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Money and Faith: The Seabury Booksrch for Enough

de Michael Schut

A practical guide to thinking about money and faith, with a wide selection of excellent essays from authors such as Dave Berry, Walter Brueggemann, Henri Nouwen, and Maria Harris. Also contains a comprehensive...

Always We Begin Again: The Benedictine Way of Living,15th Anniversary Edition, Revised

de John McQuiston II

This book holds timeless appeal for readers who hunger for a meaningful and creatively balanced framework for life. It offers a simple blueprint, based on the Rule of St. Benedict, to order one's time and create...

Historical Dictionary of Morocco

de Thomas K. Park & Aomar Boum

This book provides a comprehensive introduction, which focuses on Morocco's history, provides a helpful synopsis of the kingdom, and is supplemented with a useful chronology of major events. Hundreds of cross-referenced...

Historical Dictionary of the Netherlands

de Joop W. Koopmans & Arend H., Jr. Huussen

The Netherlands, frequently but erroneously called Holland, is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. In the past few decades, it has been undergoing many transformations made possible by...

Historical Dictionary of Modern China (1800-1949)

de James Z. Gao

The Historical Dictionary of Modern China (1800-1949) offers a concise but comprehensive examination of political, military, economic, social, and cultural development of modern China. Instead of focusing merely...

Historical Dictionary of the Gilded Age

de T. Adams Upchurch

The Historical Dictionary of the Gilded Age relates the history of the major events, issues, people, and themes of the American "Gilded Age" (1869-1899). The Gilded Age was a time of nationalism, unprecedented...

Hope for the Brokenhearted: God's Voice of Comfort in the Midst of Grief and Loss

de Dr. John Luke Terveen

Hope for the Brokenhearted thoroughly focuses on Scriptures oriented to grief and loss, with a prayer application at the end of each chapter that will focus your heart on spiritual growth through your time of...

Cockpit Confidential: Everything You Need to Know About Air Travel: Questions, Answers, and Reflections

de Patrick Smith

A New York Times bestseller

For millions of people, travel by air is a confounding, uncomfortable, and even fearful experience. Patrick Smith, airline pilot and author of the web's popular Ask the Pilot feature,...

Best Little Stories from World War II: More than 100 true stories

de C. Brian Kelly

BEHIND THE GREAT POWERS , global military conflict, and infamous battles are more than 100 incredible stories that bring to life the Second World War.

The Dream Team of 1947

de Arno P. Niemand

Every once in a while something happens in the world of sports that reminds us all why we care about such things. This book is the remarkable, untold story of the greatest team you've never heard of, the wrestling...

Paris France

de Gertrude Stein & Adam Gopnik

Matched only by Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast, Paris France is a "fresh and sagacious" (The New Yorker) classic of prewar France and its unforgettable literary eminences. Celebrated for her innovative...

The Last Marlin: The Story of a Father and Son

de Fred Waitzkin

Young Fred Waitzkin is a Jewish boy stretched between the divergent values of parents who cannot tolerate one another. Fred's father, Abe, is a brilliantly talented salesman whose relentless will drives him...

Anatomies: A Cultural History of the Human Body

de Hugh Aldersey-Williams

“A marvelous, organ-by-organ journey through the body eclectic. . . Irresistible [and] impressive.”—John J. Ross, Wall Street Journal The human body is the most fraught and fascinating, talked-about and...

The Examined Life: How We Lose and Find Ourselves

de Stephen Grosz

An extraordinary book for anyone eager to understand the hidden motives that shape our lives. We are all storytellers—we create stories to make sense of our lives. But it is not enough to tell tales. There...

Europe: The Struggle for Supremacy, from 1453 to the Present

de Brendan Simms

If there is a fundamental truth of geopolitics, it is this: whoever controls the core of Europe can control the entire continent, and whoever controls all of Europe can dominate the world. Over the past five...

Strange Rebels: 1979 and the Birth of the 21st Century

de Christian Caryl

Few moments in history have seen as many seismic transformations as 1979. That single year marked the emergence of revolutionary Islam as a political force on the world stage, the beginning of market revolutions...

So You Think You Know Baseball?: A Fan's Guide to the Official Rules

de Peter E. Meltzer & Rich Marazzi

Essential for armchair umpires and scorekeepers, this guide challenges aficionados on every significant part of the Official Baseball Rules. Few sports lovers are as obsessed with rules and statistics as baseball...

The Mother Heart of God: Unveiling the Mystery of the Father's Maternal Love

de Trudy Beyak

Why don't we talk about God's maternal love? Searching for answers, Trudy Beyak, an award-winning journalist, interviewed 50 global leaders of faith: Ruth Graham, Ravi Zacharias, Raymond Damadian, MRI inventor;...

Art & Sole

de Jane Weitzman

A Spectacular Selection of More Than 150 Fantasy Art Shoes from the Stuart Weitzman Collection

When Stuart Weitzman opened its first boutique on Madison Avenue, its displays of specially commissioned fantasy...

150 Best Terrace and Balcony Ideas

de Irene Alegre

150 Best Terrace and Balcony Ideas is the ultimate resource for innovative terrace, roof garden, patio, and balcony design ideas for outdoor spaces of all shapes and sizes. Featured inside this lavish guidebook...