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Masterclass: Write a Bestseller: Teach Yourself

de Jacq Burns

There is no precise formula for writing a bestseller, but there are secrets, skills and techniques that will dramatically improve your odds of publishing a bestselling novel. Whatever your motivation - whether...

Cambridge IGCSE English as a second language + CD

de John Reynolds

Endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations An easy and cost-effective way to teach both the speaking and listening components with one set of books covering two years and free digital material. This title...

My Revision Notes AQA GCSE Schools History Project 2nd Edition

de P. Johnson & Ja Cloake

Unlock your full potential with this revision guide which focuses on the key content and skills you need to know for AQA GCSE Schools History Project. Written by experienced teachers, this series closely combines...

GCSE Science Single Award for CCEA: Foundation and Higher Tier Revision Book

de James Napier

Help your students perfect their understanding and prepare for examinations with accessible science content presented at the right level. An accessible Revision Guide that completely covers the most recent...

How to Pass Higher English for CfE

de Ann Bridges

Get your best grade with this guide to Higher English for CfE. We are working with SQA to gain endorsement for this title. This book contains all the advice and support you need to revise successfully for your...

How to Pass Higher Chemistry for CfE

de John Anderson

Endorsed by SQA Get your best grade with this guide to Higher Chemistry for CfE. This book contains all the advice and support you need to revise successfully for your Higher (for CfE) exam. It combines an overview...

Possession is Nine-Tenths of the Law

de Ian Rogers

Jerry Baldwin sells haunted houses for a living.

A dangerous job--but in a world where paranormal has become the norm, someone has to do it. When the daughter of a former client ends up possessed by a supernatural...

Lone Wolf: True Stories Of Spree

de Pan Pantziarka

Cases of lone killers embarking on slaughter sprees have occurred with frightening regularity since the late 1980s. People like Michael Ryan, Thomas Hamilton, Martin Bryant and Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh....

Charlie Small: Planet of the Gerks

de Charlie Small

Something happened to Charlie when he was just eight years old. He went on a journey - and he's been trying to get back for over four hundred years!

Yikes! Charlie has been whisked into outer space. Get ready...

Charlie Small: Forest of Skulls

de Charlie Small

Whisked away by his old adversaries, the Perfumed Pirates of Perfidy, Charlie is put to work aboard their new galleon. Held captive and forced to raid an unsuspecting ship with the bloodthirsty crew, Charlie...

Play On: Now, Then and Fleetwood Mac

de Mick Fleetwood

"After forty-six years of being on the road, now is the right time to look back in a way I've never done before: now and then. I'm looking forward to sharing it with you." Mick Fleetwood has been a member of...

All Souls Trilogy

de Deborah Harkness

A Discovery of Witches, Shadow of Night, and The Book of Life, now available in an eBook bundle

With more than a million copies sold in the United States, A Discovery of Witches and Shadow of Night have landed...

I Ching: The Essential Translation of the Ancient Chinese Oracle andBook of Wisdom

de John Minford

A landmark new translation of the ancient Chinese oracle and book of wisdom

Pose a question, then toss three coins (or cast your yarrow stalks) to access the time-honored wisdom of the I Ching.

The I Ching,...

Paper Love: Searching for the Girl My Grandfather Left Behind

de Sarah Wildman

One woman's journey to find the lost love her grandfather left behind when he fled pre-World War II Europe, and an exploration into family identity, myth, and memory.

Years after her grandfather's death, journalist...

Anastasia Romanov: The Last Grand Duchess #10

de Ann Hood & Denis Zilber

Ann Hood's historical fantasy series comes to a thrilling end with a trip to early 20th century Russia!

In the final book of the Treasure Chest, Maisie and Felix find themselves in Russia with the Romanov family....

Who Was Julius Caesar?

de Nico Medina & Tim Foley

He came. He saw. He conquered. Julius Caesar was a force to be reckoned with as a savvy politician, an impressive orator, and a brave soldier. Born in Rome in 100 BC, he quickly climbed the ladder of Roman politics,...

Who Was Susan B. Anthony?

de Pamela D. Pollack, Meg Belviso & Mike Lacey

Susan B. Anthony may be an international icon but her campaign for women's rights had personal roots. Working as a school teacher in New York, Anthony refused to settle for less pay than her male colleagues...

Who Was Rachel Carson?

de Sarah Fabiny, Dede Putra & Nancy Harrison

Though she grew up in rural Pennsylvania, Rachel Carson dreamed of the sea. In 1936 she began work with the Bureau of Fisheries and soon after published Under the Sea Wind, her first of many nature books. Her...

Bohemians, Bootleggers, Flappers, and Swells: The Best of Early Vanity Fair

de Graydon Carter & David Friend

For the magazine's centenary celebration, an anthology of pieces from the early golden age of Vanity Fair

In honor of the 100th anniversary of Vanity Fair magazine, Bohemians, Bootleggers, Flappers, and Swells...

Right for a Reason: Life, Liberty, and a Crapload of Common Sense

de Amy Jo Clark & Miriam Weaver

"It's time for a real, snarktastic, humor-filled look at what makes conservatism right. We conservatives have truth and rationality and logic on our side. We just need to remind ourselves why we are right, and...