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Beyond All You Could Ask or Think: How to Pray Like the Apostle Paul

de Ray Pritchard

Learn to pray with expectation, knowing that God holds the power. Written in a popular style, this will compel you to make prayer a disciplined practice in your life.

Believing God for His Best: How to Marry Contentment and Singleness

de Bill D. Thrasher

Believing God for His Best is a personal story that will walk you through the author's journey through singleness, and toward marriage. The anecdotal style, coupled with godly wisdom, will inspire singles to...

An Interview with God: Questions You're Asking and How the Bible Answers Them

de Woodrow Kroll

Imagine you could pose questions to God, as if He were sitting across from you in your living room. In God's voice, Woodrow Kroll answers questions that people most commonly ask of God.

All You Need to Believe: The Apostles' Creed

de C. Donald Cole

With all the religions in the world, how can we be sure of what we believe, and how can we defend our beliefs from the Bible? Read the truths of the gospel through the Apostles' Creed.

Second Peter and Jude MacArthur New Testament Commentary

de John F. , Jr. MacArthur

Second Peter and Jude are sometimes neglected as the "dark corner" of the New Testament.  But Christians avoid these two letters to their peril.  Both letters were written to expose false teachers, and to...

2 Corinthians MacArthur New Testament Commentary

de John F. , Jr. MacArthur

Second Corinthians is the most personal of Paul's letters, providing unique insight into his heart for God and his motivation in ministry.  With his credibility under attack, Paul reluctantly defended himself...

First Peter MacArthur New Testament Commentary

de John F. , Jr. MacArthur

Peter wrote this letter at the outbreak of Nero's persecution, urging his readers to have hope and courage in the midst of terrible affliction.  His words of encouragement still resonate today.  Even when...

So Great Salvation: What It Means to Believe in Jesus Christ

de Charles C. C. Ryrie & Charles C. Ryrie

Find out what the Bible has to say about salvation. Topics include man's hopeless state before meeting Jesus, God's grace in saving us, our call to obedience, as well as backslidden Christians and "easy-believism."...

The Holy Spirit

de Charles C. C. Ryrie & Charles C. Ryrie

All students of Scripture can benefit from this concise, practical study of the person and work of the Holy Spirit.  All the doctrinal essentials are here, clearly organized and explained by the renowned scholar...

The Church in Gods Program

de Robert L. Saucy

A solid biblical study of the church's beginning, government, ministries and the new covenant. Also includes guidelines for dealing with contemporary church problems.

A Layman Looks at the Lord's Prayer

de W. Phillip Keller

"There is inherent in the Lord's Prayer all the strength and compassion of our Father in heaven. There moves through it a beauty and serenity which no mortal man can fully explain. It reassures our hearts,...

True Discipleship: The Art of Following Jesus

de John M. Koessler

In True Discipleship, John Koessler provides a straightforward presentation of the characteristics Jesus required His disciples to possess. As he offers teaching on the practice and responsibility of being a...

Run with Abandon: Restoring Your Childlike Joy and Trust in God

de Jill McGaffigan

Have you ever watched a small child run into the arms of someone they love? In Run with Abandon, Jill McGaffigan teaches that we are to seek our heavenly father with that same trust and enthusiasm. He is waiting...

Miracles at the Door

de Don Draper

Miracles at the Door is a remarkable book showing how God has led Literature Evangelist Don Draper for over thirty-seven years in God's great work. This book is clear proof of Mrs. White's vision, in showing...

It's Still Greek to Me: An Easy-to-Understand Guide to Intermediate Greek

de David Alan Black

Proof that learning grammar doesn't have to be boring. This easy-to-understand and humorous guide is for students in their second year of Greek study.

In Good Company: The Fast Track from the Corporate World to Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience

de S. J. Martin

The story of one young man's remarkable journey from corporate America to the Society of Jesus. James Martin leads readers from his Catholic childhood through his success and ultimate dissatisfaction with the...

First Steps in the Talmud: A Guide to the Confused

de Jacob Neusner

This study of the inclusion of biographical narratives examines sage-stories, anecdotes about the life and deeds of Rabbinic sages, in components of the unfolding canon of Rabbinic Judaism during the formative...

Essays on the Christian Worldview and Others Political, Literary, and Philosophical

de Andrew J. Schatkin

This collection of essays and thoughts covers such areas as basic Christian thought, political thought, the need for values in our society, literature, a consideration of true progress, the denial in our society...

Goddess Durga and Sacred Female Power

de Laura Amazzone

This book takes us on a pilgrimage to explore the Goddess Durga in ancient and contemporary culture. The mythology, rituals, philosophy, and spiritual practices of this distinctly female-centered and millennia-old...

Quebra-Quilos and Peasant Resistance: Peasants, Religion, and Politics in Nineteenth-Century Brazil

de Kim Richardson

This book explores the complicated, multi-faceted uprising by analyzing its underlying causes: increased taxes, rising costs of foodstuffs, the forced implementation of this new metric system, fear of being...