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Environmental Scenario in India: Successes and Predicaments

de Sacchidananda Mukherjee & Debashis Chakraborty

India has moved along an impressive growth path over the last decade, marked with falling share of agriculture, stagnating manufacturing, expanding services segment, growing trade orientation, enhanced FDI inflows...

Labour Migration, Human Trafficking and Multinational Corporations: The Commodification of Illicit Flows

de Ato Quayson & Antonela Arhin

Although much literature on human trafficking focuses on sex trafficking, a great deal of human trafficking results from migrant workers, compelled - by economic deprivation in their home countries - to seek...

Food Practices in Transition: Changing Food Consumption, Retail and Production in the Age of Reflexive Modernity

de Anne Loeber, Gert Spaargaren & Peter Oosterveer

This edited volume presents and reflects upon empirical evidence of 'sustainability'-induced and -related transition in food practices. The material collected in the various chapters contributes to our understanding...

The Korean Labour Market after the 1997 Economic Crisis

de Joonmo Cho, Richard B. Freeman & Jaeho Keum

For economists, policy-makers, and historians who want to learn how the Korean labor market dealt with the 1997 financial crisis and how this informed future policies, this volume provides a succinct summary...

Hahn and Economic Methodology

de Thomas Boylan & Paschal O'Gorman

Hahn on Methodology: The Quest for Understanding addresses two fundamental questions: (i) what is distinctive about economic theorising?; (ii) what is the cognitive value of the outcome of this activity of economic...

Creating Knowledge Locations in Cities

de Willem van Winden, Luis de Carvalho & Erwin van Tuijl

Based on a clear and comprehensive literature review, this book contains an analysis of five knowledge locations in Europe and one in South Korea. The case studies in the book cover several European countries...

Business Regulation and Non-State Actors: Whose Standards? Whose Development?

de Ananya Mukherjee Reed, Darryl Reed & Peter Utting

This volume assesses the achievements and limitations of a new set of non-state or multistakeholder institutions that are concerned with improving the social and environmental record of business, and holding...

Contested Agronomy

de James Sumberg & John Thompson

The dramatic increases in food prices experienced over the last four years, and their effects of hunger and food insecurity, as well as human-induced climate change and its implications for agriculture, food...

Environmental Management Accounting

de Christian Herzig, Tobias Viere & Stefan Schaltegger

Sustainable development will not happen without substantial contributions from and leading roles of companies and business organizations. This requires the provision of adequate information on corporate social...

China and India

de Hong Zhao

The book sheds understanding on the relations between development and global energy security by looking at China and India. It addresses the following issues: what is the new definition of energy security,...

Case Studies in Public Governance

de June Gwee

This book makes available original case studies on how institutions developed in Singapore. Up until now, these case studies have been used exclusively in Singapore to teach public governance, and have been...

Nuclear  Waste Management and Legitimacy

de Mats Andrén

Nuclear technology places special demands on society and both nuclear weapons and nuclear energy for peaceful purposes require a large measure of security and monitoring at the international level.

This book...

Public Expenditures for Agricultural and Rural Development in Africa

de Tewodaj Mogues & Samuel E Benin

Whereas there is plenty of work looking at macroeconomic effect of public spending on growth and poverty in Africa as well as studies of the impact of spending or investment in one economic sector on outcomes...

Financial Integration in the European Union

de Roman Matoušek & Daniel Stavárek

This edited collection assesses the level of financial integration in the European Union (EU) and the differences across the countries and segments of the EU financial system. Progress in financial integration...

Exploring Positive Identities and Organizations

de Laura Morgan Roberts & Jane E. Dutton

In the new world of work and organizations, creating and maintaining a positive identity is consequential and challenging for individuals, for groups and for organizations. New challenges for positive identity...

Final Accounting: Ambition, Greed and the Fall of Arthur Andersen

de Barbara Ley Toffler & Jennifer Reingold

A withering exposé of the unethical practices that triggered the indictment and collapse of the legendary accounting firm.

Arthur Andersen's conviction on obstruction of justice charges related to the Enron...

The Guru Investor: How to Beat the Market Using History's Best Investment Strategies

de John P. Reese & Jack M. Forehand

Today's investor is faced with a myriad of investment options and strategies. Whether you are seeking someone to manage your money or are a self-directed investor deciding to tackle the market on your own, the...

Revolutionary Wealth

de Alvin Toffler & Heidi Toffler

Starting with the publication of their seminal bestseller, Future Shock, Alvin and Heidi Toffler have given millions of readers new ways to think about personal life in today’s high-speed world with its constantly...

Career Changer's Manual: Your Complete Resource for Career Changing Success!

de LLC Learning Express

Designed for anyone from the recent graduate who decides to change focus to the seasoned professional starting fresh in a new industry, this guidebook offers hands-on activities that lead consumers through each...

The Adsense Code: What Google Never Told You about Making Money with Adsense

de Joel Comm

The AdSense Code is concise and very focused on the objective of revealing the proven online strategies to creating passive income with Google's* AdSense.