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Sherlock Holmes the Golden Years: Five New Post-retirement Adventures

de Kim H. Krisco

Sherlock Holmes lamented, "I fear that retirement will elude me." It surely does in this five-story chronicle: The saga begins with The Bonnie Bag of Bones that lead the infamous duo on a not-so-merry chase...

Benedict Cumberbatch, Transition Completed: Films, Fame, Fans

de Lynnette Porter

Star Trek: Into Darkness, The Fifth Estate, 12 Years a Slave, August: Osage County, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug-these would be milestones in most actors' entire career. For Benedict Cumberbatch, roles...

Two, To One, Be

de Carrie Carlson

In 2009, a few inspired individuals took notice of the plight of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's former home 'Undershaw' in Hindhead, Surrey and determined that it was up to them to do something about it. Banding together,...

The Love of My Youth

de Mary Gordon

From the acclaimed author of Pearl and Final Payments comes a beautifully choreographed novel about first lovers meeting again after more than thirty years and reimmersing themselves in their shared past.


Arrival City: How the Largest Migration in History Is Reshaping Our World

de Doug Saunders

Look around: the largest migration in human history is under way. For the first time ever, more people are living in cities than in rural areas. Between 2007 and 2050, the world’s cities will have absorbed...

God's Big Picture: Finding Yourself In God's Plan

de Dr. LaDonna C. Osborn

Although the Bible is a multi-faceted book, written over a period of 2000 years by more than 40 different authors, it contains a remarkably simple message of God's redemption plan for people that is commonly...

For By It...Faith: If You Don't Know What "IT" is, You Won't Have It!

de Jesse Duplantis

God has a great plan for your life and He's put things on your heart that He wants you to have and do. So how will you access ALL that God has in store? With three little words: "For by it."

In this revolutionary...

Up: Writing a new Chapter of Joy and Laughter

de Beth Jones

Got the blues? Bummed out? In the dumps? Feel isolated, overlooked, rejected? Does your situation feel hopeless? Want to run away? While your friends are reaching higher toward their dreams and desires, do you...

Approved: Getting a New View of You

de Beth Jones

If you've ever been dissed, overlooked, let go, snubbed, ignored or invisible, you have felt the pain of rejection. We've all been there, but God does not want us to live with the fear of being rejected or dissed....

Abba: You Have a Father

de Jenny Kutz

The heart of ABBA, the Father God, has been evident since creation, when He walked with Adam in close communion. Yet, when sin entered, so did separation from God's fellowship with man. Only through the Blood...

Sanctuary of Fire

de R. J. Machado De Quevedo

In a sudden whoosh, fire surrounded me, a holy sanctuary of fire. My long red hair blew back, electricity crackled along my skin, and as the flames engulfed me, I felt the power of the Lord descend upon me and...

Speak 'Face'book?!: A fun and intriguing way to spice up your Facebook posts

de Rob Key

Welcome to a whole new way to Facebook! In the book Speak “Face”book?! you will be introduced to a wide variety of terms created specifically for your social networking. If you are looking for a way to standout...

Richard And Ryan's Grand Adventure: Red Turban Rebellion

de Michele Armstrong

Michele Armstrong is a grandmother of 11. Her grandson Ryan suggested she write a book about a coin with a square center, dragons, and a warrior. See how she did. Michele lives in Lake Havasu City, AZ, with...

The Use and Abuse of Literature

de Marjorie Garber

As defining as Christopher Lasch’s The Culture of Narcissism, Allan Bloom’s The Closing of the American Mind, and Dinesh D’Souza’s Illiberal Education were to the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, respectively,...

The Formula: Second Edition

de Marjorie Barcomb

Many books have been written about goal-setting and making your dreams come true; however, just setting and writing your goals and objectives is not enough. You must be forward looking, anticipating roadblocks...

Vigilance: The Price of Liberty: What you can do today to save America tomorrow

de Megan V. Zwerling & Robert J. Zwerling

This book is about liberty and how it is tied to our prosperity. Unless we become vigilant, know the Constitution, and demand a well-managed government, then the American dream will die with the next generation....

Hey Doc! What is Wrong with My Eye: A General Guide to Eye Problems

de John C. MD Barber

Are you seeing fireworks or lightning flashes? Having double vision? Feeling sudden pain in the eye? What does it mean? Does laser surgery let you see without glasses? What is a lazy eye and can it be treated?...

If...: The Condition

de Dave Barber

Dave Barber sets up an interesting and universal question at the beginning of his book, If... For everyone at one time or another has wondered, "What would have happened had I made another choice at a particular...

The Collegiate Misadventures of Jeremiah Stone

de Justin A. Baker

Party boy Jeremiah Stone loves his college life. He doesn't know what he's going to do next week, much less with the rest of his life. All he knows is partying makes him happy. Until he wakes up next to the...

Beeber the Beaver

de Colleen Barnard

Beeber, the beaver, was beloved by his family and friends in Beaver Creek. The loss of his mother made Beeber sad and withdrawn, and he could not focus in school. All the beavers worried about him, because he...