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The Shadow Guests

de Joan Aiken

After the mysterious disappearance of both his mother and older brother, Cosmo is sent away to live with his eccentric mathematician aunt. Lonely and confused, Cosmo must also deal with being the new kid at...

A Scholar of Magics

de Caroline Stevermer

Glasscastle. University of dreaming towers and distant bells, pompous dons and disputatious undergraduates, exquisite architecture and grass that can choke you to death if you walk on it without the proper escort....

A College of Magics

de Caroline Stevermer

Teenager Faris Nallaneen is the heir to the small northern dukedom of Galazon. Too young still to claim her title, her despotic Uncle Brinker has ruled in her place. Now he demands she be sent to Greenlaw College....

A Perilous Power

de E. Rose Sabin

Trevor Blake has always known he possessed magical gifts. For instance, he can conjure objects at a distance. But since he was young, he has suppressed his magic lest it draw hostility from the skeptical and...

When the Beast Ravens

de E. Rose Sabin

The thrilling conclusion to the award-winning fantasy trilogy that began with A School for Sorcery...

As Gray Becq is about to discover, there are fates worse than death. It has been a full year since his escape...


de Carlo Collodi

Once there was a lonely woodcutter named Geppetto-who dreamed of having a boy of his own. So one day he carved a boy out of wood and named him Pinocchio.

When the puppet comes to life, it's Geppetto's dream come...

Hidden Talents

de David Lubar

American Library Association “Best Books for Young Adults”

American Library Association “Quick Picks for Young Adults”

Martin Anderson and his friends don’t like being called losers. But they’ve been...

Leaping To The Stars

de David Gerrold

Having barely escaped death at the hands of ruthless corporations who have pursued him across the harsh lunar wasteland, teenager Charles Dingillian faces yet another fateful decision: no longer able to return...

Three Hands for Scorpio

de Andre Norton

Andre Norton, the celebrated author of Witch World and many other fantasy adventures, offers a new novel unique among her works, set in a realm not dissimilar to northern England in the sixteenth century: also,...

Chance Fortune and the Outlaws

de Shane Berryhill

For as long as he can remember, fourteen-year-old Joshua Blevins has wanted to be a superhero. He has the brains, the passion, and the heart. There’s only one problem: he doesn’t have any superpowers. But...

The Silver Ship and the Sea

de Brenda Cooper

The colony planet Fremont is joyous, riotous, and very wild.  Its grasses can cut your arms and legs to ribbons, the rinds of its precious fruit can skewer your thumbs, and some of the predators are bigger...


de Len Bailey

King Krystal of Elidor has a serious problem: Sarksa Pirates have captured the Queen! Desperate for her return, King Krystal summons a hero from the Dream Machine. Enter Danny Ray, the best dang rodeo cowboy...

Reading the Wind

de Brenda Cooper

The colony planet of Fremont was supposed to be free of all genetically altered beings--a new home for a pure race.  So when Chelo and her brother Joseph, along with two other genetically altered teenagers,...

The Shaktra

Alosha #2

de Christopher Pike

In Alosha, Ali Warner discovered that she was not an ordinary teenager but actually Queen of the Fairies. Through seven terrifying trials, Ali reclaimed her magical powers and managed to defeat an elemental...

New Skies

de Patrick Nielsen Hayden

A new generation of science fiction fans is at hand. A new generation that is curious, smart, audacious, and experimental. It is for them that Patrick Nielsen Hayden-winner of the World Fantasy Award for Best...

The Magicians' Daughter

Stoneways Trilogy #1

de S. C. Butler

In Reiffen’s Choice we learned how Reiffen chose magic.

In Queen Ferris, we learned what he did with his magic.

In The Magicians’ Daughter, we learn what his magic does to him.

Ten years have passed since...

Reiffen's Choice

Stoneways Trilogy #3

de S. C. Butler

Reiffen, only twelve years old, is the true heir to the thrones of both Wayland and Banking. He and his friends Avender and Ferris live in a magical world of talking animals, dwarves, and shape-shifting bears...


de Len Bailey

It's Danny Ray, "the best dang rodeo cowboy in Oklahoma," to the rescue once again. King Krystal of Elidor's beautiful daughter, Princess Amber, has been kidnapped by the evil Fantasms--monstrous beasts whose...

A School for Sorcery

de E. Rose Sabin

Winner of the Andre Norton Gryphon Award

Welcome to the Leslie Simonton School for the Magically Gifted. A school where students can expect the unexpected. But be careful. At this school the final exam could...

Queen Ferris

Stoneways Trilogy #2

de S. C. Butler

Reiffen, true heir to the kingdoms of Banking and Wayland, had lived his entire life quietly with his mother and best friends, Ferris and Avender. His days were filled with sailing, fishing with the talking...