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200,000 Miles Aboard the Destroyer Cotton

de C Snelling Robinson

In mid-June 1943, Snelling Robinson, a 20-year-old Harvard graduate and newly commissioned ensign in the U.S. Naval Reserve, joined the pre-commissioning crew of the Fletcher class destroyer USS Cotten. The...

The Drama of Fiji: A Contemporary History

de John Wesley Coulter

This history of Fiji focuses on the period of Imperial British control and offers a fascinating glimpse at a unique and volatile situation.

The drama unfolds with a look into the backgrounds of the native Fijians—subsistence...

Blood of Revolution: From the Reign of Terror to the Arab Spring

de Erik Durschmied

In this fascinating book, the author of The Hinge Factor and The Weather Factor surveys revolutions across the centuries, vividly portraying the people and events that brought wrenching, often enduring—and...

Twilight Warriors: Covert Air Operations Against the USSR

de Curtis Peebles

From the start of the Cold War to the fall of Saigon, from the Congo to Tibet, from the Bay of Pigs to North Vietnam and Nicaragua, here is a comprehensive overview of U.S. air-supported covert operations against...

The President and the Provocateur: The Parallel Lives of JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald

de Alex Cox

Film director Alex Cox reflects on the strange archetypes haunting his life's obsession: the Kennedy assassination.

Islands of Destiny: A History of Hawaii

de Olive Wyndette

This is the complete history of Hawaii.It is the fast-moving narrative of an island nation whose settlement antedates the arrival of European pioneers by a thousand years, and whose destiny it was to become...

Cry Havoc!: The Crooked Road to Civil War, 1861

de Nelson Lankford

A "compact, engrossing narrative"* that vividly reimagines the events that led to the outbreak of the Civil War

What separates historian Nelson D. Lankford's engaging examination of the causes of the Civil...

Tunnel Rats: The Larrikin Aussie Legends Who Discovered the Vietcong's Secret Weapon

de Jimmy Thomson & Sandy MacGregor

The thrilling story of the young Australian Army engineers of 3 Field Troop who were the first allied soldiers to risk their lives in the darkness of the Vietcong tunnels of South Vietnam.

Capturing Jonathan Pollard: How One of the Most Notorious Spies in American History Was Brought to Justice

de Ronald J. Olive

Jonathan Pollard, an intelligence analyst working in the U.S. Naval Investigative Service's Anti-Terrorist Alert Center, systematically stole highly sensitive secrets from almost every major intelligence agency...

Greetings From Afghanistan, Send More Ammo: Dispatches from Taliban Country

de Benjamin Tupper

"Raw, direct, and powerful...This work is vitally important." -Ken Stern, former CEO of National Public Radio

Benjamin Tupper takes us inside the intricacies of the war, opening up a unique and multifaceted...

Roanoke: Solving the Mystery of the Lost Colony

de Lee Miller

November 1587. A report reaches London that Sir Walter Raleigh’s expedition, which left England months before to land the first English settlers in America, has foundered. On Roanoke Island, off the coast...

La Salle: Explorer of the North American Frontier

de Anka Muhlstein

Robert Chevalier de la Salle, the French historian Anka Muhlstein writes, stands indisputably among Europe's most accomplished explorers. In the 1670s and '80s he crossed over most of what is now French Canada...

Plausible Denial: Was the CIA Involved in the Assassination of JFK?

de Mark Lane

The assassination of President Kennedy in 1963 continues to be shrouded in mystery and controversy. In Plausible Denial, Mark Lane, the author of Rush to Judgment, the provocative and bestselling critique of...

The Military Advantage

de Terry Howell

The Military Advantage, 2013 Edition, written by Terry Howell, Managing Editor for Benefits for Military.com is the essential annual reference guide to military and veteran’s benefits. Published in partnership...

Alaska Days with John Muir

de Samuel Hall Young & Richard F. Fleck

An engaging record of Samuel Hall Young's friendship with naturalist John Muir that was grounded in the shared wonders of Alaska's wild landscapes.

Roman's Journey: An Extraordinary Odyssey of Holocaust Survival

de Roman Halter & Martin Gilbert

Roman Halter was a spirited, optimistic schoolboy in 1939 when he and his family gathered behind the curtains to watch the Volksdeutsche (German Polish) neighbors of their small town in western Poland greet...

Hearts and Minds: A People's History of Counterinsurgency

de Hannah Gurman

The first book of its kind, Hearts and Minds is a scathing response to the grand narrative of U.S. counterinsurgency, in which warfare is defined not by military might alone but by winning the "hearts and minds"...

Finding the Dragon Lady: The Mystery of Vietnam's Madame Nhu

de Monique Brinson Demery

In November 1963, the president of South Vietnam and his brother were brutally executed in a coup that was sanctioned and supported by the American government. President Kennedy later explained to his close...

Verdict On Vichy: Power and Prejudice in the Vichy France Regime

de Michale Curtis

This masterful book is the first comprehensive reappraisal of the Vichy France regime for over 20 years. France was occupied by Nazi Germany between 1940 and 1944, and the exact nature of France's role in the...

God of Vengeance

de Sholom Asch & Donald Margulies

Margulies' compelling new version of the classic Yiddish drama.