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Pirates Drive Buses

de Christopher Morgan & Neil Curtis

"OH, NO," SAID HEIDI.  "IT'S THAT PIRATE AGAIN."  IT SURE IS.  Newly-independent readers will welcome the pirate's return.Billy and Heidi were walking to school when they heard the strangest sound. An odd...

The Blood Detective

Nigel Barnes #1

de Dan Waddell

When the naked, mutilated body of a man is found in a Notting Hill graveyard and the police investigation led by Detective Chief Inspector Grant Foster and his colleague Detective Superintendent Heather Jenkins...

Perfect Beauty

de Keith Elliot Greenberg & Vincent Felber

Cynthia George was the stunning wife of one of Akron Ohio’s most successful restaurateurs, and mother of seven. She flaunted her money, her body…even her extra-marital affairs. Until she got in too deep...

Big Chief Elizabeth

de Giles Milton

In April 1586, Queen Elizabeth I acquired a new and exotic title. A tribe of Native Americans had made her their weroanza—a word that meant "big chief". The news was received with great joy, both by the Queen...

The Cold Truth

Julian Palmer #1

de Jonathan Stone

Female NYPD trainee Julian Palmer has come to a frigid corner of Upstate New York to work alongside legendary police chief Winston "Bear" Edwards-to help solve the brutal murder of a young waitress, and perhaps...

The Thirty-third Hour

de Mitchell Chefitz

The Thirty-third Hour opens at midnight Saturday, in the study of Rabbi Arthur Greenberg, the leader of the largest synagogue in Miami. The Rabbi has until 9 a.m. Monday morning, thirty-three hours, to investigate...

The Tailor-King

de Anthony Arthur

He was only a Dutch tailor's apprentice, but from 1534 to 1535, Jan van Leyden led a radical sect of persecuted Anabaptists to repeated triumphs over the combined powers of church and state. Revered by his followers...

Future War

de John B. Alexander, Ph.D.

The nature of warfare has changed! Like it or not, terrorism has established a firm foothold worldwide. Economics and environmental issues are inextricably entwined on a global basis and tied directly to national...

Dispensing with the Truth

de Alicia Mundy

Semi-finalist for the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Book Award

In 1996, a terrible epidemic began killing young American women. Some died quickly, literally dropping in their steps. Others took more time, from a...

Grandma's Wartime Baking Book

de Joanne Lamb Hayes

Anyone who loves great American desserts will delight in Grandma's Wartime Baking Book. The result of extensive research, interviews, and recipe testing, Joanne Lamb Hayes's follow-up to Grandma's Wartime Kitchen...

The Second Death of George Mallory

de Reinhold Messner & Tim Carruthers

As a boy, climbing legend Reinhold Messner was inspired by another legend: George Mallory's tragic final ascent of Mount Everest in 1924. To Messner, and to thousands of others, Mallory’s attempt--whether...

The Fiend in Human

de John MacLachlan Gray

It's 1852, and the ranks of the London poor have doubled. In the swollen shadow of the great St. Giles Rookery, fallen women attract the perfumed dandies of the West End into a vicious circle of venality, vanity,...

Evel Knievel

de Ace Collins

Robert "Evel" Knievel is one of the most unique heroes to earn a place in the collective psyche of this country. A high school dropout, an award-winning athlete, a petty thief, a motorcycle racer, and a political...

Broken Machines

de Michael I. Leahey

James Joseph Donovan stares out his own window, watching as the rain soaks Manhattan and puts a damper on his thirty-ninth birthday. J.J. Donovan is a private consultant - an expert people turn to when they've...

Third Person Singular

Mars Bahr #1

de Kj Erickson

Set against the black backdrop of a ruthless Minnesota winter, KJ Erickson's debut novel is bursting with masterfully plotted suspense and intricately rendered characters.

Prickly but gifted Minneapolis Special...

Bayou Moon

de C.L. Bevill & C. L. Bevill

Old secrets are rising up to haunt the inhabitants of Louisiana's small, rustic St. Germaine Parish, where no one is quite who they seem, and restless spirits are rumored to roam the woods and the antebellum...

The Rampant Reaper

Charlie Greene #7

de Marlys Millhiser

Literary agent and amateur sleuth Charlie Greene accompanies her mother to her great-great-aunt's funeral under great duress--after all, Charlie herself is adopted, and this part of her extended family has never...

The Babysitter

de Diana Diamond

How far will one man and his wife go to protect their privileged lives? Gordon Acton is a well heeled Congressional candidate and hopes to attract votes by hiring a young minority woman as a babysitter for their...

Cruise Vacations for Mature Travelers

de Kerry Smith

If you're one of the more than five million people who will go on a cruise vacation this year, you may be wondering how to choose between the many cruise lines, ships, and destinations that are available. You...


Inspector Devlin #1

de Brian McGilloway

The snow ceased as the assistant state pathologist arrived, black medical bag in hand. I stood by the river as she worked, and watched the sun exploding low over the horizon.

          From the New...