The Low Blood Sugar Hero

The Low Blood Sugar Hero

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1 028 mots (≈ 4 minutes)

An undiagnosed diabetic and mild mannered bank manager struggles with his symptoms, his weight and late night ice cream cravings. In the midst of a low blood sugar episode, he encounters a dangerous masked man attempting to rob customers in an ATM vestibule in his neighborhood.

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Langue: Anglais

Ecrit en: 2013

Publié: 2013-12-07

Nombre de mots: 1 028 mots (≈ 4 minutes)

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Semyon White, was born in Queens NY, attended classes at Boston University. He performed in rock bands in Boston and worked as a photographer for a decade before returning to New York where he was employed by the Unified Court System for 14 years before dropping out of society all together. Obsessed with Einstein and gravity, he lives in reclusion, writing, playing piano and wandering back and forth between New York, Las Vegas and Hong Kong.

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