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Caring for People from Birth to Death

de Richard L Dayringer & James E Hightower Jr

Discover the manual that will help you teach ministry students and effectively minister to people in all developmental stages!Caring for People from Birth to Death is a helpful resource for people who care for...

The Theological Voice of Wolf Wolfensberger

de William C Gaventa & David Coulter

Do people with mental retardation have a special prophetic role?In the field of developmental disabilities, Wolf Wolfensberger is famous for his seminal book Normalization. But Wolfensberger is also a theologian,...

George Berkeley Alciphron in Focus

de David Berman

Alciphron, or the Minute Philosopher (1732) is Berkeley's main work of philosophical theology and a crucial source of his views on meaning and language. This edition contains the four most important dialogues...

While the World Watched

de Carolyn Maull McKinstry & Denise George

On September 15, 1963, a Klan-planted bomb went off in the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. Fourteen-year-old Carolyn Maull was just a few feet away when the bomb exploded, killing four of...

Companion Encyclopedia of Theology

de Peter Byrne, Leslie Houlden & Rev Prof Leslie Houlden

The Companion Encyclopedia of Theology provides a comprehensive guide to modern theological thought. An international team of theologians and practitioners of both the Christian and Jewish faiths investigate...

The Suffering Self: Pain and Narrative Representation in the Early Christian Era

de Judith Perkins

The Suffering Self is a ground-breaking, interdisciplinary study of the spread of Christianity across the Roman empire. Judith Perkins shows how Christian narrative representation in the early empire worked...

Religion: A Humanist Interpretation

de Raymond Firth

Religion: A Humanist Interpretation represents a lifetime's work on the anthropology of religion from a rather unusual personal viewpoint. Raymond Firth treats religion as a human art, capable of great intellectual...


de Stefan Rebenich

As a scholar, writer and ascetic, Jerome was a major intellectual force in the early Church and influenced the ideals of Christian chastity and poverty for many generations after his death. This book assembles...

Magic in the Roman World: Pagans, Jews and Christians

de Naomi Janowitz

Using in-depth examples of 'magical' practice such as exorcisms, love rites, alchemy and the transformation of humans into divine beings, this lively volume demonstrates that the word 'magic' was used widely...

Foucault and Religion

de Jeremy Carrette

Foucault and Religion is the first major study of Michel Foucault in relation and response to Religion. Jeremy Carrette offers us a challenging new look at Foucault's work and addresses a religious dimension...

The Invention of Saintliness

de Anneke B. Mulder-Bakker

This volume discusses, from an historical and literary angle, the ways in which sanctification and the inscription of saintliness take place. Going beyond the traditional categories of canonization, cult, liturgical...

The Ark of Speech

de Jean-Louis Chrétien

The Ark of Speech investigates the interplay of speech and silence in the dialogue between God and human beings, and human beings and the world. Ranging from the Old Testament and its depiction of God's creative...

The Formation of Christianity in Antioch: A Social-Scientific Approach to the Separation between Judaism and Christianity

de Magnus Zetterholm

Magnus Zetterholm uses theoretical insights from the social sciences to deal with the complex issues raised by the parting of Judaism and Christianity, and the accompanying rise of Christian anti-Semitism in...

Rave Culture and Religion

de Graham St John

The collection provides insights on developments in post-traditional religiosity (especially 'New Age' and 'Neo-Paganism') through studies of rave's Gnostic narratives of ascensionism and re-enchantment, explorations...

The Jews of Ethiopia: The Birth of an Elite

de Tudor Parfitt & Emanuela Trevisan Semi

This book offers the results of the most recent research carried out in European and Israeli universities on Ethiopian Jews. With a special focus on Europe and the role played by German, English and Italian...

Spiritual Shakespeares

de Ewan Fernie

Spiritual Shakespeares is the first book to explore the scope for reading Shakespeare spiritually in the light of contemporary theory and current world events. Ewan Fernie has brought together an exciting cast...

The Writings of Henry Barrow, 1590-91

de Leland H. Carlson

This volume contains the great Separatist's solus writings from 1590-1591. It includes texts taken from manuscript sources, and rare tracts that have been reprinted here for the first time.

Sufi Visionary of Ottoman Damascus: 'Abd al-Ghani al-Nabulusi, 1641-1731

de Elizabeth Sirriyeh

'Abd al-Ghani al-Nabulusi (1641 to1731) was the most outstanding scholarly Sufi of Ottoman Syria. He was regarded as the leading religious poet of his time and as an excellent commentator of classical Sufi texts....

The Chaitanya Vaishnava Vedanta of Jiva Gosvami: When Knowledge Meets Devotion

de Ravi M. Gupta

The Chaitanya Vaishnava tradition is famous for its depth of devotion to Krishna, the blue-hued Deity. Chaitanya Vaishnavas are known for having refined the practice and aesthetics of devotion into a sophisticated...

Spiritual Dimensions of Psychology

de Inayat, Hazrat Khan

In Spiritual Dimensions of Psychology Hazrat Inayat Khan explores the purification and training of the psyche, its use as a tool in spiritual growth, and the inner teachings of the mystics on meditation, contemplation,...