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German Spitz

de Juliette Cunliffe & Isabelle Francais

A rare breed in America, the German Spitz is one of Europe’s most beloved companion breeds whose popularity in the States has been eclipsed by three spinoffs—the Pomeranian, Keeshond, and American Eskimo...

If I Had A Water Buffalo: How To Microfinance Sustainable Futures

de Marilyn A. Fitzgerald

"If I Had a Water Buffalo" poignantly explores the critical difference in outcomes when offering a hand up rather than giving a handout. A seemingly simple request for a water buffalo by an impoverished rice...

Wallenberg: The Incredible True Story of the Man Who Saved the Jews of Budapest

de Kati Marton

A fearless young Swede whose efforts saved countless Hungarian Jews from certain death at the hands of Adolf Eichmann, Raoul Wallenberg was one of the true heroes to emerge during the Nazi occupation of Eu-rope....

Frugavore: How to Grow Organic, Buy Local, Waste Nothing, and Eat Well

de Arabella Forge

More and more people are interested in eating well and in un-derstanding where their food comes from. But where do you start? Organic, free-range, local, or sustainable: the choices can be overwhelming—not...

Beyond Catch & Release: Exploring the Future of Fly Fishing

de Paul Guernsey

Will fly fishing survive the twenty-first century? Author and angler Paul Guernsey argues that angling and the natural resources it depends upon—clear rivers, unpolluted oceans, and much more—are threatened...

Making the Number: How to Use Sales Benchmarking to Drive Performance

de Greg Alexander, Aaron Bartels & Mike Drapeau

The essential tool kit to achieve breakthrough sales performance improvements.

Numbers don't lie: 40 percent of all salespeople miss their targets each year. How can sales managers ensure their teams are doing...

Our Hearts Hang from the Lemon Trees: A family divided: France, London and the Secrets in Between

de Laetitia Rutherford

“I listened to that house breathe and creak through twenty long summers, often bored, or longing to be somewhere else, always ensnared by its charm…” In this captivating memoir, Laetitia Rutherford evokes...

Llamas and Alpacas: A Guide to Management

de Gina Bromage

As well as being adorable animals with a thick, warm fleece, llamas and alpacas are also intelligent, discerning, curious and sociable. In addition they are docile, gentle and easily trained. Natural grazers...

Cyclosportives: A Competitor's Guide

de Jerry Clark & Bill Joss

Cyclosportives, or sportives as they are usually known, are the cycling equivalent of marathons. They often last over seven hours and are ridden over distances in excess of 100 miles. If they are to compete...

Presumed Guilty: Casey Anthony: The Inside Story

de Jose Baez & Peter Golenbock

New York Times bestseller Presumed Guilty exposes shocking, never-before revealed, exclusive information from the trial of the century and the verdict that shocked the nation.

When Caylee Anthony was reported...

Commercial Floristry: Designs and Techniques

de Sandra Adcock

This lavish book covers the full range of commercial techniques for the florist. It introduces basic terms and equipment, advises on conditioning and care of fresh materials, and explains the elements and principles...

So You Want To Go To Drama School?

de Helen Freeman

The essential guide to getting into drama school.

Packed with sound advice and essential information for young people who want to train as actors and performers (including musical theatre), this clear and honest...

Training for Soccer Players

de Marc Briggs

Training for Soccer Players blends a sports science approach to training with practical advice for coaches, enabling them to deliver effective training for players of all abilities.The book covers: An overview...

Dogo Argentino: A Comprehensive Owner's Guide

de Joseph Janish

Designed as a hunter of wild boar in the jungles of South America, the Dogo Argentino owes its existence to Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez, who set out to create a superdog of his own from Argentina’s native breed,...

Pentaho 5.0 Reporting By Example Beginner's Guide

de Mattio Mariano Garcia & Bernabeu Dario R.

Written in a friendly, example driven Beginner's Guide format, there are plenty of step-by-step instructions to get you started fast! Pentaho 5.0 By Example: Beginner's Guide is the ideal companion for a wide-variety...

Cinema 4D R14 Cookbook Second Edition

de Russell Simon & Szabo Michael

This book is written in a Cookbook style with short recipes designed to effectively teach tools in the minimum amount of time. Each recipe hits on a topic that can be combined or incorporated with other recipes...

Don't Call Me Goon: Hockey's Greatest Enforcers, Gunslingers, and Bad Boys

de Greg Oliver & Richard Kamchen

Professional hockey enforcers—popularly known as “goons”—finally get their due in this rollicking look at the players who have perfected the art of making mayhem. Whether they are called upon to duke...

Rhythm Guitar Lessons for Beginners: Teach Yourself How to Play Guitar (Free Video Available)

de & Gary Turner

Teach yourself how to play guitar with our easy rhythm guitar lessons for beginners. Covers the fundamental techniques and practical guitar theory required to learn to play rhythm guitar including basic guitar...

Music Learning Theory for Newborn and Young Children

de Edwin E. Gordon

With 10 years of additional research on early childhood music, neurology, and language, this updated edition of Music Learning Theory for Newborn and Young Children focuses on the most critical learning period...

The Last Battle of Winchester: Phil Sheridan, Jubal Early, and the Shenandoah Valley Campaign, August 7 - September 19, 1864

de Scott Patchan

The Last Battle of Winchester is the first serious study to chronicle the largest, longest, and bloodiest battle fought in the Shenandoah Valley. The fighting began about daylight and did not end until dusk,...