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The Discovery of Socket Greeny (Book 1 in Socket Trilogy; Part 1)



The Question #3

de Charles Wilkins

The Question: A Night In Their Arms. The lights of Las Vegas welcome a lone traveler onto its streets. Yes, after so many months, The Question has arrived. Why is he here? What is so important to him? What is...

It's the Eyes

de Ian Woodhead

Gareth's brother was very mean to him. He wanted his brother dead. Perhaps he asked for too much?



Saint Teresa of Avila, by Father Hugh Kelly, SJ

de Saints.SQPN.com

A brief overview of the life, works, writings and character of the great reforming Carmelite, Saint Teresa of Avila. From SQPN Books.



Dawn Debris

de Tom Lichtenberg

When his new idea is stolen, Morris Bevelhead turns to the best finder of lost things in the business - Dawn Debris, Private Eye. After a hearty breakfast, Dawn finds herself trapped in a sinister conspiracy...

The Three Lives Of Paul

de Marvin McKenzie

Outside of Jesus Christ, no other man has so impacted Christian history and thinking. Paul's story is a pattern for all true Christians.



Drayton, the Taker

de Tony Bertauski

Drayton once believed he was a vampire. He doesn’t know what he is. Or why he lives. He takes not his victim’s blood but the silky essence of their soul during their last breath. Often mistaken for the Angel...



It Lives in Dark Places

de Dave Jeffery

It was supposed to go smooth. A cushy number. A dead cert. Robert Ashford should’ve known that there was no such thing; not when the Fratellis were involved. The Fratellis – the underworld equivalent of...



Migrations, Volume I : Don't Forget to Breathe

de Ashim Shanker

"...he could imagine the Dust spiraling in corners, plotting en masse an elaborate offensive upon those who sought seclusion from the outside Universe. The Dust: it was older than Time, bound by its allegiance...

Green Lantern #21

de Charles Wilkins

Green Lantern: Infect, Part 1. In the aftermath of last issue, Hal Jordan is pulled across the universe for a debriefing by the Guardians of the Universe-- and is briefed on the secret history of the Zamorans!...

Powers, Inc. #2

de Ramon Villalobos and Charles Wilkins

Powers, Inc.: The Case of the Mysterious MacGuffin. Powers Inc are currently the highest grossing supergroup in the United States... Not hard considering that every other team does the right thing and fights...

Suicide Squad #16

de Jay McIntyre

Suicide Squad: New Blood, Finale. The Parademon is on the loose! The Mad Scientists make a mad dash for freedom! And Killer Frost's friendship with Terra takes a turn that Terra doesn't like at all...

Teen Titans #18

de Mark Bowers

Teen Titans: The Trigon Empire, Part 2. Trigon's out to destroy the future and he's not going to let the Titans there stand in his way. Meanwhile, back in the present, an old enemy makes a reappearance and threatens...

The Flash #17

de Sebastian Gutierrez and Immanuel Coke

The Flash: Live Fast, Die Young: Faster Than Ever. This is it; the final confrontation between The Flash and Savitar! He's lost his powers, and his wife and son have been kidnapped by an extra dimensional madman,...

Saints for Bakers

de Saints.SQPN.com

A collection of short articles and biographies of saints and beati who worked as bakers, or have a tradition of patronage of people who do. From SQPN Books.



Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, by Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

de Saints.SQPN.com

A transcription of the visions of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich that relate to the days leading up to the birth of Jesus Christ. From SQPN Books.



The Tenth Lost Tale of Mercia: Edmund the Aetheling

de Jayden Woods

In the tenth and final Lost Tale, young prince Edmund suspects a plot against his father's life. He turns to his siblings, Aydith and Aethelstan, for help, but King Ethelred heeds none of them. Will they ever...

The Calm White Brow

de Eille Somersby

When four war-weary people met at Keal Hall, early in 1946, it was to compare notes about an adventure they had unwittingly shared. At dinner one evening, William Ashby and Bertram Lennox-Brock were beguiled...

Real Time Research: Improvisational Game Scholarship

de Seann Dikkers, Eric Zimmerman, Kurt Squire, Constance Steinkuehler, et al.

Real-Time Research is a new kind of on-the-spot scholarship. At a series of conferences, the authors of this book asked academics, educators, and designers to collaborate on short-term, improvisational research...



Head Elf

de Iain Baker

Everyone knows about Santa Claus, but how much do you know about his elves? Isn't it about time the unsung hero's of Christmas got there side told? Follow the climb of Franklin to become the North Poles Head...