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Famous Inspirational Words That Bring Happiness to Your Mind

de Perry Ritthaler

This e-book is full of beautiful color illustrations of animals and landscapes. Famous Inspirational Words That Bring Happiness to Your Mind fulfills the author's desire to create awareness for all people, including...

iPhone Photography. How to Shoot, Edit and Share Great Photographs.

de Misho Baranovic

This Digital Photography School book will teach you how to shoot, edit and share great photographs with your iPhone. Each chapter starts with an overview of the subject, introducing the key apps, processes,...

Art Journal Freedom: How to Journal Creatively With Color & Composition

de Dina Wakley

Art Journal Color! Art Journal Composition! Art Journal Freedom!

Color is all around us and we often find ourselves drawn to particular combinations or arrangements. But how can you effectively and artistically...

Draw and Paint 50 Animals: Dogs, Cats, Birds, Horses and More

de Jeanne Filler Scott

Turn your love of animals into art you adore!

From her family farm in Kentucky, artist Jeanne Filler Scott spends her days joyfully surrounded by pets, barnyard animals and wildlife. In this book, she shares...

Creative Freedom: 52 Art Ideas, Projects and Exercises to Overcome Your Creativity Block

de Maggie Price

Paint outside the lines!

Jumpstart your creativity and inject new life into your art.

Struggling to get started? Paralyzed by the fear of failure? Find yourself falling back on the same colors again and again?...

Voice Acting For Dummies

de David Ciccarelli & Stephanie Ciccarelli

Make a career out of your voice? Easy.

Voice acting is like acting, but just using your voice! It's a unique career where the actor's voice can be heard worldwide-in commercials, on audiobooks, in animated movies,...

Designs on Democracy: Architecture and Design in Scotland Post Devolution

de Stuart MacDonald

Disasters, pandemics, the War on Terrorism? Whatever your memories of the Noughties, this was also a Scottish decade. Design, politics and identity came together.

Color, Facture, Art and Design: Artistic Technique and the Precisions of Human Perception

A Rough Guide To The Dark Side

de Daniel Simpson

Ever dreamed of changing the world? Daniel Simpson shows how not to do it.

The Architecture of Control: A Contribution to the Critique of the Science of Apparatuses

de Grant Vetter

Grant Vetter develops an entirely new lexicon for analyzing architectural power in the twenty first century.

Brad Pitt's Dog: Essays on Fame, Death, Punk

de Johan Kugelberg

The first book of essays by a long-time renowned chronicler of underground culture. Johan Kugelberg's book on the early history of hip hop won the NYPL books for the teen age award 2008 and his book on the Velvet...

Good Day Today: David Lynch Destabilises The Spectator

de Daniel Neofetou

This book argues that the films of David Lynch pose a radical challenge to conservative and absolutist ideologies.

Jam! Amp Your Team, Rock Your Business

de Jeff Carlisi

Praise for JAM!

"Breaking into the music business is difficult at best; sustaining success even more so. Jeff Carlisi is both a musician and a businessman, and he and Dan Lipson have penned an entertaining and...

Place Ville Marie: Montreal's Shining Landmark

de QA international Collectif

This book traces the fascinating history of what Montrealers still call the city’s “grande dame”. From the complex’s earliest beginnings with developer William Zeckendorf, through its later transformations,...

MercyMe - The Christmas Sessions (Songbook)

de MercyMe

(Piano/Vocal/Guitar Artist Songbook). 10 songs from MercyMe's popular rockin' Christmas album, including: Christmas Time Is Here * Gloria * God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen * I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day *...

Paul Whiteman: Pioneer in American Music, 1930-1967

de Don Rayno

In this second volume of Rayno’s magisterial treatment of the life and music of this remarkable maestro, Whiteman’s career during the second half of his life is explored in the fullest detail, as Whiteman...

Shpil: The Art of Playing Klezmer

de Yale Strom

Shpil offers an expansive history of klezmer, from its medieval origins through the present era. Individual chapters concentrate on the most common instruments found in a typical klezmer ensemble: violin, clarinet,...

Working Class Heroes: Rock Music and British Society in the 1960s and 1970s

de David Simonelli

In Working Class Heroes, David Simonelli explores the influence of rock and roll on British society in the 1960s and 70s. At a time when social distinctions were becoming harder to measure, rock musicians appeared...

Euro Horror: Classic European Horror Cinema in Contemporary American Culture

de Ian Olney

Beginning in the 1950s, "Euro Horror" movies materialized in astonishing numbers from Italy, Spain, and France and popped up in the US at rural drive-ins and urban grindhouse theaters such as those that once...

The Moral Imagination and the Legal Life: Beyond Text in Legal Education

de Zenon Bankowski & Maksymilian Del Mar

What role can resources that go beyond text play in the development of moral education in law schools and law firms? How can these resources - especially those from the visual and performing arts - nourish the...