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Emile: Or, On Education

de Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Rousseau wrote about the difficulty of being a good individual within an inherently corrupting collectivity: society. Emile deals specifically with education, and outlines a system which would allow for human...

The Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau

de Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Widely considered the first modern autobiography, the Confessions influenced memoirs, fiction, poetry, and philosophy. Rousseau's opposition to inequality and emphasis on individual worth constituted a major...


de Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Rousseau considered this tale of a young boy and his tutor the most important of his writings, and its exploration of the retention of human goodness and avoidance of social corruption remains highly influential....

Discourse on the Origin of Inequality

de Jean-Jacques Rousseau

A powerful, passionate explanation of the roots of social inequality, Rousseau's Discourse influenced virtually every major philosopher of the Enlightenment. It remains among the 18th-century's most provocative...

On the Social Contract

de Jean-Jacques Rousseau

A milestone of political science, Rousseau's 1762 work argues that all government is fundamentally flawed and that modern society is rife with inequality. He proposes an alternative system for the development...

Letter to Beaumont, Letters Written from the Mountain, and Related Writings

de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Christopher Kelly & Eve Grace

Rousseau’s responses to the religious and political critics of his works

The Essential Writings of Rousseau

de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Peter Constantine & Leo Damrosch

Newly translated by Peter Constantine

Edited and with an Introduction by Leo Damrosch


The Essential Writings of Rousseau collects the best and most indispensable work of one of the world’s most influential...

The Confessions and Correspondence, Including the Letters to Malesherbes

de Jean-Jacques Rousseau & Christopher Kelly

A new English translation, the first to be based on the definitive French Pléiade edition.

The Plan for Perpetual Peace, On the Government of Poland, and Other Writings on History and Politics

Rousseau, Judge of Jean-Jacques: Dialogues

de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Judith R. Bush & Christopher Kelly

Rousseau’s complete work, unified in English for the first time, premiers with an original translation of his Dialogues

Julie, or the New Heloise: Letters of Two Lovers Who Live in a Small Town at the Foot of the Alps

de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Philip Stewart & Jean Vache

A novel in which Rousseau reconceptualized the relationship of the individual to the collective and articulated a new moral paradigm

Discourse on Inequality: On the Origin and Basis of Inequality Among Men

de Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The searing indictment of man-made inequality in all its many forms that Rousseau offers in Discourse on Inequality is a must-read for philosophy buffs and supporters of social justice. This artfully composed...


de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Angela Scholar & Patrick Coleman

'No one can write a man's life except himself.' In his Confessions Jean-Jacques Rousseau tells the story of his life, from the formative experience of his humble childhood in Geneva, through the achievement...


de Jean-Jacques Rousseau


Rousseau's ideas have influenced almost every major political development of the last two hundred years, and are crucial to an understanding of phenomena as diverse as the French Revolution, modern educational...