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Maritime Risk and Organizational Learning

de Michael Ekow Manuel

Based on an extensive research project, this book investigates how shipping companies learn from, filter and give credence/acceptability to differing risk perceptions and how this influences the work culture...

The Facility Manager's Guide to Environmental Health and Safety

de Brian J. Gallant

Addressing everything from the history of the federal agencies that enforce the regulations to the requirements of the regulations themselves, this new book provides facility managers with a comprehensive instruction...

Dead Reckoning: Calculating Without Instruments

de Ronald W. Doerfler

No author has gone as far as Doerfler in covering methods of mental calculation beyond simple arithmetic. Even if you have no interest in competing with computers you'll learn a great deal about number theory...

Sex and the Office

de Helen Gurley Brown

The newest addition to Barricade's Cult Classic series, Sex and the Office tackles the hot topic of sex in the workplace.

When AA Doesn't Work for You: Rational Steps to Quitting Alcohol

de Ph.D., Albert Ellis & Ph.D., Emmett Velten

Of the many methods that have been designed to help people quit their problem drinking and change thei lives, a few originated by pioneering self-help groups - such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Rational Recovery...

Some Survived: An Eyewitness Account of the Bataan Death March and the Men Who Lived through It

de Manny Lawton & John Toland

Manny Lawton was a twenty-three-year-old Army captain on April 8, 1942, when orders came to surrender to the Japanese forces invading the Philippine Islands. The next day, he and his fellow American and Filipino...

With Robert Lowell and His Circle: Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Elizabeth Bishop, Stanley Kunitz & Others

Little Caesar: A Biography of Edward G. Robinson

de Alan L. Gansberg

In this fascinating biography, Alan L. Gansberg reveals the man behind the public face, his many memorable roles among more than 100 films, and his struggle to find steady work in Hollywood again.

The Rest of the Story: A Life Completed

de Arthur Laurents & David Saint

(Applause Books). Best known for the hit musicals West Side Story and Gypsy , Arthur Laurents began his career writing socially minded plays such as Home of the Brave and Time of the Cuckoo . He also garnered...

Trust in Military Teams

de Neville A. Stanton

Written under the auspices of the The Transfer Cooperation Programme, this book reports on contemporary trends in the defence research community on trust in teams, including inter- and intra-team trust, multiagency...

Implementing Safety Management Systems in Aviation

de Alan J. Stolzer & Carl D. Halford

In their first book, Safety Management Systems in Aviation, Stolzer, Halford, and Goglia provided a strong theoretical framework for SMS, along with a brief discourse on SMS implementation. This follow-up book...

Airline Marketing and Management

de Stephen Shaw

Airline Marketing and Management examines the principles of marketing and demonstrates the ways in which these principles can be applied to today's airline industry. It has been thoroughly updated and expanded...

Working Together: Organizational Transactional Analysis and Business Performance

de Anita Mountain & Chris Davidson

Anita Mountain and Chris Davidson explore the dynamics of organizations and their performance through the lens of Transactional Analysis to enable effective communication at all levels of the organization. TA...

Managing Information Services: A Sustainable Approach

de Jo Bryson

This third edition of Jo Bryson's highly regarded Managing Information Services has been thoroughly revised with an emphasis on managing for a sustainable future. Libraries and information services face uncertain...

Visual Interface Design for Digital Cultural Heritage: A Guide to Rich-Prospect Browsing

de Stan Ruecker & Milena Radzikowska

Browsing for information with a rich-prospect interface enables a researcher to use a highly-flexible, intuitive tool to assist hypothesis formation and pattern-finding. This book discusses the interface design,...

Playing with Purpose: How Experiential Learning Can Be More Than a Game

de Steve Hutchinson & Helen Lawrence

Playing with Purpose shows how a facilitator, coach, manager, people developer or trainer can invent or reinvigorate an artificial learning experience and make it so much more than a game. The authors understand...

Occupational Health and Safety

de Ronald J. Burke & Sharon Clarke

The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that every year there are 2.2 million fatal and 270 million non-fatal accidents or occupational diseases worldwide. Occupational Health and Safety looks...

Dictionary of Visual Discourse: A Dialectical Lexicon of Terms

de Barry Sandywell

Exploring the languages and cultures of visual studies and offering a theoretical introduction to the many languages of visual discourse, this substantial dictionary explains the foundations of current theoretical...

Ethical Issues in Aviation

de Elizabeth A. Hoppe

Ethical Issues in Aviation focuses on current concerns and trends, to reflect the changes that have occurred in this deregulated era. The book provides the reader with an overview of the major themes in civil...

The Handbook of Human-Machine Interaction: A Human-Centered Design Approach

de Guy A. Boy

The Handbook of Human-Machine Interaction features 20 original chapters and a conclusion focusing on human-machine interaction (HMI) from analysis, design and evaluation perspectives. It offers a comprehensive...