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Critique of Marxist Philosophy (Part 1)

de Ayatullah Muhammad Baqir Al Sadr - XKP

It is not philosophy for philosophy's sake. The purpose is to present Islam as an alternative system superior to capitalism and secular democracy on the one hand and to Marxism and socialism on the other. Although...

Our Philosophy

de Martyr Mohammad Baqir As Sadr - XKP

Our Philosophy is a collection of our basic notions concerning the world and our way of considering it. For this reason, the book, with the exception of the Introduction, is divided into two investigations:...

Bint Al Huda Stories 1

de Bint Al-Huda - XKP

The Red Alert When Ahmad returned home, his wife Maryam was still out. He sat down next to his children... The Lost Diary It was by chance that Tuqa found a small diary lying on the ground outside the public...

The Faith of Shi'a Islam

de Muhammad Rida Al Muzaffar - XKP

The writer of this book comes from a respected family called by the name of al-Muzaffar. The father of ash-Shaykh Muhammad Rida al-Muzaffar, ash-Shaykh Muhammad ibn 'Abdullah, a jurist and a mujtahid, was a...

A Short History of Ilmul Usul

de Ayatullah Muhammad Baqir Al Sadr - XKP

The subject under discussion is the knowledge of the Principles of Jurisprudence (Usulul Fiqh). It is essential that in his practical life man should know clearly what he should do and what he should not. Published...


de Martyr Mohammad Baqir As Sadr - XKP

Fadak in History is a work by the martyred Imam Muhammad Baqir as-Sadr. It was really, according to the historical period, in which it was written, a unique study because it relied on modern scientific methods...