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So Many Hotels, So Little Time

de Kenneth Vincent

Synopsis: Take a wild and bumpy ride through the world of hotel management in the new book So Many Hotels, So Little Time. ---- See the inner workings of a hotel and live the dramas that play out behind the...

The Hollywood Economist 2.0: The Hidden Financial Reality Behind the Movies

de Edward Jay Epstein

A fully revised edition of the popular guide to Hollywood finances, updated to reflect even newer films and trends

In a Freakonomics-meets-Hollywood saga, veteran investigative reporter Edward Jay Epstein goes...

Understanding and Managing Risk Attitude

de David Hillson & Ruth Murray-Webster

David Hillson's and Ruth Murray-Webster's Understanding and Managing Risk Attitude will help you understand the human aspects of risk management and to manage proactively the influence of human behaviour on...

Austrian and German Economic Thought: From Subjectivism to Social Evolution

de Kiichiro Yagi

This book intends to renovate the view of social sciences in the German-speaking world. It explores the intellectual tension in the social science in Austria and Germany in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth...

China's Changing Workplace

de Peter Sheldon, Sunghoon Kim & Yiqiong Li

This book explores the diversity and dynamism of China's workplaces and of the wider labour market experiences of its workforce. Drawing on the authors' extensive recent research, it considers a diverse range...

Inequality and Power: The Economics of Class

de Eric A. Schutz

This book is about the causes and consequences of economic inequality in the advanced market economies of today. It is common that in market systems people choose their own individual economic destinies, but...

Water for Food in a Changing World

de Alberto Garrido & Helen Ingram

There is not enough water globally for all the things humans need and want water to do for us. Water supply bubbles are bursting in China, the Middle East and India with potentially serious implications for...

Waste and Recycling

de Takayoshi Shinkuma & Shunsuke Managi

As "business as usual" has become the mantra of today's world, it's unlikely to see a decrease in hazardous waste generated from greater economic growth. Written by renowned experts, the book suggests a solution,...

Stalin's Economist: The Economic Contributions of Jeno Varga

de André Mommen

This book analyses the contribution of Eugen (Jen?) Varga (1879-1964) on Marxist-Leninist economic theory as well as the influence he exercised on Stalin's foreign policy and through the Comintern on the international...

Financial Management and Accounting in the Public Sector

de Gary Bandy

In light of the worldwide economic crises, the public sector is coming under increasing financial pressure as budgets are reduced on a large scale whilst demands for public services are on the rise.

In such...

Ground Wars: Personalized Communication in Political Campaigns

de Rasmus Kleis Nielsen

Political campaigns today are won or lost in the so-called ground war--the strategic deployment of teams of staffers, volunteers, and paid part-timers who work the phones and canvass block by block, house by...

Something From Nothing

de Arthur L. Smith

Something From Nothing explores the remarkable rise of Newfield Exploration, an independent crude oil and natural gas exploration & production company, from a nine million dollar start-up to a thriving nine...

Hire and Keep the Best People: 21 Practical & Proven Techniques You Can Use Immediately!

de Brian TRACY

The biggest requirement for success in any business is the ability to attract and retain excellent employees, yet most managers have never ever received any formal training in the process of personnel selection....

Moral Capitalism: Reconciling Private Interest with the Public Good

de Stephen Young

Shows how to ensure that capitalism promotes progress and equality rather than enriching the few at the expense of many Based on principles developed by the Caux Round Table, an international network of senior...

The Fourth Wave: Business in the 21st Century

de Herman Maynard & Susan E. Mehrtens

Applying the concept of historical waves originally propounded by Alvin Toffler in The Third Wave, Herman Maynard and Susan Mehrtens foresee a "fourth wave," an era of integration and responsibility far beyond...

Formula 2+2: The Simple Solution for Successful Coaching

de Doug Allen & Dwight W. Allen

In today's fast-paced business environment, frequent feedback and "course correction" is absolutely vital. But about the only time most managers offer employees feedback is during scheduled (and generally infrequent)...

The Art of Business: Make All Your Work a Work of Art

de Stan Davis & David McIntosh

When you see yourself as an artist, all your work can be a work of art. Visionary business authors Stan Davis and David McIntosh show that applying an artistic sensibility to business improves performance-for...

Survival Jobs

de Deborah Jacobson

In the first-ever guide to finding a satisfying job that will keep food on the table while you focus on your perhaps less lucrative dreams, Deborah Jacobson presents a detailed survey of employment possibilities...

Taking People with You: The Only Way to Make Big Things Happen

de David Novak


Yum! Brands CEO David Novak learned long ago that you can’t lead a great organization of any size without getting your people...

Taking Back Our Lives in the Age of Corporate Dominance

de Suzanne Stoddard & Ellen Augustine

Never before have so many people felt the American Dream crashing down around them. The corporate framework-which values competition and the bottom line above all else-keeps many of us running after an elusive...