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The Flash #31

de Kevin Feeney

The Flash: Legacy of the Lightning, Part Two (of Four). The New Rogues are loose. The Flash's home has been destroyed. His family have been targeted by vicious murderers. His city is under siege from the monstrous...

The Parents Guide to Dealing with Colds and Flus

de Kleenex, the Sneezesafe Program and Dr John D’Arcy

Useful tips for parents on dealing with colds and flus - brought to you by Kleenex, the Sneezesafe Program and Dr John D’Arcy



How to Make Tile Cleaning Effective

de Fusioncleaning

Tile cleaning can be an exhausting task. That is if people fail to know the significant pointers involved in managing it. If there is one specific location in the house, which needs immediate cleaning, it is...




de Scott Maddix

A bit of beat surreality.



Nightwing #42

de Imari

Nightwing: The Return, Part 3 (of 7): The Ties That Bind Us. How can things get worse? Jason Todd battles demons inner and out as he faces The Prince of Lies and his silent human golems! Things get downright...

The Blood of Coldfrost (A Wardstone Short)

de M.R. Mathias

A brief account of the Battle of Coldfrost, which happened a few years before "The Sword and the Dragon" begins. This is just a few hundred words I wrote that preclude the begining of my 235,300 word Epic. If...




de Alan Garth

A wonderful new short story brought to you by the lovely folk at www.5minutefiction.co.uk Enjoy x



Crash Report

de Ray Daley

You'd better not shout, you'd better not cry. You'd better not pout, I'm telling you why. Something bad has happened to Jolly Old Saint Nick. Read what happened in this leaked document.

Ultimate Supergirl #1

de James Steel

Ultimate Supergirl: Little Girl Lost, Part 1 (of 2).

Jasper Poetry

de Desarae Shrum

Lovely poetry written for your enjoyment and pleasure from life, love, rhyming, to even poems out of a persons name.



Firestorm #1

de Alex Vasquez Romero

Firestorm: For Every Action... ,Part 1. Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein not only discover that they will never be the same after the Hudson Accident, but also what else has crawled from the wreckage.

The Sea Witch Rewaved

de Nickita Dyalhis

An elderly professor finds a man washed up on the beach near her home. Perfectly fine, and extremely beautiful: golden-haired and sapphire eyed. A Norse legend come to life, and bewitching as she takes him home...

Loose Movement Part 1

de Steve Wheeler

Loose Movement Part 1 by Steve Wheeler is a collection of short pieces of travel writing, film and music reviews and short stories. A time capsule of sorts, LooseMovement Part 1 is a record of Steve Wheeler's...

Powers, Inc. #2

de Ramon Villalobos and Charles Wilkins

Powers, Inc.: The Case of the Mysterious MacGuffin. Powers Inc are currently the highest grossing supergroup in the United States... Not hard considering that every other team does the right thing and fights...

The Flash #33

de Kevin Feeney

The Flash: Shockwaves. In the aftermath of the Earth-shattering events of 'Legacy of the Lightning', the Flash's world has been irrevocably broken. Now watch the beginning of the all-new status quo for the Fastest...

Abreast Of The Law

de Philip A. Bellefleur

Linda loved her mirror, but when she met Trooper Jane Trebek she knew she had been outgunned.

A Life Bared

de C. A. Stommel

A teddy bear describes moments in his life: From beginning to end. While offering insight into a little girl growing up.


de Andrew Gordinier

A bank robber is haunted by his guilty past.

Seeing The Truth

de Patsy Collins

Another great little read from the lovely www.5minutefiction.co.uk




de pikachuuu

He wanted his story told................