Bronzed Emeralds

Bronzed Emeralds

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1 170 mots (≈ 5 minutes)

A Harry Potter X Twilight cross-over short story.

Edward Cullen still has doubts about his mate, Harry, and the situation they've found themselves in. The young man was a Wizard, sure, but he was still human; and humans were breakable. Was the pregnancy worth the risk?

Harry Potter is adamant that their baby is worth every single risk. The only thing that he and Edward haven't discussed yet was names. Harry has only one name in mind, but he is unsure of Edward's reaction.… (plus)

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Langue: Anglais

Ecrit en: 2012

Publié: 2012-01-16

Nombre de mots: 1 170 mots (≈ 5 minutes)

Licence: Paternité - Pas de Modification

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phwushhh. Hi yo hello howdy everybody.

I'm Julie, you can call me Julie. I'm Australian.

My eBooks are free (buhcuzz all the good things in life are free (like air)... and because I'm not that great).

And I publish under 'juliemort'. Just because I can.

In fact you can even call me Juliemort. I lied - just call me Julie.


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