The Defective Detective : Murder on the Links

The Defective Detective : Murder on the Links

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6 611 mots (≈ 26 minutes)

Clint had woken up in some strange places in his time. Narcolepsy is like that. But even he had never woken up on a golf course next to a dead body. Until today.

When one of his friends reveals himself to be a detective Clint jumps at the chance to tag along. But his friend is an idiot. And the police are beginning to suspect that he was involved. The identity of the killer seems obvious but can Clint get to the bottom of the mystery and save his own skin before the… (plus)

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23 septembre 2012 12:29

Hi, it would be nice if you could add "Episode 1", "Episode 2" and so on, otherwise it's hard for those of us that just now come to the series to know where to start.

Thanks for sharing your work!

adammaxwell (2 livres)
24 juin 2010 15:56

Have just added a star at the end of each section to ensure no one else is confused.

Episode 2 of The Defective Detective will be hitting Feedbooks very soon too for those that liked this one.

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Nombre de mots: 6 611 mots (≈ 26 minutes)

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