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Teaching Kids to Change the World: Lessons to Inspire Social Responsibility for Grades 6-12

de Jennifer Griffin-Wiesner & Chris Maser

Through a series of modules, this resource offers educators and youth-group leaders a means of inspiring social consciousness and action among youth and teaches young people how to think, rather than what to...

Fundamentals of Gifted Education: Considering Multiple Perspectives

de Carolyn M. Callahan & Holly L. Hertberg-Davis

The field of gifted education is characterized by a confusing array of perspectives concerning such fundamental issues as definition, philosophy, curriculum, social and emotional development, and underserved...

Academic Writing for International Students of Business

de Stephen Bailey

Academic Writing for International Students of Business is the first book specially designed to assist overseas students studying Business or Economics courses in English. Most courses expect students to complete...

Curriculum, Syllabus Design and Equity: A Primer and Model

de Allan Luke, Annette Woods & Katie Weir

Advancing a unified, principled approach that aims for high quality/high equity educational outcomes, this book offers clear, realistic guidelines for the tasks of writing curriculum documents and designing...

Childhood Stress in Contemporary Society

de NoContributor

With new evidence indicating that undesirable stress is likely to have its roots in childhood, Childhood Stress in Contemporary Society is a much-needed resource for anyone who works or plays with children....

The Really Useful Science Book: A Framework of Knowledge for Primary Teachers

de Steve Farrow

Written for classroom teachers and those in training, this book has been designed to support and extend teachers' and students' own knowledge and understanding of science, and should be of particular use to...

User Design

de Alison A. Carr-Chellman

User Design offers a fresh perspective on how front-line learners (users) can participate in the design of learning environments. The author challenges the universal assumption that front-line users must be...

Assessment for Learning in Higher Education

de Kay Sambell, Liz McDowell & Catherine Montgomery

"an invaluable guide for practitioners, quality assurors, university managers and students themselves who wish to better understand the importance of assessment for learning, and it will further scholarship...

Comparative Education: A Study of Educational Factors and Traditions

de Nicholas Hans

This book is divided into four parts. In Part One the author considers the natural factors which have influenced the various national systems of education. They comprise racial, linguistic, geographical and...

Online Language Teacher Education: TESOL Perspectives

de Liz England

More and more, ESL/EFL teachers are required by their employers to obtain a Master's degree in TESOL. Thousands of ESL/EFL teachers are acquiring professional skills and knowledge through online and distance...

Teaching Psychology 14-19: Issues and Techniques

de Matt Jarvis

Teaching Psychology 14-19 - first published as Teaching Post-16 Psychology - is a core text for all training psychology teachers, as well as experienced teachers engaged in further study and professional development....

The Early Years Health and Safety Handbook

de Lynn Parker

'The layout and presentation of the text, with bullet points, checklists and sample policy documents make the book useful for staff training sessions as well as a reference point for practitioners with management...

Aspects of Educational Change (Rle Edu D)

de Ivor Morrish

In recent years teachers have realized that change has become a permanent factor on the educational scene and therefore its operation or mechanism must not just be accepted, or even rejected, but above all understood....

Integrating Writing Strategies in Efl/ESL University Contexts: A Writing-Across-The-Curriculum Approach

de Jennifer Lynn Craig

Clearly explaining writing-across-the-curriculum (WAC) pedagogy for English language teachers in university settings, this book offers an accessible guide to integrating writing and speaking tasks across the...

Action Learning in Schools: Reframing Teachers' Professional Learning and Development

de Peter Aubusson, Robyn Ewing & Garry Hoban

Teaching is becoming increasingly complex in the 21st Century, creating a need for more sophisticated frameworks to support teachers' professional learning. Action learning is one such framework and has been...

Supporting Children S Creativity Through Music, Dance, Drama and Art: Creative Conversations in the Early Years

de Fleur Griffiths

There is a growing awareness in Early Years education that an essential part of children's development involves creative engagement through language, gestures, body movements, drawing and music; creating shared...

Making Special Education Inclusive: From Research to Practice

de Peter Farrell & Mel Ainscow

The aim of this book is to consider how schools and LEAs can develop inclusive policies and practices for students who experience a range of difficulties in learning or behavior. It highlights debates and contradictions...

Mentoring in Schools: A Handbook of Good Practice

de Sarah (Lecturer and Researcher Fletcher

Mentoring is a compulsory teaching requirement. This volume provides a practical and up-to-date mentoring guide for all practising mentors working in schools at primary and secondary levels, as well as those...

Personal Epistemology: The Psychology of Beliefs About Knowledge and Knowing

de Barbara K. Hofer & Paul R. Pintrich

This is the first book to provide a comprehensive overview of the theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of personal epistemology from a psychological and educational perspective. Both theory...

Visual Impairment: Access to Education for Children and Young People

de Heather Mason & Stephen McCall

Written for parent and professionals working with children and young people with visual impairment, this work examines the causes of eye conditions and additional disabilities; how these can restrict access...