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Delegation and Empowerment

de Bettye Mac Phail- Wilcox & Michael Ward

This book shows you how to harness the energy and knowledge distributed among your school's stakeholders. It helps you identify opportunities for delegation and provides real life situations to illustrate the...

Teaching English in the Block

de Jr, Dan Walker, Jeff Newton & Joe Strzepk

Provides detailed instructional strategies, sample lesson plans, and sample assessments which can be adapted in your classroom to help create better readers and more effective writers.

Standards-Based Learning for Students with Disabilities

de Marsha Craft- Tripp & Allan Glatthorn

This book describes in detail how educators can apply curriculum standards, performance standards and opportunity standards to improve education of special learners. It provides practical examples which show...

Student Transitions from Middle to High School

de J. Allen Queen

This book shows administrators and teachers what they can do to make their students' ninth grade experience a successful one. Practical and research-based, this book showcases strategies to help you reduce your...

Beyond Vocational Education: Career Majors, Tech Prep

de David Pucel

This book provides the practical information you need to make the transition from traditional "vocational" education programs to the new approaches to career and technical education. It shows you how to organize...

Digital Generations: Children, Young People, and the New Media

de David Buckingham & Rebekah Willett

Computer games, the Internet, and other new communications media are often seen to pose threats and dangers to young people, but they also provide new opportunities for creativity and self-determination. As...

Young Children and Spirituality

de Barbara Kimes Myers

Maintaining that spiritual development is an integral element in child development, Barbara Kimes Myers provides a framework for the discussion of spirit and spirituality in the lives of children. Through her...

International Handbook of Community Services for the Mentally Retarded

de J. A. Stark, J. J. Mcgee & F. J. Menolascino

This handbook provides the reader with the applied knowledge essential for initiating, building, and continuing community service programs for the mentally retarded. Applied to specific populations, and to both...

Curriculum and Pedagogy in Inclusive Education: Values Into Practice

de Melanie Nind, Jonathan Rix & Kieron Sheehy

While activists, politicians and policy-makers grapple with the big picture, teachers and learners are making inclusion happen in their day-to-day lives. This unique text shows the importance and reality of...

Inclusion in the City: Selection, Schooling and Community

de Patricia Potts

Inclusion in the City explores inclusion and exclusion in the context of policy and practice in one English city - Birmingham. Here, a commitment to redressing the inequalities experienced by many learners has...

Education, Training and the Future of Work II: Developments in Vocational Education and Training

de Mike Flude & Sandy Sieminski

This volume focuses on the recent changes in education and training policy, mainly in the UK. The considerable developments of past years and the ways in which they have affected both education and training...

Education, Training and the Future of Work I: Social, Political and Economic Contexts of Policy Development

de JOHN AHIER & Geoff Esland

A central claim of this volume is that public policy in education and training can only be properly understood if it is seen in relation to prevailing economic and employment conditions. It has become increaslingly...

Challenging Behaviour in Schools: Teacher Support, Practical Techniques and Policy Development

de Peter Gray, Andy Miller & Jim Noakes

Difficult pupil behaviour can reflect and exacerbate stresses within a school, increasing the potential for conflicts among teachers, parents and support staff. The need to acknowledge and overcome this in practice...

Privilege and Diversity in the Academy

de Frances A. Maher & Mary Kay Thompson Tetreault

Over the past several decades, higher education has been transformed by the entry of faculty of color and women into the university system. Through detailed institutional ethnographies of three very different...

Reform as Learning: School Reform, Organizational Culture, and Community Politics in San Diego

de Lea Ann Hubbard, Mary Kay Stein & Hugh Mehan

Looking closely at the recent reform efforts in San Diego, this book explores the full range of critical issues pertaining to urban school reform. Drawing on the systemic school reform initiative that was launched...

Early Childhood Qualitative Research

de J. Amos Hatch

How can qualitative researchers make the case for the value of their work in a climate that emphasizes so-called "scientifically-based research?" What is the future of qualitative research when such approaches...

Exploring Educational Research Literacy

de Gary Shank & Launcelot Brown

Exploring Educational Research Literacy offers beginning classroom teachers a comprehensive introduction to the topic of educational research literacy-that is, the ability to read educational research articles...

Religion and Schooling in Contemporary America: Confronting Our Cultural Pluralism

de Thomas C. Hunt, James C. Carper & Thomas Hunt

With articles dealing with denomination, law, public policy and financing this anthology grants an evenhanded view of the impact of religion on our nation's public schools.

Stories from the Heart: Teachers and Students Researching Their Literacy Lives

de Richard J. Meyer

Stories from the Heart is for, by, and about prospective and practicing teachers understanding themselves as curious and literate beings, making connections with colleagues, and researching their own literacy...

Transforming Curriculum for a Culturally Diverse Society

de Etta R. Hollins

The intention of this book is to engage educators in transforming the public school curriculum for a culturally diverse society. This means more than including knowledge about diverse populations. It means reconceptualizing...