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Fresh Expressions of Church and the Kingdom of God

de Graham Cray & Ian Mobsby

This important book poses a challenging question: what are the aims of mission and are they being achieved through Fresh Expressions? A range of contributors argue that mission is equally about social transformation...

Responding to God's Call: Christian Formation Today

de Jeremy Worthen

Explores 'formation', an increasingly central idea in Christian discipleship. It addresses the issues faced in discipleship today, from widespread lack of knowledge of the Christian faith, to Christianity's...

Unfolding the Living Word: New Kyries, Canticles, Gospel Acclamations and Collects for Holy Communion

de Jim Cotter

From one of the most creative liturgists of today, here are new liturgical texts to refresh the celebration of Holy Communion. Jim Cotter provides new prayers for the Kyrie eleison, the psalm, the acclamation...

Maiden, Mother and Queen: Mary in the Anglican tradition

de Roger Greenacre

The rekindling of devotion to Mary has been one of the many gifts of the Catholic movement to the Church of England, and there are few better exponents of it than Roger Greenacre. Here he traces the way that...

Soul Pain: Priests reflect on personal experiences of serious and terminal illness

de Jennifer Tann

Soul Pain is a moving, articulate and profound series of reflections on the shock, fear, anger, desolation, acceptance that serious illness brings, the choices to be faced and the meaning of healing in such...

Wakefield Diocese: Celebrating 125 years

de Kate Taylor

The 125 years since the Diocese of Wakefield was formed have seen immense changes both within the Church and society. As part of its anniversary celebrations, and as the diocese contemplates a changing future,...

The Cross of Nails: Joining in God's mission of reconciliation

de Oliver Schuegraf

The story of The Community of the Cross of Nails, born from the bombing of Coventry Cathedral in 1940. Today, it works in 40 countries to build peace, heal the wounds of history and enable people to grow together...

Readings from the Book of Exile

de Pádraig Ó| Tuama  

One of the most intriguing and engaging voices in contemporary Christianity is that of the Irish poet, Pádraig Ó Tuama and this is his first, long-awaited poetry collection. Hailing from the Ikon community...

365 Days of Yes: Daily Prayers and Readings for a Missional People

de Church Mission Society

A resource for Daily Prayer for all who want to make mission part of their daily life. With bible readings, prayers and texts on the theme of mission from a wide variety of voices both old and new, it will help...

Come Emmanuel: Approaching Advent, Living with Christmas

de Ann Lewin

Advent speaks of our dual identity as people of this world and as God's people. Come Emmanuel explores how we can hold this in tension and learn to relate our prayerfulness to everyday life. Ann opens up the...

Love is the Meaning: Growing in Faith with Julian of Norwich

de Ann Lewin

'Love is the meaning' is the phrase chosen by the mystic 14th century writer Julian of Norwich to encapsulate all that had been revealed to her in the series of visions that led her to write one of world's greatest...

Grace: The Free, Unconditional and Limitless Love of God

de Peter Groves

Grace - the free, unconditional and limitless love of God - is one of the epic words of the Christian faith and a key part of what is most distinctive about it. It lies at the heart of what is proclaimed in...

So the Vicar is Leaving: The Good Interregnum Guide

de Mike Alexander

An essential handbook for churchwardens, PCC's and all with responsibility during this crucial time in the life of a church. This comprehensive guide offers practical advice on preparing for an interregnum,...

The Dave Walker Guide to the Church

de Dave Walker

A book of cartoons, written by a web editor and former church and community youth worker who has earned international fame not only as a cartoon commentator on the state of the Church (local and universal),...

My Pew: Things I have Seen from It: More Dave Walker Cartoons

de Dave Walker

'My Pew: Things I Have Seen From It' is Dave's second cartoon collection and in it he reveals: the five worst places to sit in church, reasons to shut your eyes during a sermon, what the church can learn from...

Watching for the Kingfisher: Poems and Prayers

de Ann Lewin

Ann draws many insights into the nature of prayer from her love of birdwatching, and images from the natural world and from scripture permeate her writing. Wit, warmth and economy of expression characterise...


de Mary Craig

A moving account of how the author found the strength to bring up a profoundly disabled child, and how she survived when tragedy struck a second time. A timeless spiritual classic that will benefit anyone struggling...

The Practical Mystic: Evelyn Underhill and her Writings

de Raymond Chapman

An introduction to the works of Evelyn Underhill, Anglo-Catholic mystic and one of the most widely read spiritual writers of the early twentieth century.

Faith and the Future of the Countryside: Pastoral and theological perspectives on rural sustainability

de Jill Hopkinson

A practical and theological handbook for rural ministry. Addressing the concerns of rural communities today, it will help you understand key issues in the context of mission and respond both pastorally and prophetically....

A Little Book of House Blessings

de Peter Watkins

A collection of various house blessings from differing cultures and sources the Bible, Celtic spirituality, Latin prayers, prayers of St Francis and other saints, poems of blessing from Robert Herrick and other...