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Plus d'options

The Machine

de Matthew Stoff

If computers could talk... what would they say?

Megan's Odd Adventure

de Jonathan Raftery

A children's adventure story about a young girl who finds herself lost in a strange land. Talking flowers, mysterious shadow cats and a mad king all stand in her way as she embarks on the long journey home....

Entropy of Imagination

de Ryan Somma

Trapped in a World Running Out of Ideas...

Thousands of years ago, before he was trapped on an isolated computer system, Flatline was programmed to conquer the world. Today he’s escaped back to the World Wide...




de Ryan Somma

How would you raise yourself?

Your cloned child is a mirror, simultaneously reflecting who you are and what you might have been. It's potential was your potential. Can your clone achieve those dreams that fell...




de Vernon Lee

Vernon Lee was the pseudonym of the British writer Violet Paget (1856 – 1935). She is remembered today primarily for her supernatural fiction and her work on aesthetics. An early follower of Walter Pater,...

The Spiraling Web

de Ryan Somma

The cycs are not a computer virus bringing down the Internet as everyone thinks, but a sentience naturally evolved from our information systems. Flatline, a hacker with seemingly supernatural powers over information...



Light and Dark: A Twilight Parody

de Natsuki-Ookami-Inuzuka

A parody of the original Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. Imagine if the Cullens were like Dracula, Bella was emo, and she hated them. That's what I had to do to write this interesting twist on a book of sweet girls...



Green Lantern #19

de Daniel Palmer

Green Lantern: The Mourning After.

Suicide Squad #14

de Jay McIntyre

Suicide Squad: New Blood, Part 1. The exciting new Squad era continues here with a dramatic new story arc and an intriguing new team roster... The Squad recruits a new member just in time to deal with the theft...

Teen Titans #16

de Mark Bowers

Teen Titans: Titanic Days, Part 3.

The Flash #15

de Sebastian Gutierrez

The Flash: Funeral for a Friend. The Rogues gather for the funeral for their former leader, Captain Cold, and form an alliance to to finally initiate their plan of world domination. And the mastermind behind...

The Question #2

de Charles Wilkins

The Question: See No Evil. The Question is still heading for Las Vegas when he drives into the wrong city at the wrong time, where the citizens are gripped with terror as a new, horrific serial killer is murdering...

Life Blood

de Thomas Hoover

(Pinnacle 2000) New York filmmaker Morgan James is about to journey straight into the heart of a dark conspiracy, hidden deep in the mist-shrouded Maya rain forest of Central America, where a bizarre human experiment...



Frankenstein Remade

de Marly Shelley

Victoria Frankenstein is a driven researcher. So much so that she creates a breakthrough: a living woman. Thus begins her descent into horror, as she begins to understand just what she has done and the tragedy...

So Far

de Ray Weeks

"What's the worst thing you've ever done?" These are the words that launch a man into his past, forcing him to recall an event that changed his life forever.

The Eighth Lost Tale of Mercia: Canute the Viking

de Jayden Woods

As a teenager, Canute struggles to find his place among a fortress of Jomsvikings and the differing religions surrounding them. An unexpected relationship with another Jomsviking, forbidden by the Christians,...

Batman #39

de Charles Wilkins

Batman: Surface Tension. Jason Todd is Batman?! Dick Grayson is missing, presumed insane?! This issue, Black Mask makes a move against the city, prompting the new Batman and Robin team to launch an all out offense...

Detective Comics #39

de Charles Wilkins

Detective Comics: What Are You Afraid Of? Arkham Asylum has been replaced by a bigger, better institution, spearheaded by Wayne Enterprises. During the prisoner transfer, an old enemy escapes-- but in twenty...

Justice League #0

de David Charlton

Justice League: Justice Falls. Crisis: The Apokolips Imperative, concludes! This is it! The final battle between Earth and Apokolips as the World's Greatest Heroes take the fight to Darkseid! Don't dare miss...

New Outsiders #11

de Brian Burchette

New Outsiders: Aftermath, Part 1. The Crisis may be over, but The New Outsiders find that the aftermath will be just as devastating as they return from Apokolips to find that Las Vegas is under martial law,...