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Children's Rights in Africa: A Legal Perspective

de Julia Sloth-Nielsen

Providing an assessment of children's rights in Africa, this volume examines how international and regional law, policy and practice are integrated into various countries. Notwithstanding the particular challenges...

Electronic Commerce and International Private Law: A Study of Electronic Consumer Contracts

de Lorna E. Gillies

Examining the maximization of consumer protection via the consumer's jurisdiction and law, this volume discusses how to improve the efficiency of juridical protection for consumers who contract with foreign...

Conceiving Life: Reproductive Politics and the Law in Contemporary Italy

de Patrick Hanafin

Through analysis of sociological, philosophical and legal material, Patrick Hanafin examines reproductive law in Italy, and the reasons why such a repressive piece of legislation could be produced at the end...

First Do No Harm: Law, Ethics and Healthcare

de Sheila A. M. McLean

This collection of essays from leading figures in the field of medical law and ethics is a lasting testimony to the work of one of the most eminent scholars in the area, Professor Ken Mason. The wide-ranging...

The Principle of Sustainability: Transforming Law and Governance

de Klaus Bosselmann

This book investigates how sustainability informs the universal principles used in domestic and international law. It contributes to a theory of global law by discussing whether, as a universally shared concern,...

Demanding Sex: Critical Reflections on the Regulation of Prostitution

de Vanessa E. Munro & Marina Della Giusta

Interrogating supply/demand from an inter- and multi-disciplinary perspective, this collection focuses on the supply/demand dynamic of prostitution. It brings into play a range of other societal, economic and...

Global Business, Local Law: The Indian Legal System as a Communal Resource in Foreign Investment Relations

de Amanda Perry-Kessaris

Establishing a theoretical framework for exploring the role of host state legal systems (courts and bureaucracies) in mediating relations between foreign investment, civil society and government actors, this...

Criminal Liability for Non-Aggressive Death

de C.M.V. Clarkson & Sally Cunningham

Manslaughter is an extremely broad offence and it has a difficult task in ensuring that all those who warrant punishment for 'non-aggressive' deaths are convicted. Simultaneously, it should not be too broad...

Responsibility, Law and the Family

de Jo Bridgeman & Heather Keating

This collection examines ideas of responsibility and their impact upon the family and upon the way family law is conceived and enforced. It explores the concept of responsibility by examining parental responsibility...

Governing the Heroin Trade: From Treaties to Treatment

de Melissa Bull

Examining the historical, economic and political context for the current prohibition of particular drugs, this study investigates the problem of drug control and provides a systematic analysis of the development...

The European Union and the Culture Industries: Regulation and the Public Interest

de David Ward

Bringing together leading academics in their respective fields, this edited collection examines the European Union's impact on media and public policy. It provides an analysis of the broader areas of EU policy...

Just a Number: An International Legal Analysis on Age Discrimination

de Anne-Marie Mooney Cotter

Examining the primary role of legislation and court process in combating age discrimination at both the national and international level, this work provides a detailed examination of the relationship between...

European Fair Trading Law: The Unfair Commercial Practices Directive

de Geraint Howells & Hans Micklitz

This volume provides an introduction to the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive and relates it to the existing acquis and the traditions within the member states as well as looking at the impact of its implementation....

The International Law of Responsibility for Economic Crimes: Holding State Officials Individually Liable for Acts of Fraudulent Enrichment

de Ndiva Kofele-Kale

The problem of indigenous spoliation in developing countries is thoroughly explored in this second edition of The International Law of Responsibility for Economic Crimes. Substantially revised and updated to...

Re-envisioning Sovereignty: The End of Westphalia?

de Trudy Jacobsen & Charles Sampford

This volume explores a wide range of issues that have altered the theory and practice of state sovereignty. Interdisciplinary in its analysis, the book discusses the contemporary meaning and relevance of sovereignty...

Internet Child Pornography and the Law: National and International Responses

de Yaman Akdeniz

Critically assessing the problem of internet child pornography and its governance, this book investigates how effective implementation, enforcement and harmonization of laws could substantially help to reduce...

Private Property, Community Development, and Eminent Domain

de Robin Paul Malloy

Focusing on the relationship between private property, individual rights and community, this volume covers a variety of points of view with respect to the legal, economic and socio-legal aspects of property...

International Insolvency Law: Themes and Perspectives

de Paul Omar

International insolvency is a newly-established branch of the study of insolvency that owes much to the phenomenon of cross-border incorporations and conduct of business in more than one jurisdiction. It is...

Architectures of Justice: Legal Theory and the Idea of Institutional Design

de Henrik Palmer Olsen & Stuart Toddington

Law can be seen to consist not only of rules and decisions, but also of a framework of institutions providing a structure that forms the conditions of its workable existence and acceptance. In this book Olsen...

Ethics, Law and Society: Volume III

de Jennifer Gunning & Soren Holm

This volume brings together selected papers commissioned and published by the Cardiff Centre for Ethics, Law & Society. It includes contributions from a group of international experts along with a selection...