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HerStories of Peace - 5 Women Leaders

de P.M. Thomas

Follow in the footsteps of Women of Peace & Non-Violence through-out history. We are honoring these leaders as an on-going project to highlight Peace & Non-Violence leadership among Women and retell their HerStories....

The naked truth

de Andre Gal

Where are we heading? What kind of fate is waiting for us hidden in the darkness of our unknown future? If your restless mind is trying in vain to find the answer to those questions, maybe this story is for...

The Greater Darkness (The Reflections Series)

de Eldon Murphy

Something powerful is stirring in the darkness. Something so ancient that even creatures who've been alive for hundreds of years have long since discounted this new threat as nothing more than myth. Geoffrey...

Reborn (The Awakening Volume 1)

de Dean Murray

True love never dies. In just a few days a new arrival at Selene's high school will turn her entire world upside down. She's never met anyone so attractive—or so mysterious—before this, but Jace's unyielding...

Frozen Prospects (The Guadel Chronicles Volume 1)

de Dean Murray

The invitation to join the secretive Guadel should have been the fulfillment of dreams Va'del didn't even realize he had. When his sponsors are killed in an ambush a short time later, he instead finds his probationary...

Bound (Dark Reflections Volume 1)

de Dean Murray

The only thing worse than no family at all is a family that is out to hurt you. That would all be bad enough for a normal seventeen-year-old, but it's even worse for Alec Graves. A shape shifter's pack, his...

She'll Be Right

de Ray Daley

If you could save a larger than life character that the whole world loved, if you could keep him living, instead of him departing this mortal coil, would you try? If it was Steve Irwin, damn right you would!


de Ben Alvarado

Mother asks for daughter's forgiveness.

Unnoticed Murderer

de Qanti Quoc

This book follows several views of different characters who sit in a old subway. The ride was very dull before someone dies during a malfunction. One after another, people continued to die. But no one knows...

XLR Radio - Training Manual

de Paul Crutcher

Welcome to award winning college radio. The following pages will be a guide for those who have decided to share their musical tastes and personality with our listeners on the Lander University campus and throughout...



The Gift

de Chandrapal Khasiya

A call at the night of his birthday drags Rajan to a horrendous crime scene for an investigation. At first, everything seems like a normal murder case until the dead re-embroideries his most terrible fear. Rajan...



Four Minus One ( Last Updated: 3/5/2016 )

de Qanti Quoc

Tomas Rouge ( Red ) had waited a long three years to get back to his throne of crime. He prepares to break out his other two comrades in crime and restore the group that was once started years ago. With his...

The Adventures of Nick Mane, Private Detective - Mind's Eye

de N. A. Dalbec

Private Detective Nick Mane is thrown into a series of misadventures as he tries to solve a mystery that takes him on a wild chase through 1990s New York City.


de Andre Gal

Three friends heading towards a very gloomy future were suddenly rescued against their will. With a helping hand of an unknown and quite impertinent individual, their lives changed unexpectedly. “Boozer”...

Amanda's Awakening

de Lexie X

Amanda's never really felt comfortable with romance, until, one night, it happens: she and her best friend Mary get drunk together and have sex. The only problem is, Mary has a boyfriend, and the sheer passion...

Early Earth

de Den Warren

This short article describes my beliefs regarding the origins of the Earth. Even if you find it unbelievable, you will find it entertaining.


de James Corley

Short Story The last link between the isolated marine research station and the mainland had been broken months before. It had come suddenly. The last supply plane had landed on the tenth of November. For two...

Broken (Reflections Volume 1)

de Dean Murray

Adri Paige's arrival in Sanctuary thrusts her into a dangerous, shadowy world most people don't believe exists, and places her in the middle of a war between darkly handsome Alec Graves and charismatic Brandon...

HerStories of Peace - Bihać City of Peace

de P.M. Thomas

We welcome Ermina Alagic, Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina: City of Peace. We also honor Maida Curtovic for her steadfast work in making this happen. These individuals and their colleagues llay out a practical...

Appearing Before the Independent Broad-Based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC)

de Andrew George

Learn the best approach to take when summonsed to appear before the Independent Broad-Based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC) in Victoria, Australia. Established to investigate on cases of public corruption...