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Dark Water: A Siren Novel

de Tricia Rayburn

The sea is calling, but the reluctant siren will do anything not to answer. . . .


A year after the events that killed her sister and turned her into a siren, Vanessa is desperately trying to put her family...

A Wonder Book: Greek Myths for Girls and Boys

de Nathaniel Hawthorne & Walter Crane

A Wonder Book is a collection of famous Greek myths beautifully retold and adapted for young readers. The collection consists of six tales: The Gorgon's Head, The Golden Touch, The Paradise of Children, The...

Free Fall

de Christa Roberts

Based on the hit TV series, an original novel about a co-ed spy who kicks serious bad-guy butt!

Sydney has finally made a friend she can open up to—a fellow agent from SD-2. Stephanie is sweet and caring and...

In God's Name

de Sandy Eisenberg Sasso

Everyone and everything in the world has a name. What is God's name? In God's Name is a spiritual celebration of all people of the world and their belief in one God. In poetic text and vibrant illustrations,...

In God's Hands

de Lawrence Kushner & Gary Schmidt

David is so poor he can barely feed his family. Jacob is so consumed with staying rich he thinks about nothing but money. But the two men have one thing in common: they both believe that miracles can only happen...

Where Dolphins Race with Rainbows

de Jean Cullop

Welcome to Karensa'.  Luke opened his eyes, blinking in the strong sunlight ... This was not Poldawn.

Jack and the Wardrobe

de Nicola Jemphrey

Follow Jack in his quest to discover the story of C S Lewis, the man behind the magical world of Narnia. A truly gripping tale, steeped in truth about human nature and prayer. A thrilling mix of fiction and...

Ola Shakes It Up

de Joanne Hyppolite & Warren Chang

Moving? When Ola Benson's family leaves Roxbury in Boston to a house in the suburbs, Ola is sure her parents have made a big mistake.  What on Earth are they doing in Walcott--a historic, stuck-up town where...

A Royal Match

de Tyne O'Connell

Can a normal American girl really catch a prince?

When LA-born Calypso Kelly arrives at the exclusive all-girls British boarding school, St. Augustine's, she's determined to become popular. But when a photo of...


de Ellen Wittlinger

A summer disappointment turns into a cross-country discovery.

Robin can't believe it when her boyfriend, Chris, tells her that his parents have enrolled him in a summer program in Rome. It's their last summer...

The Bears on Hemlock Mountain

de Alice Dalgliesh & Helen Sewell

“There are no bears on Hemlock Mountain, No bears, no bears at all...”

Or so young Jonathan is told by the grown-ups as he sets out alone over Hemlock Mountain. But as Jonathan discovers on that cold winter...

Kidnapped at the Casino

de Franklin W. Dixon



Look into the disappearance of Kathy Boutry, a college reporter who was hot on the trail of several huge stories.


Atlantic City, NJ.



de Franklin W. Dixon



Two guys are running around the state, committing crimes left and right—and they’re leaving a clear trail for the police. They’d be a cinch...

Not Nice on Ice

de Carolyn Keene

Nancy Drew can’t wait to participate as a flower skater in the Champions on Ice show. She even signs up extra early! But when someone erases her name from the list, Nancy is crushed—and launches an investigation...

Climbing the Stairs

de Padma Venkatraman

Read Padma Venkatraman's posts on the Penguin Blog.

Fifteen-year-old Vidya dreams of going to college— an unusual aspiration for a girl living in British occupied India during World War II. Then tragedy strikes,...

The Guardians of Island X #2

de Rachelle Delaney & Gerald Guerlais

It's been one month since Scarlet McCray brought her crew, the Lost Souls, to Island X to guard a great treasure. Everyone has settled in nicely. But the pirates are coming. They can't resist the lure of unknown...

The Berenstain Bears Chapter Book: The G-Rex Bones

de Stan & Jan Berenstain

Something strange is afoot at the museum, and the cubs are out to solve the mystery! With the help of Professor Actual Factual, the Bears must find the culprit who planted fake fossils at the museum and recover...

The Berenstain Bears Chapter Book: The Phenom in the Family

de Stan & Jan Berenstain

When Sister Bear tries out for the Bear Country School swim team, she washes away the competition! Racing past the other swimmers, Sister Bear makes Papa proud. In fact, Papa Bear is so proud that he decides...

The Berenstain Bears Chapter Book: The School Scandal Sheet

de Stan & Jan Berenstain & Stan & Jan Berenstain

Extra, extra! Bear Country School has started its very own newspaper, and the cubs can't wait to get started. But when teachers and administrators start seeing ugly rumors about themselves printed in the paper,...

The Berenstain Bears Chapter Book: Accept No Substitutes

de Stan & Jan Berenstain

When Brother Bear's teacher is away, all of the cubs in class decide that it's more fun to spend the day playing pranks on the substitute teacher than doing work! But when the pranks get to be more and more...