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Survival of the Fairest

de Jody Wallace

No magic for two weeks? What’s a fairy to do? Go to Vegas, of course!

Princess Talista of the fairy clan Serendipity has been sent, like all young fairies, to a remote forest in humanspace for mandatory survival...

One Angel's Wish

de Kira Stone

How can one angel’s wish cause so much trouble? Heaven only knows.

After wishing he were dead—then having it happen—Chris has given up wishing for anything. The problem? His salary as a Guardian Angel...

Sins of the Father

de Anna O'Neill

The weight of the past could tear them apart…

In his first mission as a shinobi, Sora Sanada has more than its success riding on his shoulders. Every move he makes is a reflection on his clan’s honor. So...

The Good People of New York

de Thisbe Nissen

When Roz Rosenzweig meets Edwin Anderson fumbling for keys on the stoop of a Manhattan walk-up, the last thing on her mind is falling for a polite Nebraskan–yet fall for him she does. So begins Thisbe Nissen’s...

Half Moon Rising

de Margo Lukas

A bizarre connection between a werewolf and a woman reveals the truth behind a pack’s discarded magic lore.

Private Investigator CJ Duncan can track a scent better than a bloodhound. Lately, unsettling visions...

The Whole Shebang

de Elisa Adams

An instant family wasn’t what David had planned for his life, but once he met single mother Lucy he knew he had to change his plans.

Fifth grade teacher David Storm has had it up to here with one of his students....

Parallel Fire

de Deidre Knight

In their fight for survival, the layers come off—body and soul.

A Midnight Warriors story.

Anna Draekus is a soldier wrapped up in secrets, one of which has just been blown. As a member of the shadowy Madjin...

Go Fetch

de Shelly Laurenston

How much trouble can one small female be to a modern-day shapeshifting Viking? Well…it really depends on local gun laws.

Conall Víga-Feilan, direct descendent of Viking shifters, never thought he’d meet...


de Delilah Devlin

How does a man get over a cheating woman? Sweet revenge...

Lone Star Lovers, Book 2

For Cutter Standifer, the pretty little redhead who opened a café in Two Mule, Texas, was "the one". Until he caught her in...

Midnight Craving

de Lolita Lopez

When the craving takes hold, the only thing to do is ride it out…

Midnight Vice, Book 1

Patrolling Houston’s gritty supernatural underbelly has its perks. For Isla Alvarez, it’s working alongside nephilim...

The Amorous Adventures of Sarah: Mayhem for Two

de Emy Naso

Sarah Greene and Billy Fields are back, wrapped up in another mystery topped with sensual escapades.

It sounded like a simple case. Find a woman’s missing husband, and the jewels that disappeared with him....

Lover's Talisman

de Ashleigh Raine

Welcome to Talisman Bay, where all hell breaks loose on a daily basis, especially when you fall in love.

Book one in the Talisman Bay series.

For twelve years Stephan Rashleigh has lived in the shadows, patrolling...

Reversing Over Liberace

de Jane Lovering

Life, love and unlikely legacies.

Willow runs into Luke, the university lust-of-her-life, ten years on and this time around he’s interested––she’s lost twenty pounds and found fashion. But their meeting...

Crazy For Kate

de Kelly McDonough

Will Kate still want Chris when she finds out his secret?

Chris is the man of every woman’s dreams. Not only is he a hot-looking construction worker who looks good in ripped jeans and a white T-shirt, he’s...

Kabana Heat

de Titania Ladley

Three people…three depraved plans…one inferno of scandalous pleasures.

Movie star Mitch Wulfrum is tired of deflecting the gay rumors buzzing around him. It’s time for drastic measures to suppress them...


de Shiloh Walker

A legend among his own kind...even among the Hunters, Malachi was unique. He always had been...from the beginning.

Once a slave, Malachi hadn't ever lived free, until a mysterious woman turned him into something...

Solarion Heat

de Kathleen Scott

Their quest to save a civilization just became the hottest mission in the solar system.

Kara Zaire’s talents as a Visionary—a psychic who can hear energy patterns as musical notes—have placed her on the...

Sleight of Hand

de Katrina Strauss

What if the man of your dreams is also the one of your nightmares?

Edwin Matthews just wants to get some sleep. Traveling by steam train with his family, the melancholic nineteen year old is plagued by restless...

Gothic Dragon

de Marie Treanor

Sometimes you can make your dreams a reality…

Stuck in an uninteresting job and settled in a safe but vaguely unsatisfying relationship, the only bright spot in Esther’s life is her writing. She’s fascinated...

Let Me Love You

de Mary Wine

Love is the last thing a lone woman in the West should believe in, but the heart doesn’t always listen to good sense.

With a spirit as wild as the West, Brianna Spencer faces a hard life in the small town...