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Imperial Immigrants: The Scottish Settlers in the Upper Ottawa Valley, 1815-1840

de Michael E. E. Vance

Between 1815 and 1832, Great Britain settled more than 3,500 individuals, mostly from the Scottish Lowlands, in the Ottawa Valley. These government-assisted emigrations, which began immediately after the Napoleonic...

No Room for Error: The Story Behind the USAF Special Tactics Unit

de John T. Col Carney & Benjamin F. Schemmer

“John Carney is one of the few heroes I have.”


Founding member and Deputy Commander of Delta Force

When the U.S. Air Force decided to create an elite “special...

Seeking a Better Future: The English Pioneers of Ontario and Quebec

de Lucille H. H. Campey

Seeking a Better Future is the first major study of emigration from England to Ontario and Quebec. Extensively documented with previously unpublished passenger lists and details of more than 2,000 ship crossings,...

Beneath the Bones

de Tim Waggoner

When Joanne Talon was a child, she disappeared for six days. She returned without any memory of where she'd been and what happened to her during that time. Not long after that, four people were viciously murdered...

Frontier of the Dark: A Novel of an Alternate Rim Worlds Universe

de A. Bertram Chandler

A Space Fantasy Filled with Horror

The Mannschenn Drive was the gateway to the stars, but it had one unfortunate site effect . . .

Traveling faster than light, mankind reverted to the bestial form of his own...

The Sea Beasts

de A. Bertram Chandler

Strange and Monstrous Creatures from Under the Sea

They came in armies from under the sea—they possessed an intelligence and cunning beyond any human.

These incredible tales were dismissed as the ravings of...

The Alternate Martians: The Sequel to The Coils of Time, a Novel of an Alternate Rim Worlds Universe

de A. Bertram Chandler

The World of the Dreamers

In 1965, when Mariner IV radioed back the vision of Mars as a planet pocked with craters and unlikely to harbor life of any advanced sort, some newspapers wondered how science-fiction...

Glory Planet

de A. Bertram Chandler

Mystery and intrigue on the waterways of the planet Venus

The Venus colony was settled and thriving, when suddenly all communication from Earth ceased. No messages. No transports. Nothing.

Insistent that science...

The Coils of Time: A Novel of an Alternate Rim Worlds Universe

de A. Bertram Chandler

Down into the tortuous coils of time . . .

Dr. Henshaw had created what he thought was a time travel machine and he had sent guinea pigs through it. But now he needed a human guinea pig to test it with.


The Hamelin Plague

de A. Bertram Chandler

It's Not Human!

It began with a few small items in the newspapers—dead dogs and cats, a mutilated child, a series of unexplained fires. Then, suddenly, it exploded into a full-sized catastrophe.

Huge mutants—half...

Murder at the Opera

Capital Crimes #22

de Margaret Truman

Margaret Truman, who knows where all the bodies are buried inside the Beltway, has written her most thrilling novel of suspense yet. Murder at the Opera features the popular crime-fighting couple Mac Smith and...

Body at Home: A Simple Plan to Drop 10 Pounds

de Jorge Cruise

Ready to save money and get fit? Jorge Cruise’s Body at Home is a two-in-one book for women and men that guarantees results in just two weeks with no fancy equipment, gym membership, or serious time commitment....

The Kar-Chee Reign

de Avram Davidson

Earth is flat, empty, weary, and bare.

Her children, too, had left her, all but a few who lived peacefully off the land. And then came the Kar-Chee, to crack Earth open and suck out what remained of her richness,...

Ursus of Ultima Thule

de Avram Davidson

The Bear

Swarthy, hairy, ostracized by others of his tribe, Arnten set off to lead a life of proud an lonely independence in his primitive world of Thule—Ultima Thule—where med huddled in animal skins against...

The Fall of the House of Heron

de Eden Phillpotts

An Amoral Mad Scientist and His Quest for Scientific Justice

Dr. Faraday Heron: brilliant academic, nuclear research pioneer, loner, envious younger son . . . murderer.

He may have grown up in his brother's...

Abingdon Old Testament Commentaries | Ezekiel

de Nancy R. Bowen

Explores Ezekiel--a story of trauma, holiness, and survival

A Man of Honor: First Responders Book #3

de Loree Lough

Dusty and Grace find love together, but will it be enough to pull them through tragedy?

Shutting Out the Sun: How Japan Created Its Own Lost Generation

de Michael Zielenziger

The world’s second-wealthiest country, Japan once seemed poised to overtake America. But its failure to recover from the economic collapse of the early 1990s was unprecedented, and today it confronts an array...

Cybele's Secret

Wildwood #2

de Juliet Marillier

FOR PAULA, ACCOMPANYING her merchant father on a trading voyage to Istanbul is a dream come true. They have come to this city of trade on a special mission to purchase a most rare artifact—a gift from the...

Beautiful Corn: America's Original Grain from Seed to Plate

de Anthony Boutard

From seed to plate – the seasons of a remarkable crop