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Towards Liturgies that Reconcile: Race and Ritual among African-American and European-American Protestants

de Scott Haldeman

Towards Liturgies that Reconcile reflects upon Christian worship as it is shaped, and mis-shaped, by human prejudice, specifically by racism. African Americans and European Americans have lived together for...

English Women, Religion, and Textual Production, 1500-1625

de Micheline White

Contributing to the growing interest in early modern women and religion, this essay collection advances scholarship by introducing readers to recently recovered or little-studied texts and by offering new paradigms...

Creativity, Spirituality, and Mental Health: Exploring Connections

de Kelley Raab Mayo

This book emphasizes the integral connections between imagination, creativity, and spirituality and their role in healing. First, the author highlights the work of a neglected yet important psychoanalyst, Marion...

Amos and the Cosmic Imagination

de James R. Linville

Said to contain the words of the earliest of the biblical prophets (8th century BCE), the book of Amos is reinterpreted by James Linville in light of new and sometimes controversial historical approaches to...

Possession, Power and the New Age: Ambiguities of Authority in Neoliberal Societies

de Matthew Wood

This book provides a new sociological account of contemporary religious phenomena such as channelling, holistic healing, meditation and divination, which are usually classed as part of a New Age Movement. Drawing...

Evagrius and Gregory: Mind, Soul and Body in the 4th Century

de Kevin Corrigan

Evagrius of Pontus and Gregory of Nyssa have either been overlooked by philosophers and theologians in modern times, or overshadowed by their prominent friend and brother (respectively), Gregory Nazianzus and...

Athenagoras: Philosopher and Theologian

de David Rankin

Athenagoras of Athens was a Christian thinker of the second century who engaged with contemporary philosophical thought in the matters of the divine, and the relationship of that divine to the material world....

Explorations in Christian Theology and Ethics: Essays in Conversation with Paul L. Lehmann

de Philip G. Ziegler & Michelle J. Bartel

Engaging variously with the legacy of Paul L. Lehmann, these essays argue for a reorientation in Christian theology that better honours the formative power of the gospel to animate and shape doctrine and witness,...

The Theory and Practice of Extended Communion

de Phillip Tovey

Three churches have recently produced liturgies for 'extended communion'. This is the distribution of previously consecrated elements at a public service by lay people or a deacon in the absence of a priest....

Narrative Theology and Moral Theology: The Infinite Horizon

de Alexander Lucie-Smith

Moral thinking today finds itself stranded between the particular and the universal. Alasdair MacIntyre's work on narrative, discussed here along with that of Stanley Hauerwas and H. T. Engelhardt, aims to undo...

New Era - New Religions: Religious Transformation in Contemporary Brazil

de Andrew Dawson

New Era - New Religions examines new forms of religion in Brazil. The largest and most vibrant country in Latin America, Brazil is home to some of the world's fastest growing religious movements and has enthusiastically...

Toward a Theology of Scientific Endeavour: The Descent of Science

de Christopher B. Kaiser

Foundations of science are specific conditions of the cosmos, of human intelligence, of cultural beliefs, and of technological structures that make the pursuit of modern science possible. Each of the four foundations...

Thomas F. Torrance: Theologian of the Trinity

de Paul D. Molnar

This book provides an important study of the theology of Thomas F. Torrance, who is generally considered to have been one of the most significant theologians writing in English during the twentieth century,...

The Sermon on the Mount in the Light of the Temple

de John W. Welch

No religious text has influenced the world more than has the New Testament's Sermon on the Mount, and yet this crucial text still begs to be more clearly understood. Why was it written? What unifying theme or...

Native Christians: Modes and Effects of Christianity among Indigenous Peoples of the Americas

de Aparecida Vilaça & Robin M. Wright

Native Christians reflects on the modes and effects of Christianity among indigenous peoples of the Americas drawing on comparative analysis of ethnographic and historical cases. Christianity in this region...

Jürgen Moltmann's Ethics of Hope: Eschatological Possibilities For Moral Action

de Timothy Harvie

This book develops a thorough account of the sphere of human moral action in sustained dialogue with Jürgen Moltmann. By examining God's role as promise-giver, particularly in the Christian understanding of...

A Shorter Commentary on Romans by Karl Barth: With an Introductory Essay by Maico Michielin

de Maico M. Michielin

First published in 1959, Karl Barth's A Shorter Commentary on Romans originated as the manuscript for a course of extra-mural lectures held in Basle during the winter of 1940–41. During this time, Barth continued...

Karl Barth and the Fifth Gospel: Barth's Theological Exegesis of Isaiah

de Mark S. Gignilliat

Today’s biblical scholars and dogmaticians are giving a significant amount of attention to the topic of theological exegesis. A resource turned to for guidance and insight in this discussion is the history...

The Bible and Lay People: An Empirical Approach to Ordinary Hermeneutics

de Andrew Village

There are many books about how people ought to interpret the Bible. This book is about how people in churches actually interpret the Bible, and why they interpret it in the way that they do. Based on a study...

Shaping a Global Theological Mind

de Darren C. Marks

Theological thinkers are placed into contexts which inform their theological tasks but that context is usually limited to a European or North American centre, usually ignoring minorities and lesser mainstream...