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Border Offensive

de Don Pendleton

Blood Toll

American smugglers intent on running terrorists across the Mexican border don't realize that the extra man they've picked up en route is working undercover to stop them. Or that the man is Mack Bolan...

No Man's Land

de James Axler

Dark Evolution

There's little to remember about life before the Big Nuke, but there's plenty to scavenge in the tainted wreckage of the postapocalyptic frontier. The barbaric code of survival of the fittest,...

Founders: A Novel of the Coming Collapse

de Lastname Rawles


It’s the near future, and thanks to a perfect storm of reckless banking practices, hyperinflation, a stock market gone mad, and the negligence of our elected officials, the...

Hell's Legionnaire

de L. Ron Hubbard

American Ann Halliday is as sexy as Rita Hayworth and as fiery as the Sahara sun. And now she’s feeling some real heat, as the prize captive of the Berber known as “The Killer.” But Dusty Colton, an American...

Typewriter in the Sky

de L. Ron Hubbard

Transport yourself to another world. Before virtual reality, there was a typewriter in the sky--used by one Horace Hackett, writer, in a rollicking adventure that is considered a true masterpiece of fantasy...

Trouble on His Wings

de L. Ron Hubbard

Experience this thrilling tale. Johnny Brice is a hotheaded, hard-working "picture-chaser" for the newsreels. He loves to fly into the mouth of danger (whether forest fire, shipwreck or flood), get the story...

Man-Killers of the Air

de L. Ron Hubbard

Take a touch of Charles Lindbergh, mix in a dash of Evel Kneivel, throw in one man-killing cat—and you’ve got a recipe for adventure featuring the high-flying, hard-living Smoke Burnham.  Now, he’s in...

Inky Odds

de L. Ron Hubbard

Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, Eric Sevareid—the greatest American journalists of the 20th century all made their names on as war correspondents, but none of them would beat out Bat Conroy to a good story....

Ghost Sea: A Novel (Dugger/Nello Series)

de Ferenc Máté

"It's Joseph Conrad meets Elmore Leonard."-Vancouver SunA spellbinding tale of the sea: love, murder, and mysticism: At the turn of the century, a Kwakiutl warrior from British Columbia's wild northern islands...

Tom Clancy?s Net Force 6 ? 10

de Tom Clancy

When terror comes at the speed of a processor, Net Force is there to fight back—in these five riveting thrillers created by the #1 New York Times bestselling author.



State of War


The Legacy of the Assassin

de Tony Bertot & Angela Kay

In this final climax to Tony Bertot's Assassin Trilogy we are once more drawn into the life of the Assassin as he looks to complete his assignment of eliminating Felicia Giordano; the head of the Giordano Family....

The Northlander

de John E. Elias

Björn was raised in the Northland, a mountainous country of almost unbearable cold. In this unforgiving environment, the survivors became quick, agile, and incredibly strong. Because the land could support...

Bounty Hunter's Moon

de Lee Pierce

Weary of hunting men for a living-first as a Texas Ranger, then as a bounty hunter-Pharaoh Smith sets out on what he hopes will be a fast and lucrative bounty to end his long career. But nothing's ever been...

Joe Redcloud

de Doug Brittain

This is the story of the life and fast times of Joe Redcloud - a regular guy. Joe is the first Native American since the Korean War and the first White Mountain Apache since Kosoha in the Indian Wars to receive...

Murder In The Highest Places

de Alfred John Dalrymple

At the center of each soul is the pure, harmonic stuff of the universe... "the light". This is a childhood innocence and, although often buried, its presence allows us to acknowledge the "sameness" in even the...

One Night in a Dungeon

de Samantha Cayto

It takes a strong man to submit to another's control, and a good Dom wields his power with care. Captain Drew Atkins, a battle-hardened warrior, is ready for the ultimate test of his strength and courage - submitting...

Sexy Lexy

de Aurora Rose Lynn

The sexy sheriff will haul her off to jail merely for being naughty... Amber Wyeth returns to her hometown of Cedar Ridge aiming to take revenge on an old high school flame who jilted her on prom night, only...

The Incomers

de Moira McPartlin

Mission-raised Ellie Amadi expects to live a dream life when she and her son Nat leave home in West Africa to join her white, estate factor, husband James in the Fife mining village of Hollyburn. In 1966 Fife,...

Powerstone: Stealing the Scottish Crown Jewels

de Malcolm Archibald

When New Yorker Irene Armstrong loses in the final of a television reality show to become top business woman Rhondda Manning’s successor she believes her dreams of success are over. The very next day she is...

Gentleman Captain

de J. D. Davies

The first in a brilliant new series of nautical adventure novels featuring Matthew Quinton, a Restoration-era 'gentleman captain' fighting for King Charles II.