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Provence Je T'Aime

de Gordon Bitney & Paul Dwillies

You have been invited to visit the famous French region of Provence, to experience its rural beauty and sunny splendour. Your guide is Gordon Bitney who, with his wife, has just bought a villa there.

Join the...

The Physics and Technology of Diagnostic Ultrasound: A Practitioner's Guide

de Robert JD Gill

An approachable textbook for medical professionals and others learning to use diagnostic ultrasound.

This book has been written by a leading ultrasound educator to help medical professionals develop a sound...

A Journey Into Ireland's Literary Revival

de R. Todd Felton

A great tide of literary invention swept through Ireland between the 1890s and the 1920s. This engrossing, illuminating, and beautifully illustrated guidebook explores the personal and professional histories...

The Inheritance of Ivorie Hammer

de Edwina Preston

An enchanting tale of larger-than-life characters and a magnificent, sprawling, historical epic that tips its hat to magical realism, this unique and delightful literary novel brings to life a family saga in...

Atlas of Emergency Radiology

de Jake Block & Martin Jordanov

The first atlas of emergency diagnostic imaging that brings together every must-know radiographic method and technique

Includes nearly 1,500 clinical images!

Whether it's a CT, MRI, ultrasound, or x-ray, this...

Liberia and Independent Africa, 1940s to 2012: A Brief Political Profile

de D. Elwood Dunn

A brief discussion of Liberia's history, political development, civil wars, post-civil war recovery, and varied relationships with African nations during the administrations of presidents William V. S. Tubman,...

Firestorm: Allied Airpower and the Destruction of Dresden

de Marshall De Bruhl

On February 13 and 14, 1945, three successive waves of British and U.S. aircraft rained down thousands of tons of high explosive and incendiary bombs on the largely undefended German city of Dresden. Night and...

A Rage At Sea

de Frederick Lorenz

Follow the suspenseful and high-seas adventure of Dixon, a down-and-out boat captain in south Florida. Having lost his own ship gambling, Dixon spends his days drowning his sorrows in drink. It's a tough way...

When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies: Freeing Yourself from Food and Weight Obsession

de Jane R. Hirschmann

What do you think would happen if women stopped hating their bodies? We would . . . .

* Learn to eat when, what, and how much our bodies need.

* Overcome our fear of not dieting.

* Look in the mirror and like what...

Jewelry Making for Fun & Profit: Make Money Doing What You Love!

de Lynda Musante & Maria Nerius

Discover How to Profit From Your Craft

Have you ever dreamed of learning the elegant art of jewelry making? You can! Jewelry Making For Fun & Profit was written with two purposes in mind: to teach you the basics...

Some Love, Some Pain, Sometime: Stories

de J. California Cooper

Whether through her stories or her legendary readings, J. California Cooper has an uncanny ability to reach out to readers like an old and dear friend.  Her characters are plain-spoken and direct: simple people...

The Wind Blows Through the Doors of My Heart: Poems

de Deborah Digges

This breathtaking collection of poems by Deborah Digges, published posthumously, brings us rich stories of family life, nature’s bounty, love, and loss—the overflowing of a heart burdened by grief and moved...

Going For Broke: A Novel

de Melanie Dobson

A Christian woman hides a dirty little secret... How could she have sunk so low—and lost so much?

Rural Nursing, Fourth Edition: Concepts, Theory, and Practice

de Charlene A. PhD, APRN, ACNS-BC Winters

The fourth edition of the only text to focus on nursing concepts, theory, and practice in rural settings continues to provide comprehensive and evidence-based information to nursing educators, researchers, and...

The Dance of Hope: Finding Ourselves in the Rhythm of God's Great Story

de William C. Frey

A quick glance at the headlines reveals a world plagued by violence, hatred, unrest, disease and death–a world without hope. A look into our hearts yields similar results: loneliness, anger, sorrow, and depression...

The Good Life with Jesse Dylan: Redefining Your Health with the Greatest Visionaries of Our Time

de Jesse Dylan

This book, for the first time, brings together of the greatest healers and most inspirational visionaries of our time to provide an unprecedented compilation of wisdom: you will learn how to heal your body,...

Self-Esteem and Positive Psychology, 4th Edition: Research, Theory, and Practice

de Christopher J., PhD Mruk

"The author's voice is engaged, authoritative, and convinced of the esential role self-esteem plays in connecting psychological theory to clinical practice, a perspective many readers will welcome....Recommended."--...

Wealth Without Guilt

de Roland Hill

Dr. Roland J. Hill uncovers the secret that has kept millions from reaching their financial potential. In this book, you will discover the 1,500-year-old lie that has wrought havoc on the world. Discover, in...

Long Night's Journey into Day: The Path Away from Sin

de James Emery White

Struggling with life's dark side? Longing for change?

Begin the journey toward a transformed life!

Many of us look at our lives and wish we could experience lasting life-change. We long to live in the light of...

Yesterday's Echo

de Matt Coyle

Rick Cahill was never convicted of his wife's murder, but he was never exonerated either. Not by the police. Not by the media. Not even by himself. Eight years later, police suspicion and his own guilt remain...