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Take On Change

de Joan Hoi

Take On Change offers you a welcome change to the heavy reads common when picking up management books. Instead, what you find inside is abundant but condensed information on organizational change that is easy...

Surviving Ourselves: The Evolution of Community, Education, and Agriculture in the 21st Century

de Eric Herm

Surviving Ourselves is about the vital relationship between Nature and the human spirit. In our intensive agricultural systems, our many ill-conceived business and political policies, this relationship has become...

The One Year Chronological Bible NKJV

de Inc., Tyndale House Publishers

The One Year Chronological Bible offers a fascinating way to read through the Bible in one year, in as little as fifteen minutes per day! Gain a better understanding of the order of biblical events and the historical...

Bottled Up: How the Way We Feed Babies Has Come to Define Motherhood, and Why It Shouldn't

de Suzanne Barston

As the subject of a popular web reality series, Suzanne Barston and her husband Steve became a romantic, ethereal model for new parenthood. Called "A Parent is Born," the program's tagline was "The journey to...

A Vineyard in Napa

de Doug Shafer, Danny Meyer & Andy Demsky

At the age of 47, when he a successful publishing executive and living with his wife and four children in an affluent Chicago suburb, John Shafer made the surprise announcement that he had purchased a vineyard...

Environmental Flows: Saving Rivers in the Third Millennium

de Angela H. Arthington

Environmental Flows describes the timing, quality, and quantity of water flows required to sustain freshwater and estuarine ecosystems and the human well-being and livelihoods that depend upon them. It answers...

Lost World of the Golden King: In Search of Ancient Afghanistan

de Frank L. Holt

Drawing on ancient historical writings, the vast array of information gleaned in recent years from the study of Hellenistic coins, and startling archaeological evidence newly unearthed in Afghanistan, Frank...

Methods in Forest Canopy Research

de Margaret D. Lowman, Timothy D. Schowalter & Jerry F. Franklin

Poised between soil and sky, forest canopies represent a critical point of exchange between the atmosphere and the earth, yet until recently, they remained a largely unexplored frontier. For a long time, problems...

Beyond Hummus and Falafel: Social and Political Aspects of Palestinian Food in Israel

de Liora Gvion, David Wesley & Elana Wesley

Beyond Hummus and Falafel is the story of how food has come to play a central role in how Palestinian citizens of Israel negotiate life and a shared cultural identity within a tense political context. At the...

Dissent 101

de Wence Horak

This publication proves good things do come in small packages. This one not only reveals the crippling flaws of democracy, introduced and maintained by plutocrats, flaws destroying the society and nature alike,...

The Marvel of It All: God's faithfulness as one couple serves Christ for more than three decades in Brazil

de Joe Tarry & Leona Tarry

How can anyone look back on 36 years of experiences that have included broken-down cars, near-fatal traffic accidents, serious illnesses, the near-death of a child, prolonged separation from loved ones, and...

The Body Language Advantage: Maximize Your Personal and Professional Relationships with this Ultimate Photo Guide to Deciphering

de Lillian Glass

Do you want to know what is really going on in someone else's head? Are you looking for answers as to what makes people tick, whether they're lying or telling the truth, or what their real relationship status...

Mission to Tokyo: The American Airmen Who Took the War to the Heart of Japan

de Robert F. Dorr

From Hell Hawks! author Bob Dorr, Mission to Tokyo takes the reader on a World War II strategic bombing mission from an airfield on the western Pacific island of Tinian to Tokyo and back. Told in the veterans'...

The Sweet Book of Candy Making: From the Simple to the Spectacular-How to Make Caramels, Fudge, Hard Candy, Fondant, Toffee, and More!

de Elizabeth LaBau

Create your own delicious, gorgeous, and professional-quality candies with The Sweet Book of Candy Making. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned candy maker, you will find mouthwatering recipes and expert...

Fast and Simple Gluten-Free: 30 Minutes or Less to Fresh and Classic Favorites

de Gretchen Brown

Getting a hot, delicious, gluten-free meal to the table every night can seem like a challenge when time and growling stomachs are demanding food now! But you can turn the tables from stressed to dressed in no...

10 Things Every Minister Needs to Know

de Ronnie, Dr. Floyd

Have you suddenly realized the fire that burned in your spirit years ago for ministry has waned? Are you a pastor feeling overwhelmed by the demands on your time, energy, and spirituality?

Ronnie Floyd can relate...

The Blue Pencil

de David Lowther

"You're expendable. A young journalist making his way up the ladder. You're not a public figure like some of them. Not yet anyway."

Recovering from the horrors of war and the Great Depression, Britain clings...

That's My Story : Book 1 : Taking a Courageous Path... "A Search for who I am and the spiritual growth that just happened along that journey."

de Estelle R. Reder


"It all starts with the momentum that builds after you take the first step down a courageous path." Estelle R. Reder

This book shares the spiritual journey of a young woman who recognized the time...

Braiding Manes and Tails: A Visual Guide to 30 Basic Braids

de Charni Lewis

Horse trainer and instructor Charni Lewis brings the wonderful process of braiding to life in her step-by-step guide to 30 beautiful braids. Full-color photographs and detailed illustrations clearly show the...

Your Chickens: A Kid's Guide to Raising and Showing

de Gail Damerow

For ages 9 and up, this is an accessible and encouraging guide to raising your own chickens. Whether you want to show them, raise them for money, or just keep them as pets, you'll learn everything you need...