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Critical Theory and Democracy: Civil Society, Dictatorship, and Constitutionalism in Andrew Arato S Democratic Theory

de Enrique Peruzzotti & Martin Plot

This book focuses on Andrew Arato's democratic theory and its relevance to contemporary issues such as processes of democratization, civil society, constitution-making, and the modern Executive.

Andrew Arato...

General Education and the Development of Global Citizenship in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China: Not Merely Icing on the Cake

de Jun Xing, Pak-Sheung Ng & Chloe Cheng

General Education has taken center stage in the greater China area (Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China) because of a number of important developments. First, globalization has created both opportunities and...

China on the Mind

de Christopher Bollas

Several thousand years ago Indo-European culture diverged into two ways of thinking; one went West, the other East. Tracing their differences, Christopher Bollas examines how these mentalities are now converging...

Beauty or Brains?

de Annette Roberts

Beauty or Brains is an enjoyable read for anyone interested in the world of promotions. Whether you are starting out in the industry, considering a career change or already working as a promotional model, Beauty...

Hops and Dreams: The Story of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

de Robert Stacey Burton

On November 15, 1980, two young homebrewers opened a microbrewery in northern California, naming it after a nearby mountain range. Thirty years later, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is widely recognized as a leader...

Sex Trafficking: A Clinical Guide for Nurses

de Mary Chesnay


The statistics are staggering: nearly 27 million people worldwide are currently victims of human trafficking, most frequently girls between the ages of 12 and 14. This is the first clinical guide to assessing...

Spilt Milk

de Chico Buarque & Alison Entrekin

From world-renowned Brazilian writer Chico Buarque comes a stylish, imaginative tale of love, loss, and longing, played out across multiple generations of one Brazilian family. At once jubilant and painfully...

Oral Pleasure: Kosinski as Storyteller

de Jerzy Kosinski & Barbara Tepa Lupack

Oral Pleasure: Kosinski as Storyteller is a collection of interviews, lectures, and transcriptions of media appearances from the legendary literary figure, Jerzy Kosinski. Compiled by his late widow, Kiki, most...

The River Swimmer: Novellas

de Jim Harrison

Jim Harrison is one of America’s most beloved and critically-acclaimed authors—on a par with American literary greats like Richard Ford, Anne Tyler, Robert Stone, Russell Banks, and Ann Beattie. His latest...

Daddy Love

de Joyce Carol Oates

Dinah Whitcomb seemingly has everything. A loving and successful husband, and a smart, precocious young son named Robbie. One day, their worlds are shattered when Dinah is attacked and Robbie is taken in a mall...

Imagine Yourself Well: Better Health Through Self-hypnosis

de Sean F. Kelly & Reid J. Kelly

Imagine Yourself Well: Better Health through Self-Hypnosis is a remarkable view of hypnotherapy as a scientifically recognized treatment art. Based upon their extensive practice and clinical research in therapeutic...

The Black Prince And The Sea Devils: The Story Of Valerio Borghese And The Elite Units Of The Decima Mas

de Jack Greene & Alessandro Massignani

The only biography of Prince Valerio Borghese-the legendary Italian World War II naval commando whose covert activities shocked the Allies and became a model for today's "special forces"

With Pen in Hand: The Healing Power of Writing

de Henriette Anne Klauser

By the best-selling author of Writing on Both Sides of the Brain, an inspirational guide to releasing past and present emotional pains through therapeutic writing

The Copy Editing And Headline Handbook

de Barbara Ellis

For professionals and students alike, the first-ever guide to newspaper copy editing and headline writing

Heavy Metal: The Music And Its Culture

de Deena Weinstein

The definitive study of heavy metal culture that "does for metal what Greil Marcus's Lipstick Traces did for the Sex Pistols" (-Chicago Sun-Times).

Winnicott on the Child

de D. W. Winnicott

Brilliant insights and understanding of children from the man who inspired Spock, Brazelton, and the entire field of child development

Out There

de Darryl Pinckney

One of our most provocative African American novelists affirms the literary power of the African diaspora with an eloquent appreciation of three writers from very different places and times

Implicating Empire

de Stanley Aronowitz

Combining the work of prominent U.S. and international commentators on globalization, Globalization and Resistance defines the state, and the future, of globalization's role in world affairs

Dialogues With Marcel Duchamp

de Pierre Cabanne

"”Marcel Duchamp, one of this century’s pioneer artists, moved his work through the retinal boundaries which had been established with impressionism into t field with impressionism into t field where l"

Pirates: Swashbuckling Stories from the Seven Seas

de Jennifer Willis

The surprising success of Pirates of the Caribbean, a new screen adaptation of the classic Peter Pan, and the Russell Crowe film Master and Commander have fueled interest in seagoing swashbucklers. There is...