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The Better World Shopping Guide: Every Dollar Makes a Difference

de Ellis Jones

Do your groceries make the grade? Check out your shopping basket with this 100,000-copy bestseller.

The Timespace of Human Activity: On Performance, Society, and History as Indeterminate Teleological Events

de Theodore R. Schatzki

This book develops an original Heideggerian account of the timespace and indeterminacy of human activity while describing insights that this account provides into the nature of activity, society and history....

The Sea Road

de Margaret Elphinstone

A haunting, compelling historical novel, The Sea Road is a daring re-telling of the 11th-century Viking exploration of the North Atlantic from the viewpoint of one extraordinary woman. Gudrid lives at the remote...

A Glorious Revolution for Youth and Communities: Service-Learning and Model Communities

de Whitehead Iii, George I.

This book integrates the ideas of service-learning, positive youth development, and model communities into a book with a comprehensive message about making communities more democratic. Specifically, the authors...

A Future for Criticism

de Catherine Belsey

A Future for Criticism considers why fiction gives so much pleasure, and the neglect of this issue in contemporary criticism.

  • Offers a brief, lively, and accessible account of a new direction for critical practice,...

Campbell's Scoop

de Patty Campbell

At the request of her many fans, Patty Campbell has selected some of her best essays, articles, columns, and speeches on the subject of YA literature. Editor of the Scarecrow Studies in Young Adult Literature...

The Courteous CAD

de Catherine Palmer

On her tour of the English countryside, a chance encounter in the streets alerts Miss Prudence Watson to the inhumane working conditions at the worsted mill. She learns that the owner is William Sherbourne,...

Leadership Prayers

de Richard Kriegbaum

An ideal gift book for leaders, features 30 heartfelt prayers, insightful reflections, and Scripture.

The Prisoner in the Third Cell

de Gene Edwards

Imprisoned by Herod, John the Baptist struggles to understand a Lord who did not meet his expectations—a dramatic account offering insight into the ways of God.

The Affectionate Adversary

de Catherine Palmer

Charles Locke is risking everything to make his fortune in a tea-trading enterprise. Sarah Carlyle believes money is the root of all evil and is determined to be rid of her fortune. When Charles and Sarah are...

Cinderella Story: A Scholarly Sketchbook about Race, Identity, Barack Obama, the Human Spirit, and Other Stuff that Matters

de Jr., James Haywood Rolling

Cinderella Story is an experimental autoethnography that explores critical racial issues in America through the media of language and images.

The Edutainer: Connecting the Art and Science of Teaching

de Brad Johnson

This book describes an educational approach that provides teachers with core operational and interpersonal skills_including communication, organization, management, planning, and building authentic relationships...

The Pedagogy of Adaptation

de Raw Cutchins

This collection of essays focuses on numerous contexts to emphasize why film adaptations matter to students of literature. Written by specialists in a variety of fields, ranging from film, radio, theater, and...

The 50 Biggest Estate Planning Mistakes...and How to Avoid Them

de Jean Blacklock & Sarah Kruger

Stepping Lightly Around the Pitfalls of Estate Planning...

Estate planning is one of those unpleasant but really important tasks. Unfortunately, the process is not only hard to get started, it is then easy to...

The Cantor's Daughter: Stories

de Scott Nadelson

The Cantor's Daughter is the compelling new collection from Oregon Book Award Winner and recipient of the GLCA's New Writers Award for 2005, Scott Nadelson. In his follow-up to Saving Stanley, these stories...

God Clobbers Us All

de Poe Ballantine

SET AGAINST THE DECAYING HALLS of a San Diego rest home in the 1970s, God Clobbers Us All is the shimmering, hysterical, and melancholy account of eighteen-year-old surfer-boy orderly, Edgar Donahoe, and his...

Things I Like about America: Personal Narratives

de Poe Ballantine

POE BALLANTINE’S RISKY PERSONAL ESSAYS are populated with odd jobs, eccentric characters, boarding houses, buses, and beer. He takes us along on his Greyhound bus journey through small town America (including...

The Value of Time and Leisure in a World of Work

de Kline Haney

This book is concerned with how we should think and act in our work, leisure activities, and time utilization in order to achieve flourishing lives. The scope papers range from general theoretical considerations...

Stairway Walks in San Francisco

de Adah Bakalinsky

Hundreds of stairways traverse San Francisco’s 42 hills, exposing incredible vistas while connecting colorful, unique neighborhoods, and veteran guide Adah Bakalinsky loves them all. Her updated Stairway Walks...

Afoot and Afield: Las Vegas and Southern Nevada: A Comprehensive Hiking Guide

de Brian Beffort

Beyond the bright lights of one of the city's fastest growing metropolitan areas is some of the most rugged, beautiful, and remote country around. Popular destinations such as Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire,...