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American Indian Beadwork

de J.F. "Buck" Burshears & W. Ben Hunt

A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

Sunset on the Window-Panes

de Walter Macken

Careless of the hurts he inflicts along the way, Bart O'Breen walks his own road, as proud as the devil and as lonely as hell. In the Galway village of Boola, Bart O'Breen is a strong wilful young man who leaves...

Brown Lord of the Mountain

de Walter Macken

Like his father before him, Donn is born to the now mythical role of the Lord of the Mountain, a remote community in rural Ireland, unmarked by the passage of time. But Donn longs for a wider kingdom. He deserts...

Quench the Moon

de Walter Macken

This is the story of Stephen O'Riordan, a true son of the wild and beautiful land of Connemara, of his hopes and ambitions, and of his passionate and stormy love for Kathleen, sister of his bitterest enemy ....

The Bogman

de Walter Macken

At sixteen, Cahal, an illegitimate orphan, makes the journey from Dublin to the west of Ireland to his grandfather's farm. After ten years in an institution, he is finally free to return to the small village...

Rain on the Wind

de Walter Macken

From boyhood to manhood big, gentle Mico had but two passions in life - the sea, and a young girl so terrible lovely-lookin' it raised your heart to heaven just to see her smile. But with a hideous birthmark...


de Walter Macken

Sullivan was a born actor. Blessed and cursed with the artist's gifts and temperament in full measure, he could hold an audience, or a woman's heart, in the palm of his hand. From a boyhood stuffed with multi-coloured...

Unlucky for Some

de Jill Mcgown

February 13th: what seemed like Wilma Fenton's lucky night, when she scooped her biggest-ever win at bingo, turned out to be the night she died at the hands of someone lurking in the dimly lit alleyway leading...

Births, Deaths and Marriages

de Jill Mcgown

"The smile froze on Judy's lips as she heard the scream. It seemed to come from the direction in which she had just walked; she retraced her steps, and saw the girl she had seen earlier, standing by the willow...

Scene of Crime

de Jill Mcgown

It's three days before Christmas, and the Malworth Amateur Dramatic Society's rehearsal of Cinderella, scripted by GP Carl Bignall, is struggling thanks to a flu epidemic that has hit the production. But as...

Plots and Errors

de Jill Mcgown

'I shot someone dead.' He watched for her reaction, and there was more than just surprise in those dark blue eyes; there was something very like respect. 'I got out just over eight years ago.' 'What was it...

Picture of Innocence

de Jill Mcgown

More than half of Bartonshire, it seemed, had entertained murderous thoughts at some time or another about bullying farmer Bernard Bailey. Which might have explained why his property was protected by more security...

Verdict Unsafe

de Jill Mcgown

"He'd waited for her outside her flat that night, but Lloyd had come home with her, and he'd had to let it go. But he'd get her. One day. He'd get her." Four young women. Four horrific rapes. Committed by a...

A Shred of Evidence

de Jill Mcgown

"She had been in school uniform the first and last time Judy had seen her alive, and she had wondered what it would be like to be her mother. Now, she thanked God she wasn't." Detective Inspector Judy Hill had...

Murder... Now and Then

de Jill Mcgown

Victor Holyoak made his millions by selling state-of-the-art security systems. In the end, even the most sophisticated devices were no protection against the intruder who murdered him in his own factory. The...

The Other Woman

de Jill Mcgown

When the celebrity football match was abandoned just before half-time, Bartonshire police had no way of knowing that the swirling, choking fog had concealed much, much more than the striker's fancy footwork....

The Murders of Mrs Austin and Mrs Beale

de Jill Mcgown

Which is the odd one out: An ex-call girl wife of a wealthy crook, who has kept one step ahead of the law, a struggling artist married to Stansfield's prospective Conservative party candidate, or the telephone...

Death of a Dancer

de Jill Mcgown

The murder of a deputy headmaster's wife on the night of the Sesquicentennial Ball at a minor-league boys' public school brings together the team of Inspector Lloyd and Judy Hill. Diana Hamlyn's body has been...


de Jill Mcgown

A white Christmas. Deepening snow isolated the village from the outside world. By the time the body in the vicarage was discovered, Byford was cut off altogether . . . A domestic murder - Chief Inspector Lloyd...

A Perfect Match

de Jill Mcgown

The news rocked the town. A woman's body found in a boathouse. And the woman's last known companion Missing Presumed Fled. To the people of Stansfield it's an open and shut case. But Detective Inspector Lloyd...