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Classroom Environment (Rle Edu O)

de Barry J J Fraser

The increasing impact of performance based judgments on schools and teachers in the classroom has its critics and supporters. Some oppose the trend and seek to deny the importance of quantitative measures. Others...

Breakthrough (Rle Edu M): Autobiographical Accounts of the Education of Some Socially Disadvantaged Children

de Ronald Goldman

Social mobility, educational priority areas and equality of opportunity are topics discussed as much today as when this book was first published over 30 years ago. This book is written by people of varying ages...

Quality of Pupil Learning Experiences (Rle Edu O)

de Neville Bennett, Charles Desforges & Anne Cockburn

Very little is known about the quality of the learning experiences provided for pupils. This book contains the results of a major research project, conducted in a sample of English primary schools, in which...

The Enquiring Tutor (Rle Edu O): Exploring the Process of Professional Learning

de Stephen Rowland

Stephen Rowland explores the relationship between the turor (or facilitator) and the professional worker on post-experience professional courses. His emphasis in on the processes of reflection and enquiry in...

Dissemination of Innovation (Rle Edu O): The Humanities Curriculum Project

de Jean Rudduck

This volume of topical working papers makes available to teachers and to others information intended to stimulate discussion so that all educators may bring their judgement and experience to bear on the concerns...

Montessori Learning in the 21st Century: A Guide for Parents and Teachers

de M. Helfrich & André|| Roberfroid

This book fills a growing demand for contemporary books on Montessori education and how it applies to childhood learning and education in the 21st Century. Dr. Maria Montessori developed her theories and methods...

Learning and Community: Jewish Supplementary Schools in the Twenty-First Century

de Jack Wertheimer

Rich ethnographies of Jewish supplementary schools drawn from every region in the U.S.

Reform Doesn't Work: Grassroots Efforts Can Provide Answers to School Improvement

de Keen Babbage

Where does education happen? In classrooms. Teachers can provide the ultimate reform of education and teachers can be the ultimate reformers of education. Still, teachers cannot create all of the needed improvements...

That's Great Advice: Advice from Pro Athletes for Kids, Written by a Kid

de Matthew Pearlman

That's Great Advice features interviews and information from over 60 professional athletes including: Kevin Durant (NBA), Chipper Jones (MLB), Cole Hamels (MLB), Nastia Liukin (Olympics), Kyle Busch (NASCAR),...

What Principals Need to Know About Differentiated Instruction

de Gayle Gregory

2nd Edition--Promote teaching strategies that meet the learning needs of all students, including students with special needs, gifted learners, students with attention deficit disorder, and English learners....

Re-Awakening the Learner: Creating Learner-Centric, Standards-Driven Schools

de Gene Giddings, Copper Stoll & Robert J. Marzano

Transformation of public education requires the reawakening of the sleeping giant in the room: the learners. Students, teachers, and principals must develop a learner-centric, standards-driven school. Reawakening...

Veterinary Medical School Admission Requirements: 2012 Edition for 2013 Matriculation

de Association of American Veteri Colleges

This annually updated publication provides a comprehensive overview of the admission process for the national and international veterinary schools that are members of the Association of American Veterinary Medical...

The Women Who Reconstructed American Jewish Education, 1910-1965

de Carol K. K. Ingall

The first volume to examine the contributions of women who brought the forces of American progressivism and Jewish nationalism to formal and informal Jewish education

Classroom Habitudes: Teaching Habits and Attitudes for 21st Century Learning

de Angela Maiers

You know students need to acquire 21st century skills. But how do you work those skills into the curriculum? Learn how to use the content you already teach to challenge students to think critically, collaborate...

How to Teach Thinking Skills Within the Common Core: 7 Key Student Proficiencies of the New National Standards

de James A. Bellanca & Robin J. Fogarty

Packed with examples and tools, this practical guide prepares teachers across all grade levels and content areas to teach the most critical cognitive skills from the Common Core State Standards. Discover a doable...

McGraw-Hill's SAT, 2013 Edition

de Christopher Black & Mark Anestis

Your complete SAT preparation resource, now with free online coaching videos!

McGraw-Hill's SAT, 2013 Edition, revised and improved, is a complete SAT coaching program that focuses on building your reasoning...

Be Honest: And Other Advice from Students Across the Country

de Nínive Calegari & Neko Case

Be Honest is the newest innovative publishing project from 826 National, the tutoring center founded by bestselling author Dave Eggers, now with branches in eight cities nationwide. Eggers’s co-founder Nínive...

Creating Physical & Emotional Security in Schools

de Kenneth C. Williams

Do your students arrive every morning to a welcoming, supportive school environment? Do they trust you and your teachers to keep them safe? Learn how you and your teachers can nurture supportive relationships...

Teaching and Learning from the Inside Out: Revitalizing Ourselves and Our Institutions: New Directions for Teaching and Learning, Number 130

de Margaret Golden

By reclaiming the passions of our hearts and exploring insights and ideas, we begin a remembering of ourselves. As we begin to reclaim our wholeness, we also have the capacity to renew and revitalize our institutions...

Wiley CPA Examination Review, Problems and Solutions

de Patrick R. R. Delaney & O. Ray Ray Whittington

The #1 CPA exam review self-study leader

The CPA exam review self-study program more CPA candidates turn to take the test and pass it, Wiley CPA Exam Review 39th Edition contains more than 4,200 multiple-choice...