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Consumerism Essay

de Esra Froese

Consumerism is what keeps some economic systems going. If a recession hits, though, the economies that rely on consumerism are screwed. Our consumerist habits mess up the futures of young people in the Third...



Tonight; We Feast Like Kings

de Vince Kamp

They're sick to death of surviving on the scraps of food thrown away by the humans. Pecking through bins and scavenging unfinished discarded kebabs. Frank and his team of highly organized crows aren't going...



Causes of 2009

de Saints.SQPN.com

Being a Compendium of Brief Profiles of the Saints, Beati and Venerables whose Causes for Canonization achieved Recognition in 2009. From SQPN Books.




de Tom Lichtenberg

A man saved by accident from global human extinction is able to travel back in time within the previous century – the only problem is, he’s a black man in 20th century America. A screenplay based on characters...

Amrtabindu Upanishad

de unknown

Amrtabindu Upanishad, translated from Sanskrit into English by Miles Wright, edited on feedbooks with permission by Gabriele Ebert

Danger Trail #20

de Don Walsh

Danger Trail: Affairs of Blood and State, Part 6 (of 6).

The Supernaturals

de Pete Donald

Another Children's short story by Pete Donald. part of the 5 minute fiction series. For more information visit www.5minutefiction.co.uk. Enjoy



The Late Charles Smith

de M.M.Wake

Another short tale from the pen of M.M.Wake, brought to you by www.5minutefiction.co.uk Enjoy...x




de Baba Tornskin

Two characters, a suburban hipster and a sadomasochistic ambulance driver, intersect at a fatal moment.



Ground Zero

de Jade Casey

Love does not suffer loss without pain. A story of deep love and tragic loss that will touch the most frigid heart. He was the best war strategist and spy the king had, she was the king's blacksmith's daughter....

Abul Fazl al Abbas: Eminence and Status

de Syed Mohamad Masoom - XKP

In Islam, the value and significance of a person is not in relation to the worldly bounties possessed by him. Rather, his worth and importance is gauged by the parameters of correct beliefs, good deeds, ethics...

The Hiderian Curse

de Nabeel Khan

Read More from Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007T9IBLU Legend has it that there would one day be a love so pure and grand that it would transcend all feeling and emotion. Be warned... this tale is not...



Danger Trail Vol. 1

de Don Walsh

This volume collects Danger Trail #1-12 as well as Danger Trail Annual #1. This is the complete first story arc in which our pulp heroes confront the treachery of the Blood Queen, the Dragon Queen and their...

Tafsir of Holy Quran - Surah 31 to 35

de Aqa Mahdi Puya (Agha Pooya) - XKP

Tafsir of 31 Luqmaan (Luqman) 32 Sajdah (The Prostration) 33 Ahzaab (The Clans) 34 Saba (Saba) 35 Faatir (The Angels) translated by Mirza M. Pooya. One of the few and most comprehensive and detailed commentaries...

Suicide Squad #13

de Jay McIntyre

Suicide Squad: Who Do You Trust? (A Justice League vs. America tie-in)

Ultimate Gotham Girls #22

de Samantha Chapman

Ultimate Gotham Girls: Save Our Circus. Haley's Circus is back in town, and ready to put on a killer show for Gotham City...at least, it was until a half-rate supervillain made a big-name mess by setting the...

Naked Heat: Walkthrough

de Jess C Scott

The Naked Heat Anthology by Jess C Scott is a collection of incubus and succubus stories. Naked Heat: Walkthrough is a freebie mini compilation. In this promotional eBook, Jess talks about the themes and inspirations...


de Stephen W. Cote

A young woman becomes the eighth wife to the prophet of a celestial family. But following the marriage ceremony and witness to consummation, the prophet unknowingly invites more than the young woman into his...

Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited EXCERPTS

de Sam Vaknin

The Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and relationships with abusive narcissists and psychopaths - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), journal entries, excerpts from the archives of the Narcissism List.



Fish Pie

de Dick Fletcher

The author does not like - has never liked - fish pie.