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Selected Works of Rd Laing: Knots V7

de RD Laing

A series of dialogue-scenarios, which can be read as poems or plays, describing the "knots" and impasses in various kinds of human relationships.

Social History of Art, Volume 1: From Prehistoric Times to the Middle Ages

de Arnold Hauser

First published in 1951 Arnold Hausers commanding work presents an account of the development and meaning of art from its origins in the Stone Age through to the Film Age. Exploring the interaction between art...

Telecommunications Regulation: Culture, Chaos and Interdependence Inside the Regulatory Process

de Clare Hall, Christopher Hood & Colin Scott

Using unprecedented access to the key actors inside the UK Office of Telecommunications (OFTEL) and supporting interviews, this book explores how telecommunications regulation works from the inside.

Corporatism and Korean Capitalism

de Dennis L. McNamara

Corporatism and Korean Capitalism employs corporatist theory to examine the Korean experience of state-business ties. It includes theoretical chapters on Asian and Korean corporatism, case studies of agriculture,...

Language: The Basics

de R. L. Trask

What makes human language unique?

Do women speak differently from men?

Just what is the meaning of "meaning"?

Language: The Basics provides a concise introduction to the study of language. Written in an engaging...

Religion and Nationalism in India: The Case of the Punjab

de Harnik Deol

This timely and significant study explores the reasons behind the rise in Sikh militancy over the 1970s and 1980s. It also evaluates the violent response of the Indian State in fuelling and suppressing the Sikh...

Organizational Change in Post-Communist Europe: Management and Transformation in the Czech Republic

de Ed Clark & Anna Soulsby

This book provides a unique and detailed examination of the complex processes of transformation in former state-owned enterprises in the Czech Republic. Drawing on in-depth case studies of organizational transformation,...

Interfirm Networks: Organization and Industrial Competitiveness

de Anna Grandori

This volume examines the nature of interfirm networks and their role in promoting industrial competitiveness. Where previous work in this area has tended to be descriptive, the distinguished contributors to...

Kant, Duty and Moral Worth

de Philip Stratton-Lake

Kant, Duty and Moral Worth is a fascinating and original examination of Kant's account of moral worth. The complex debate at the heart of Kant's philosophy is over whether Kant said moral actions have worth...

Security and Control in Information Systems: A Guide for Business and Accounting

de Andrew Hawker

With the advent of electronic commerce, and the increasing sophistication of the information systems used in business organizations, control and security have become key management issues. Responsibility for...

Volume One. Conservative Party General Election Manifestos 1900-1997

de Iain Dale & Iain Dale Nfa

This volume brings together for the first time the British Conservative Political Party General Election Manifestos, dating back to 1900, and including the most recent General Election manifesto of 1997.

Issues in History Teaching


Written by a range of history professionals, including HMIs, this book provides excellent ideas on the teaching, learning and organization of history in primary and secondary schools.

The Glycemic-Load Diet Cookbook: 150 Recipes to Help You Lose Weight and Reverse Insulin Resistance

de Rob Thompson & Dana Carpender

Now you can eat up, slim down, and control insulin--with 150 easy recipes that are scientifically designed and sinfully good

Imagine being able to lose weight while enjoying satisfying amounts of delicious food....

Observing International Relations: Niklas Luhmann and World Politics

de Mathias Albert & Lena Hilkermeier

Observing International Relations draws upon the modern systems theory of society, developed by Niklas Luhmann, to provide new perspectives on central aspects of contemporary world society and to generate theoretically...

Human Rights in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan

de Ian Neary

Ian Neary looks in detail at the history of the introduction of human rights ideas into Japan, South Korea and Taiwan and examines how, and to what effect, state and society have incorporated the specific international...

New Unions, New Workplaces: Strategies for Union Revival

de Andy Danford, Mike Richardson & Martin Upchurch

This book makes a major contribution to the debate within the UK and abroad on the reality of workplace unionism in an era of change. Drawing on examples of union renewal, the authors present an historical overview,...

Romantic Image

de Frank Kermode

For the past four decades Frank Kermode, critic and writer, has steadily established himself as one of the most brilliant minds of his generation. Author and editor of over forty books, his prodigious output...

Israel: Challenges to Identity, Democracy and the State

de Clive Jones & Emma C. Murphy

Often regarded as the only true manifestation of political pluralism in the contemporary Middle East, the state of Israel has dominated the history and politics of the region for over fifty years. Yet despite...

Innovation as Strategic Reflexivity

de Lars Fuglsang & Jon Sundbo

This book presents a new view of innovation, seeking to disclose how strategic reflexivity is embodied in specific innovation practices and management roles.

From an evolutionary point of view, the contributors...

Managing Projects in Health and Social Care

de Vivien Martin

Managing Projects in Health and Social Care is designed for anyone who is asked to manage a public services project but who lacks the experience or training to feel confident in this role. The book shows how...