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Nonphysical Book Four

de John Fredrick Carver

Ogged with his three persons Nimed, Eshoamna, and Oavshilna came to the universe via traveling faster than time itself and created Thur to give life to the souls they had harvested on Wormwood. They know what...

Rejects From The Idea Factory; A Flash Fiction Anthology

de Ray Daley

A collection of fifteen original flash fiction stories covering genres from Military to Science Fiction and quite a few odd ones inbetween.

Nonphysical Book Three

de John Fredrick Carver

I was sitting in my yard watching the night and hearing the noises of the entire planet so it seemed around me. I was not afraid but I wondered that Ogged put up with it and feared what he would do, not for...

Nonphysical Book Two

de John Fredrick Carver

We had always been in complete harmony on Wormwood, but it was time to go home. The entirety of reality had become corrupt, but us. It was time to go back to the beginning. Reality required it. All of the souls...



Nonphysical Book One

de John Fredrick Carver

Physical things started from nothingness, a thing that cannot be examined or worked with in any way but the mind, if one could truly understand what that was, or should I say, was not? We can have feelings...

The Three Wise Women of Bethlehem

de PM Thomas

A Classic Retelling of the Birthing of Jesus story from a 'Coming of Age' perspective consistent with cultural norms of the day. It has been 2000 years since Jesus Christ was born - as told in the bible. But...

In the Looking Glass

de Mike Ramon

A short story: A man finds a mirror with a note stating that it is free to take. What he doesn't know is that this is no ordinary mirror. And it has something terrifying to show him.

Evolving Your Consciousness

de Anoop Alex

A 2 page text on evolving your consciousness and experiencing the nonphysical.

Lily's Submission

de Lexie X

Lily's under pressure to make sales to keep her job. Veronica's a gorgeous domineering housewife with lots of money who likes to control people. These two meet and unexpectedly find a stronger connection than...

The Interview Room

de Mike Ramon

A short story. Detective Jim Willis, now old and near retirement, can't forget about an old case, and the day he came face to face with a monster.

The Dark Army

de J.C. Bell

The lost ones, the children of war – after the fall of the Red Wall orphans abound. With no family, no home, they have but one place to go – the so-called Warphanage; where they will train to become the...

Dealing With Allegations of Sexual Assault

de Bill Doogue

Learn how to deal with allegations of sexual assault. Know the different types of sexual offences and the criminal laws surrounding them in Victoria, Australia. This ebook provides information on the various...



No, I Won't Buy Your eBook

de Scott Dwight

Why won't readers buy your book? Because it stinks, that's why. This short ebook points out the errors of your ways, and inspires you to fix your book so it will sell, or at least be readable. There are two...

Before Your First Gig

de Steve Dustcircle

Many bands form quickly, jam out a few tunes, write a song or two, and wish to immediately hit the stage. This guide will help new bands develop a plan to network, form an online presence, and get their songs...

Tough Love: for Beloved Free Ebook Readers

de Den Warren

One Indie author's take on why readers should leave feedback when they download a book for free. Please leave a review. Read to the end and get free downloads.


de Mike Ramon

A short story. Our narrator lies in a hospital bed. He was told a secret, and now he can't forget it.



Baron Olshevri's Vampires

de Baron Olshevri

in 1912, the year that the Titanic sank a tale of Dracula was retold by a Russian writer, known only as Baron Olshevri. I am a mere humble servant repeating this tale. So sit back as you travel from the temples...






ATaste if Something Sweet

de cherielynn503

Christmas kisses. John and Sherlock perform a tasting experiment that turns into delectable kissing.

All My Christmas Wishes Involve You

de cherielynn503

It's Sherlock and John's first Christmas together at 221b Baker Street. Unknown to either of them, they both decide to make their gifts very special. First kiss. Sweet story.