recently hired fitness fanatic with a taste for the finer things...

Whiskey Distilled: A Populist Guide to the Water of Life

de Heather Greene

In the populist tradition of Andrea Immer, New York City's first female whiskey sommelier translates today's hottest spirit for a new generation of imbibers

Whiskey is in the midst of a huge renaissance. Ten...

EllRay Jakes Rocks the Holidays!

de Sally Warner & Brian Biggs

It's December at Oak Glen Primary School and all EllRay can think about is Christmas. As far as he's concerned, Christmas is the best-no school, presents, fun parties, and lots of cookies! But before EllRay...

Everyone's a Critic: Winning Customers in a Review-Driven World

de Bill Tancer

The Yelps and TripAdvisors of this world are here to stay. How can a business owner fight back?

Eighty percent of consumers now consult online reviews before making a purchase. These days a disgruntled but ignorant...

Stories of My Life

de Katherine Paterson

From her childhood in China to the moment she won her first National Book Award, literary icon Katherine Paterson shares the personal stories that inspired her children's books.

Told with her trademark humor...

What Was the Lewis and Clark Expedition?

de Judith St. George & Tim Foley

When Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, and the "Corp of Discovery" left St. Louis, Missouri, on May 21, 1804, their mission was to explore the vast, unknown territory acquired a year earlier in the Louisiana...

You Only Have to Be Right Once: The Unprecedented Rise of the Instant Tech Billionaires

de Randall Lane

The ultimate insider look at the newest titans of tech-and what you can learn from their success

In 2007, twenty-one-year old David Karp launched Tumblr, a simple micro-blogging platform, on a whim. By 2012,...

The Hotel Mystery #2

de Martin Widmark & Helena Willis

It is Christmas Eve, and the grand Braeburn family has come to stay in the luxury suite of Valleby's hotel. With them, they have brought their extremely valuable dog. The hotel manager promises the family that...

Knife Fights: A Memoir of Modern War in Theory and Practice

de John A Nagl

From one of the most important army officers of his generation, a memoir of the revolution in warfare he helped lead, in combat and in Washington

When John Nagl was an army tank commander in the first Gulf War...

Merry Christmas, Annie

de Dana Bergman

After eleven years at an orphanage, Annie longs for a family to call her own. So when the wealthy Oliver Warbucks invites Annie to spend the Christmas holiday at his New York mansion, it's a dream come true....

Does Santa Exist?: A Philosophical Investigation

de Eric Kaplan

A humorous philosophical investigation into the existence of Santa�from a co-executive producer of The Big Bang Theory, the #1 sitcom on television

Metaphysics isn�t ordinarily much of a laughing matter....