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Towards Belonging: Negotiating New Relationships for Adopted Children and Those in Care

de Andrew Briggs

This book includes a wide range of interested observers and practitioners in the field of children in care and adoption, focusing on a core aspect of their emotional well-being and mental health. It focuses...

H2O: A Biography of Water

de Philip Ball

The extent to which water remains a scientific mystery is extraordinary, despite its prevalence and central importance on Earth. Whether one considers its role in biology, its place in the physical world (where...

Call to Arms: The British Army 1914-18

de Charles Messenger

This is a comprehensive account of how the British Army coped with and adapted to the enormous challenges and pressures of the First World War -- the first major continental war that the army had had to fight...

Marlborough: The Hero of Blenheim

de John Hussey

John Churchill was born in 1650, the son of a defeated Cavalier captain, in a household which had been ravaged and rendered almost destitute by the English Civil War. Yet by the time of his death in 1722 he...

Moshe Dayan

de Martin Van Creveld

Martin van Creveld's Moshe Dayan tells the story of one man and of one people, to whom he was a figurehead - a symbol of their patriotism and their determination to survive. Born in a kibbutz in 1915, Dayan...

Four Men in a Boat

de Tim Foster & Rory Ross

When Great Britain won gold at the Sydney 2000 Olympics coxless four, seven million people watched and voted it the greatest sporting moment of the year.

This moment, and Steve Redgrave's fifth Olympic gold...

Naked at the Albert Hall: The Inside Story of Singing

de Tracey Thorn

In her bestselling autobiography Bedsit Disco Queen, Tracey Thorn recalled the highs and lows of a thirty-year career in pop music. But with the touring, recording and extraordinary anecdotes, there wasn't time...

Best of the Beatles: The sacking of Pete Best

de Spencer Leigh

Why was Pete Best sacked from the Beatles? In this unique book, based on extensive research and interviews with those close to the events, Spencer Leigh has gathered the clues together to try and solve the greatest...

Competent Leadership: Presenting the Knowledge to Lead, along with the Practical Lessons and Experience to Do It Well

de Terry (Steve) Marshall

Competent Leadership is about the knowledge to lead along with the practical lessons and experience to do it well. Though not a workbook, there are plenty of opportunities in this book to assess, examine, and...

When A Drone Strikes

de Alex Castillo

The highly anticipated debut novel of Alex Castillo features an unforgettable tale about a world famous spy and war hero whose paths collide after the War on Terror as they both get a second chance at life and...

The Revolting Self: Perspectives on the Psychological, Social, and Clinical Implications of Self-Directed Disgust

de Paul G. Overton, Philip A. Powell & Jane Simpson

Self-disgust (viewing the self as an object of abhorrence) is somewhat of a novel subject for psychological research and theory, yet its significance is increasingly being recognised in the clinical domain....

Would-Be Wife Killer: A Clinical Study of Primitive Mental Functions, Actualised Unconscious Fantasies, Satellite States, and Developmental Steps

de Vamik D. Volkan

The author believes that studying a therapeutic process closely from its beginning to its termination is one of the best ways to observe, learn, and teach psychoanalytic concepts. This book is unusual since...

New Technologies for Smart Grid Operation

de Sio T Mak

As power generation and demand develops, adopting and integrating communication and information technology to improve the reliability, efficiency and sustainability of power networks becomes essential. With...

Sweetheart! After you have your meltdown, can you make dinner?

de Domonique A Townsend & Latrisha Talley

"Mothers do not say how they feel because they simply don't want to appear as if they do not have it altogether," says Domonique Townsend. But who are we holding it in for? Why are we not comfortable being ourselves?...

Irish Fairy Tales - Traditional Stories, Myths, Legends and Folk Tales of the People of Ancient Ireland (Illustrated Edition)

de William Butler Yeats, William Carleton, Crofton Croker & Samuel Lover et al.

IRISH FAIRY TALES: ILLUSTRATED EDITION This book brings alive the legends and ghost tales of the people of ancient Ireland. So discover the Irish fairytale world of elves, fairies, ghosts and demons! Enjoy magical...

My Little Book Of Guardian Angels - Heavenly Adice, Angel Affirmations And Divine Quotes - How To Get In Touch With Your Spiritual Guides And Angels (Illustrated Edition)

de Luise Wahrsam

Have you ever felt alone? Angels are all around you. They watch over you and your loved ones! So get in touch with your guardian angels. This little book helps you to recognize the spiritual guides. OVERVIEW:...

Jewish Folklore

de Israel Abrahams

Joseph Zabara has only in recent times received the consideration justly due to him. Yet his "Book of Delight," finished about the year 1200, is more than a poetical romance. It is a golden link between folk...

Native American Stories and Legends - American Indian Myths - Blackfeet Folk Tales - Mythology retold (Illustrated Edition)

de George Bird Grinnell

The stories here told come down to us from very ancient times. Grandfathers have told them to their grandchildren, and these again to their grandchildren, and so from mouth to mouth, through many generations,...

1,500 Greetings And Quotes For All Occasions - Sayings, Phrases And Best Wishes For Birthday, Mother's Day, Easter, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Wedding, Thanksgiving And More (Illustrated Edition)

de Emmie Marina Brunswick

1,500 greetings, sayings, quotes, wishes, blessings, verses... + Illustrated edition + Perfect for text messages, greeting cards, letters, speeches, emails, presentations and more "It's complete kit of inspiration!...

Stories for Simon

de Lisa Miranda Sarzin & Lauren Briggs

A beautiful story of acknowledging the past and working together for a brighter future. When Simon unwraps a beautiful boomerang wrapped in an old newspaper, he learns of the national apology to the Stolen...