I Love Christmas

I Love Christmas

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2 857 mots (≈ 11 minutes)

This is a sermon delivered in the early 1990's attempting to answer the objections that people, including Christians, have against Christmas. The title obviously expresses the conclusion.

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Langue: Anglais

Ecrit en: 2012

Publié: 2012-12-01

Nombre de mots: 2 857 mots (≈ 11 minutes)

Licence: Paternité - Pas de Modification

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Marvin McKenzie was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and converted to Christianity at age eighteen. He has devoted his nearly thirty years in the ministry to planting and pastoring churches in Oregon and Washington, and to educating the next generation of Baptist preachers.

Marvin and Anita have two sons. Both are involved in the ministry in Washington State.

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