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Achtung Panzer!

de Heinz Guderian

This is the defining book on the theory and practise of tank warfare, by the man who became one of Hitler's most able generals. This is one of the most significant military books of the twentieth century. By...

Don Quixote's Delusions: Travels in Castilian Spain

de Miranda France

A humorous and affectionate look at modern Spain, and a celebration of the country's greatest book, from the pen of a brilliant young writer. When in 1987 Miranda France spent a year living in Madrid, the post-dictatorship...

The Pursuit of Oblivion: A Social History of Drugs

de Richard Davenport-Hines

'The most important study on this subject in years, perhaps ever' Phillip Knightley, SUNDAY TIMES A history of drug-taking, telling the story across five centuries of addicts and users: monarchs, prime ministers,...

Jutland, 1916: Death in the Grey Wastes

de Peter Hart & Nigel Steel

Dramatic, illustrated account of the biggest naval battle of the First World War. On 31 May, 1916, the great battle fleets of Britain and Germany met off Jutland in the North Sea. It was a climactic encounter,...

Quantum: A Guide For The Perplexed

de Jim al-Khalili

Quantum mechanics underpins modern science and provides us with a blueprint for reality itself. And yet it has been said that if you're not shocked by it, you don't understand it. But is quantum physics really...

The Perfect Distance: Ovett and Coe: The Record Breaking Rivalry

de Pat Butcher

The definitive, fully authorised story of the record-breaking rivalry between London Olympics organiser Sebastian Coe and Steve Ovett. Steve Ovett and Sebastian Coe presided over the golden era of British athletics....

City of the Sharp-Nosed Fish: Greek Lives in Roman Egypt

de Peter Parsons

How an ancient rubbish dump has given us a unique view of life 2,000 years ago In 1897 two Oxford archaeologists began digging a mound south of Cairo. Ten years later, they had uncovered 500,000 fragments of...

Funny Misshapen Body: A Memoir

de Jeffrey Brown

Funny Misshapen Body is the story of Jeffrey Brown's evolution as a cartoonist, from his youthful obsession with superhero comics to his disillusionment with fine art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago....

The State of the Universe: A Primer in Modern Cosmology

de Pedro Ferreira

A masterly overview of the development of cosmological thinking from the Greeks, via Newton and Einstein, to the present day. It is science's last and greatest challenge: fathoming the depths of the night sky....

Hostile Skies

de David Morgan

The gripping personal story of a Falklands Fighter Ace. David Morgan, RAF officer and poet, relives his experiences during the Falklands War in this vivid memoir. On secondment to the Royal Navy when the Argentine...

The Taste Of Battle: Front Line Action 1914-1991

de Bryan Perrett

As close as you can get to the reality of war. Three generations of front line soldiers recount their experiences.

Few people today experience a live war situation; even professional soldiers can serve their...

Dunkirk: The British Evacuation, 1940

de Robert Jackson

The NEW YORK TIMES of 2 June 1940 summed up the greatest disaster in British history thus: ?As long as the English tongue survives, the word ?Dunkirk? will be spoken with reverence.? This book tells the story...

7 Secrets of Confidence: Straight-Talking Advice on How to Become More Confident

de Steve Miller

7 SECRETS OF CONFIDENCE is a no-nonsense, easy-to-use guide to overcoming your inner fears. Full of encouraging, step-by-step advice, this book is here to help you build your self-belief - learning to have confidence...

Under the Table: Saucy Tales from Culinary School

de Katherine Darling

A deliciously entertaining memoir about one woman's adventures in the student kitchens of the legendary French Culinary Institute -- flavored with celebrity chefs, eccentric characters, and mouthwatering recipes...

Mother's Ruin

de Nicola Barry

Nicola Barry grew up in well-to-do Murrayfield, Edinburgh. Her father was a hopsital consultant, her mother was medically trained, her brothers boarders at public school. But behind the closed doors of their...

Beautiful People: My Family and Other Glamorous Varmints

de Simon Doonan

A wickedly funny memoir with echoes of David Sedaris and Augusten Burroughs, Beautiful People (originally published in hardcover as Nasty) is now a BBC comedy hit series from the producer of Ab Fab and The Office...

Daddy's Little Girl

de Julia Latchem-Smith

To the outside world Julia's family was a picture of respectability; middle-class, decent, loving. But between the ages of eight and thirteen Julia's father sexually abused her. While Julia's mother's obsessive...

A Whole Lot of History

de Kimberley Walsh

In 2002 - along with Cheryl Cole, Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding and Nicola Roberts - Kimberley Walsh won a place in the Popstars The Rivals band Girls Aloud, and her life changed forever.

Ten years later, after...

Royal Marines Commandos

de John Parker

The Royal Marines were originally formed under the auspices of the Royal Navy to guard its sailing ships from harm. They are proud of their history and origins but the Navy heritage is fading. John Parker charts...

The Silent Service: The Inside Story of the Royal Navy's Submarine Heroes

de John Parker

One of the great untold stories of the British services is that of the Royal Navy Submarine Service which entered the fray in World War I with 100 underwater craft. Through World War II, where submariners' prospects...