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Marketing Management

de Lisa Peñaloza, Nil Toulouse & Luca Massimiliano Visconti

Culture pervades consumption and marketing activity in ways that potentially benefit marketing managers. This book provides a comprehensive account of cultural knowledge and skills useful in strategic marketing...

HIV/AIDS in China - The Economic and Social Determinants

de Dylan Sutherland & Jennifer Y.J. Hsu

South and East Asia may well become the epicentres of the global HIV/AIDS pandemic. More than three-quarters of a million people are now estimated to be living with HIV/AIDS in China. In 2009, AIDS had already...

Introductory Econometrics: A Practical Approach

de Hamid Seddighi

This book constitutes the first serious attempt to explain the basics of econometrics and its applications in the clearest and simplest manner possible. Recognising the fact that a good level of mathematics...

Small Business Management in Cross-Cultural Environments

de Per Lind

Products and services created by small and medium sized organizations account for the vast majority of economic activity across the globe. These organizations will prove vitally important to the emerging and...

Leading for Regeneration: Going Beyond Sustainability in Business Education, and Community

de John Hardman

This book presents the regenerative leadership framework that has emerged from doctoral research and consulting work with successful sustainability leaders and their organizations in business, education, and...

On Borrowed Time: Assessing the Threat of Mineral Depletion

de John E. Tilton

The sharp rise in mineral use has revived concern about scarcity. Economist John Tilton responds by analyzing recent trends in the consumption and availability of minerals that are most integral to the needs...

Which Way Forward: "People, Forests, and Policymaking in Indonesia"

de Carol J. Pierce Colfer

Indonesia contains some of Asia?s most biodiverse and threatened forests. The challenges result from both long-term management problems and the political, social, and economic turmoil of the past few years....

Management: A Developing Country Perspective

de Betty Jane Punnett

The global business world appears to be changing and there is an ever greater focus on developing countries. This change in the international business environment is not reflected in the range of management...

Managing Local Governments: Designing Management Control Systems That Deliver Value

de Emanuele Padovani & David W. Young

Local Government is an area where management skills are tested to the extreme. With political considerations evident both locally and nationally, managing resources can be complex and subject to change.


Working Toward Excellence: 8 Values for Achieving Uncommon Success in Work and Life

de Paul Buyer

Does excellence relentlessly drive you? Does mediocrity constantly bother you? In Working Toward Excellence, Clemson University professor Paul Buyer identifies eight values for achieving excellence in work and...

Economics for Amateurs

de Anthony A. Sampson

Synopsis: In this informative and innovative book, the basic ideas of economics, and why markets work well or not, are presented using simple numerical examples, rather than algebra or diagrams. The topics addressed...

1501 Ways to Reward Employees

de Bob Nelson

Today more than ever, businesses need fresh ideas to nurture talent and retain employees—enter 1,501 Ways to Reward Employees, thoroughly revised, updated, and even more chockablock with ideas than 1,001 Ways...

The Difference: How Anyone Can Prosper in Even The Toughest Times

de Jean Chatzky

Can you really start from nothing and become truly secure financially?

What’s the difference between you and Warren Buffett? Between you and your boss? Or between you and your successful neighbor? What do the...

Greater Than Yourself: The Ultimate Lesson of True Leadership

de Steve Farber, Matthew Kelly & Patrick Lencioni

An inspiring parable on the greatest leadership lesson of all—that the best leaders go beyond the tenets of the Golden Rule and help others to be better than they are themselves

Too many people assume that...

Fight For Your Money: How to Stop Getting Ripped Off and Save a Fortune

de David Bach

A war for your money is raging and it is time to fight back!

In a book that will forever change how you spend your hard earned money, America’s favorite financial coach, David Bach, shows you how to save thousands...

The End of Leadership

de Barbara Kellerman

One of our foremost leadership experts dismantles obsolete assumptions and stimulates a new conversation about leadership in the twenty-first century.

Becoming a leader has become a mantra. The explosive growth...

The Headhunter's Edge: Inside Advice From One of the Top Corporate Headhunters in the World

de Jeffrey E. Christian

One of the world’s top headhunters reveals his most valuable techniques for getting the best jobs and finding the right people.

The most important thing you’ll ever do if you are trying to build, rebuild,...

Doing What Matters: How to Get Results That Make a Difference - The Revolutionary Old-School Approach

de James M. Kilts, John F. Manfredi & Robert Lorber

When Warren Buffett was asked why the Gillette board of directors chose Jim Kilts to be CEO, he said, “Jim made as much sense in terms of talking about business as anybody I’ve ever talked to. If you listen...

Don't Bring It to Work: Breaking the Family Patterns That Limit Success

de Sylvia Lafair

How can you get to the bottom of workplace behaviors that simply don't work for you or your organization?

Don't Bring It to Work explores what happens when patterns originally created to cope with family conflicts...

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Social Media Marketing, 2nd Edition

de Jennifer Abernethy

  • Covers cutting-edge techniques for small and large businesses alike.
  • Author is an in-demand consultant with strong media connections