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SELinux by Example: Using Security Enhanced Linux

de Frink Mayer, Karl MacMillan & David Caplan

SELinux: Bring World-Class Security to Any Linux Environment!


SELinux offers Linux/UNIX integrators, administrators, and developers a state-of-the-art platform for building and maintaining highly secure solutions....

Questions of Possibility: Contemporary Poetry and Poetic Form

de David Caplan

Questions of Possibility examines the particular forms that contemporary American poets favor and those they neglect. The poets choices reveal both their ambitions and their limitations, the new possibilities...

Rhymes Challenge: Hip Hop, Poetry, and Contemporary Rhyming Culture

de David Caplan

Rhymes Challenge offers a concise, pithy primer to hip-hop poetics while presenting a spirited defense of rhyme in contemporary American poetry. David Caplans stylish study examines hip-hops central but supposedly...