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Fire and Ice

de Becca Sinh, Alana Church & Tani Fredricks

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but this anthology’s so delightful! Nothing makes the holiday sweeter than enchanting tales about true love and hot erotic sex. Come bask in the heat of these three bestselling...

Mistress of Ceremonies

de Adrienne Maitresse

Join Mistress Bibi (professional Dominatrix, Goddess and Bitch) on another one of her adventures. Mistress of Ceremonies follows Bibi as she attends a fetish night at her CD/TV friend Ms Cherry D'Light's kink...

Belle Vintage: Part 1

de P. K. Claret

Tired of her husband's philandering ways, Diane decides to leave her husband of 25 years. In the divorce settlement, she opts to keep a stately old home in California's wine country. With the help of her friend...

The Pagan's Gamble

de Alana Church

Abiron has taken Ariana as his wife, and is now High Priest of Heklos, serving at the side of the High Priestess. But sinister forces are at work in Heklos. A new religion seeks to bring Heklos to its knees,...

How to Worship a Goddess

de Stephanie Julian

Praise for What a Goddess Wants:

"An exciting, fast-paced story .. .This is one hot book." -RT Book Reviews



Lucy was once...

Carnal Interlude

de Robert Sermais

Marital fidelity deserves one more crack! This is a newer, and much better translation of the Sermais work also available as "Fleshly Prelude." Husband and wife satisfy each other as every life-time couple should....

Sicily Enough

de Claire Rabe

Serialized in the short-lived Olympia Magazine (four issues... we're working on it). On a self-imposed exile in a Sicilian village, a gal with three kids forces her own rebirth in this Mediterranean take on...

Sonia by Night

de Peter Berg

The classic novel of French seduction. A story of hours.

The 7 Erotic Minutes

de J.J. Jadway

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY: It's terrific, one of the best dirty books ever written." "... An underground classic, an erotic novel about a woman whose entire (and active) sex life passes before her memory (and the reader)...

Moscow Nights

de Vlas Tenin

One of the few top-quality books to emerge from the American Olympia Press, Moscow Nights recalls the heady, early days of the Bolshevik Revolution, when free love was all the rage. Half a century later, we...

The Couple

de Zoe Jasmine

Several very interesting things developed during the next week. John returned to his job, entertaining the idea that he would begin looking around, actively, for another position, before tendering his resignation....

Marking Mr Evans

de Leighton B'zzard

A forty-something male teacher in England's west-country embarks upon a life of unwilling sexual and domestic service and has his home, family, and career, stripped from him after the arrival of his new female...

Notes of a Rider's Wife

de Zoe Jasmine

Dusk had just fallen, and in the last crimson-gold rays of the setting sun, the row of identical pastel ranch houses which jutted up from the flat Indiana prairie seemed to be bursting into flames. In spite...

Maryann's Heaving Thighs

de Zoe Jasmine

Arthur, Maryann's boyfriend was an adventurous lad full of life and energy. He often loved to hand around the beach and near the river side with his buddy Tony. They at times had group hangouts and both loved...

Cutting Ties

de Alana Church

Roy Lee McCoy is desperate to leave the dying town of Deer Creek, Alabama and find his mother, who abandoned him when he was a teenager, leaving him with his alcoholic father. When he stops by sexy Eileen's...

Dear Diary

de Zoe Jasmine

The stories in this novel are personal writings of several individuals about their daily lives and wicked encounters in their lives. The novel based upon the most unusual writings from the diaries of the subjects...

Topsy Turvy: A Gay Erotic Fantasia

de David Townsend

Two middle-aged men trying to make it work in a small college town. A sexy young flirt in a wheelchair. A snowdrift. Some rope. Sometimes life brings the unexpected, and you get luckier than you ever dreamt...

The Initiate

de Felix Gato

When the beautiful Irish blonde Kelley, young and still innocent, meets Gina, her new, fiery Italian neighbor, a friendly conversation on the stoop turns eventually to catfighting. Gina is determined to draw...

Son of the Syndicate

de MomsDarkSecret

A poor young man who is orphaned at a young age becomes the sexual plaything of powerful syndicate executives. However, an unexpected turn of events places him at the mercy of the head of a powerful syndicate...

The Slutty Deaconess

de Zoe Jasmine

Thad went to the local hospital. And from there, he went to jail. His plans to open a church in Jasper Junction were destroyed, and his existing religious empire began to topple. Marcella didn't care. She was...