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Bullish Thinking: The Advisors Guide to Surviving and Thriving on Wall Street

de Alden Cass, Brian F. Shaw & Sydney LeBlanc

Bullish Thinking is packed with hard-hitting true stories of financial professionals who have faced the many job stressors that fill this competitive industry. In it, you’ll learn how to identify particular...

Antibiotics and Bacterial Resistance

de Wiley Publications

The need for novel antibiotics is greater now than perhaps any time since the pre-antibiotic era. Indeed, the recent collapse of many pharmaceutical antibacterial groups, combined with the emergence of hypervirulent...

Green Networking

de Francine Krief

This book focuses on green networking, which is an important topic for the scientific community composed of engineers, academics, researchers and industrialists working in the networking field. Reducing the...

The Age of Aging: How Demographics Are Changing the Global Economy and Our World

de George Magnus

The year 2008 marks the beginning of the baby boomer retirement avalanche just as the different demographics in advanced and most developing countries are becoming more pronounced. People are worrying again...

Asia's Star Brands

de Paul Temporal


Asian brands have come of age, and no longer can be seen as "also rans" to their Western competitors. The problem is, very little has been know about them. Paul Temporal's book fills this gap,...

China Entrepreneur: Voices of Experience from 40 International Business Pioneers

de Juan Antonio Fernandez & Laurie Underwood

Launching a business in China? Give yourself a "second mover advantage." China-bound entrepreneurs and small business owners: learn from experienced China hands before you bring your business to the world's...

Asia's Turning Point: An Introduction to Asia's Dynamic Economies at the Dawn of the New Century

de Ivan Tselichtchev & Philippe Debroux

Asia was probably the biggest economic sensation of the post-war decades. The breathtaking success of Japan was followed by a remarkable rise of "four tigers", then ASEAN founder states and then China. The Asian...

Lives of the Poets: A Novella and Six Stories

de E.L. Doctorow

Innocence is lost to unforgettable experience in these brilliant stories by E. L. Doctorow, as full of mystery and meaning as any of the longer works by this American master. In “The Writer in the Family,”...

Winning Strategies: Secrets to Clinching Multimillion-Dollar Deals

de Anirban Dutta & Hetzel W. Folden

This is the only book that we know of, that focuses on the end-to-end IT services and outsourcing life cycle. The target audience is anybody that wants to know about the IT services business. The book is a complete...

Dictionary of Scientific Principles

de Stephen Marvin

Dictionary of Scientific Principles presents a unique and timeless collection of (almost) all known rules or laws commonly called principles, identified throughout the history of scientific development, their...

36 Stratagems for Investors: Timeless Financial Wisdom from a Chinese Classic

de HSBC Jintrust Fund Management

The 36 Stratagems are a unique collection of ancient Chinese proverbs that describe some of the most cunning and subtle strategies ever devised by man. Readers, and specifically investors, at all levels will...

New Asian Emperors: The Business Strategies of the Overseas Chinese

de George T. Haley, Usha C. V. Haley & Chin Tiong Tan

Southeast Asia has a population of more than half a billion, yet its economy is dominated by about 40 families, most of Overseas Chinese descent. Their conglomerates span sectors as diverse as real estate, telecommunications,...

Energy Markets: Price Risk Management and Trading

de Tom James

Price Risk Management and Trading.

Energy risk management expert, Tom James, does it again. His latest book is a timely addition to the rapidly developing energy trading markets. This book should be on every...

Chasing the Same Signals: How Black-Box Trading Influences Stock Markets from Wall Street to Shanghai

de Brian R. Brown

Conventional wisdom suggests that markets are efficient, random walks and that stock prices rise and fall with the fundamentals of the company. How then have black-box traders prospered and how do they exploit...

Structured Products in Wealth Management

de Steffen Tolle, Boris Hutter & Patrik Rüthemann

  • Structured products in the form of equity-linked derrivatives have seen a rapid rise in popularity in the field of wealth management.
  • Structured products are combinations of derivatives and traditional financial...

India's Store Wars: Retail Revolution and the Battle for the Next 500 Million Shoppers

de Geoff Hiscock

As India's middle class grows and disposable incomes rise, "modern" retail is becoming the next hot sector of the Indian economy. Hundreds of millions of new consumers will join this retail revolution, venturing...

50 Psychological Experiments for Investors

de Mickäel Mangot

Great book! Mickäel has done a great job of explaining the insights from over 50 groundbreaking psychological experiments. You will learn how to avoid many of the psychological mistakes made by most investors....

China's Banking and Financial Markets: The Internal Research Report of the Chinese Government

de Li Yang & Robert Lawrence Kuhn

"This is a very timely book. With the recapitalization and reform of China's banking sector now well under way, the banks are on the brink of a new era of growth and expansion. This work is the definitive reference...

Billy Bathgate: A Novel

PEN/Faulkner Award 1990, National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction 1989

de E.L. Doctorow

To open this book is to enter the perilous, thrilling world of Billy Bathgate, the brazen boy who is accepted into the inner circle of the notorious Dutch Schultz gang. Like an urban Tom Sawyer, Billy takes...

Analysis of Reliability and Quality Control: Fracture Mechanics 1

de Ammar Grous

This first book of a 3-volume set on Fracture Mechanics is mainly centered on the vast range of the laws of statistical distributions encountered in various scientific and technical fields. These laws are indispensable...