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The Fat Lady Sings

de Charles C. Lovett

When real life sucks, there's always theatre. Sassy, irreverent Aggie Stockdale should have gotten the lead in her high school's production of Hello Dolly! It's her dream role; she's had the part memorized since...

Granny's Rocker

de Vickie Drake & Leigh Jochimsen

Somehow a rocking chair has had a special way of bringing generations together down through the years, and it still has today. As a grownup and a child share quality time in Granny's Rocker , this children's...

Bed-Knob and Broomstick

de Mary Norton & Erik Blegvad

The Magic Bed-Knob and Bonfires and Broomsticks in one volume. These are the exploits of the three Wilson children; Miss Price, the apprentice witch; and the flying bed. A tale of a witch-in-training and trouble...

Cupid: A Tale of Love and Desire

de Julius Lester

An inspired retelling of the classic myth, from beloved storyteller Julius Lester.

The Teeth of the Gale

de Joan Aiken

The third book in an adventure trilogy set in the early nineteenth century

The Curious Adventures of Jimmy McGee

de Eleanor Estes & John O'Brien

A little man saves the day in a big way in this imaginative classic by Eleanor Estes

Bridle the Wind

de Joan Aiken

The second book in an adventure trilogy set in the early nineteenth century

Go Saddle the Sea

de Joan Aiken

The first book in an adventure trilogy set in the early nineteenth century

The Rise and Fall of a 10th-Grade Social Climber

de Lauren Mechling & Laura Moser

After the collapse of her parents’ marriage, Mimi Schulman leaves her mother in Houston to look after her befuddled photographer father in New York. Too preoccupied with family problems to think much about...

When Dad Killed Mom

de Julius Lester

Jenna and Jeremy knew their parents' marriage was in trouble. But no one could have predicted what would come next. Now with Mom dead and Dad in jail, Jenna and Jeremy must re-create a family of their own. But...

Story Time

de Edward Bloor

George and Kate are promised the finest education when they transfer to the Whittaker Magnet School. It boasts the highest test scores in the nation. But at what price? Their school's curriculum is focused on...

Simon Says

de Elaine Marie Alphin

Aspiring young artist, Charles Weston has enrolled in a private arts high school soley to meet the "famous" Graeme Brandt, a student whose recently published novel touched a chord deep within Charles.

But Graeme...

A Face in Every Window

de Han Nolan

After Grandma Mary dies, sixteen-year-old JP’s safe, secure world quickly unravels. He finds himself living in complete chaos when his mother wins a farmhouse in an essay contest and insists on sharing her...

Lucky Days with Mr. and Mrs. Green

de Keith Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Green return for another round of sweet and adventurous alligator escapades. This time they're trying their hand at detective work, entering a gumball-guessing contest, and--most daring of all!--participating...

The Chameleon Wore Chartreuse: A Chet Gecko Mystery

de Bruce Hale

Chet Gecko loves a good mystery. Almost more than he loves his fee--stinkbug pie.

So when fellow fourth grader Shirley Chameleon asks him to find her missing brother, Billy, Chet expects the case to be as easy...

On Rough Seas

de Nancy L. Hull

At 14, Alec knows what he wants to be: a seaman. Instead of working at his family’s inn, he prefers roaming through the busy streets and docks of Dover. When the captain of the Britannia, one of the fishing...

Touch the Moon

de Marion Dane Bauer & Alix Berenzy

Jennifer is disappointed on her birthday when her father gives her a little china horse and the promise of riding lessons instead of the real horse she's been expecting.

Preacher's Boy

de Katherine Paterson

It's 1899 in a small town in Vermont, and Robbie, the son of the local preacher, can no longer endure the tiresome restrictions of Christianity. He decides to leave the fold and resolves to live life to the...

Owen Foote, Mighty Scientist

de Stephanie Greene & Catharine Bowman Smith

Owen Foote wants to be a real scientist with a white lab coat. He’d like to spend the next school year in Mr. Wozniak’s fourth-grade class, where science is king. Owen figures that Mr. Wozniak will let him...

Nursery Classics: A Galdone Treasury

de Paul Galdone

Paul Galdone created hundreds of books in his lifetime. Many of his picture books quickly became accepted as the definitive version of traditional stories. Collected here are four of his most popular picture...